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Reviews on Cloud 9 Shuttle in San Diego, CA - EZ Ride Shuttle, City Captain Transportation, Torrey Pines Town Car, MRA LIMO, Taxi Rob, JohnnyCar Sedan Service, Xpress Shuttle, Green Ride, Sterling Rose Transportation, The San Diego - Coronado… Get directions, reviews and information for Cloud 9 SuperShuttle in San Diego, CA. Cloud 9 SuperShuttle 123 Camino De La Reina San Diego CA 92108. Reviews (480) 609-3000 Website. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability ... Find Cloud 9 SuperShuttle jobs in San Diego. Review Cloud 9 SuperShuttle's company profile. View our jobs and apply. SuperShuttle San Diego SAN Airport (Cloud 9 Shuttle) Door to door airport shuttle to San Diego, El Cajon, Chula Vista, Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Escondido 23 Camino de la Reina, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92108 Answer 1 of 5: I can find no recent reviews of Cloud Nine shuttle service. I will be single woman arriving in San Diego to visit elderly brother in Fredericka manor nursing home. What are the best options for traveling to and from the airport? The shuttles feature eye-catching San Diego-themed graphics, low floors, kneeling capabilities and wheelchair lifts. And all of them run on propane. Off Airport. Shuttle vans and buses operated by off-airport companies are another transportation option.Shuttle service is available at the Transportation Plazas across from Terminals 1 and 2. Find 1 listings related to Cloud 9 Shuttle Inc in San Diego on See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Cloud 9 Shuttle Inc locations in San Diego, CA. Find Cloud 9 SuperShuttle in San Diego with Address, Phone number from Yahoo US Local. Includes Cloud 9 SuperShuttle Reviews, maps & directions to Cloud 9 SuperShuttle in San Diego and more from Yahoo US Local San Diego International Airport, formerly known as Lindbergh Field, is an international airport 3 miles northwest of Downtown San Diego, California. The airport consists of two terminals. Review this guide to find out which Terminal the airline you are flying operates out of.. If you’re driving to SAN Airport and need directions, type the following address into any of your phone mapping apps: San Diego International Airport (SAN) serves millions of travelers every year. Many of these guests are eager to experience the city's exciting attractions, beautiful scenery and warm weather. Whether you're visiting San Diego for business or leisure, you need reliable transportation to and from SAN airport.

Best Way To Travel From San Diego To Los Angeles

2020.04.03 16:18 Cloudseat Best Way To Travel From San Diego To Los Angeles

Best Way To Travel From San Diego To Los Angeles

City to City Rideshare service app
People often travel from San Diego to Los Angeles for work or pleasure. Both these destinations are popular for business travel or tourism. If you are one of those who frequently travel between these two biggest cities, and are looking for a smart and affordable way, we are going to give you some transportation guidelines that will help you choose the best way to travel from San Diego to LA. But before we share the best travel options, here are a few amazing things about these two famous cities, you might not know about.
San Diego
San Diego is one of the major cities in Southern California and is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, great weather year-round, bustling craft brewery scene, and countless outdoor attractions. The city offers an abundance of fun attractions for visitors of all ages.
Los Angeles
Los Angeles is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California. It is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, the entertainment industry, and its sprawling metropolis. It is one of the best cities for shopping and fashion lovers because of its world-famous malls and shopping districts that suits every budget and style.
San Diego and Los Angeles are about 120 miles apart, city center to city center. If you need to get from San Diego to Los Angeles, you can drive there, take a bus, an airplane or a train, book a ride or rent a car. Here are some transportation guides that can help you pick the best way to make a trip.
Here are the travel options that you can choose from:
By Train
Traveling by train takes about 3 hours from San Diego to Los Angeles, stopping in several Orange County cities on the way to downtown Los Angeles. The cost of traveling by train costs between $35 to $40. Choosing a train for traveling is a relaxing experience but time-consuming.
By Flight
Traveling via a flight from San Diego to Los Angeles saves your time. It takes around 50 minutes less than the train, however, the ticket will cost you around $125 and might not be an affordable option for many.
By Bus:
There are several bus transportation services from San Diego to LA. If you plan to take a trip by bus it will take about 2 hours 50 minutes and cost you between $40 to $50. It does take time to travel but the experience is good.
Uber or Lyft
Choosing Uber or Lyft for traveling is the best option for some people but not for everyone because as compared to other transport options, their fares are high. Its travel fare is approx $125 depending upon the availability of cab. Uber or Lyft takes time around 2 hrs 30 min. It is an easy and comfy way as compared to others but expensive too.
City to city travel with Cloudseat could be the best option for you. You can travel from San Diego to LA easily at just $49. It takes less time as compared to others. Each of their shuttles accommodates up to ten travelers at a time and takes three stops along the way; Carlsbad, Mission Viejo, and Anaheim. They offer adjustable rates depending on your place of pick-up and drop-off. It takes less time and is cheaper compared to others.
CloudSeat features good amenities, such as Wi-Fi and the option to book a premium vehicle, It is especially useful for entrepreneurs, co-workers, students, commuters and other frequent travelers between two of California's biggest cities.
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2019.05.17 05:45 iminterestingplease Part 45.

Sorry guys. The Mandela Effect technically slowed down but I found Maybe It's Mandela'd on YouTube and they have reported tons of changes from November 2018 to May 2019 and even some from 2016 I haven't heard about yet.
7073.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember any of this stuff being different or not a thing?(Just gonna link their tons of interesting videos.)(El Pasco, Texas/El Paso, Texas)(MOAM/MAOAM candy)(Ring Pops/Ring Pop)(Is the knife that Chucky is holding on the Child's Play movie cover different?)(Girls and guys have different natural body odors.)(Anonymous masks now have red lips and red cheeks.)(Didn't Grumpy Cat die way before May 14, 2019 and wasn't she male?)(Watermellon/Watermelon)(Flying squid.)(All different colors of flamingos.)(Titantic/Titanic)(Lots of new Steven Seagal movies.)(The music video for Hotline Bling by Drake has changed in a lot of ways.)(More changes to the Anonymous mask.(Miki Lauda/Niki Lauda)(Other spellings?)(Certain living and dead members of Iron Butterfly dying more than once or still being alive.)(Tempermental/Temperamental)(Other spellings?)(Galapagos giant tortoises born for first time since 1800's.)(All the new videos and angles of the JFK assassination.)(Embryonic Fluid/Amniotic Fluid)(Buzzing boy heard in his ear was a tick.)(The lyrics to Rock Me by Steppenwolf have changed.)(Rebecca Grayheart/Rebecca Gayheart)(Juwanna Nan/Juwanna Mann)(Black rainbow roses now exist.)(You can no longer sink in quicksand.)(Days Go By is no longer a 90's hit and Dirty Vegas is now popular for it and not The Rembrandts who used to be The Rembrants.)(Bumblebees can't sting.)(Mean Girls movies both have connected letters.)(Red eyed cats.)(Blue eyed box turtles.)(Half albino peacocks.)(A group of cats are called a Clowder or Glaring.)(Quantus Airlines/Qantas Airlines)(There were female pilots in some of the really old wars.)(Masters Of Reality/Master Of Reality)(Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget shows his face now.)(Zupas has connected letters.)(Black sunflowers now exist.)(Black and purple bell peppers now exist and the different colors for bell peppers now might apparently be them in different stages instead of being separate types.)(The first E in Deep Purple is now reversed.)(More animals eating weird new stuff.)(Bed Bath & Beyond D is stretched out.)(Are the colors used for some of the signs off?)(Was the name different?)(The first recorded sound was April 9, 1860 now.)(Cursive Q looks like a 2.)(More weird looking mantises.)(Megaduck/Negaduck)(Air plants now exist.)(Star shaped cities now exist.)(Area 54/Area 51)(Was it something else?)(Two names for "They Live"?)(Red LobsteRed Lobster: Fresh Fish Live Lobster)(California breaking up into multiple separate states.)(Royalty way back like Queen Victoria wearing things like sunglasses.)(Tornado ripped off roof of church as children sang Jesus Loves Me story came out last year?)(Taiwanese Leopard spotted for first time since 1983 extinction.)(Christie Alley/Kirstie Alley)(Chucky's jumper and shirt have changed in Child's Play.)("If the glove don't fit, you must acquit."(Aquit?)/"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.")(Did he not have a hat and was he referring to a glove?)(Johnny Cochrane/Johnnie Cochran)(Anything else off?)(More lyrics in Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi have changed.)(Was Swum not a word for you?)(Weasel riding on the back of a bird.)(Pigeon dancing to street music.)(Anything famous the Theremin is used in seem off to you?)(Was it the Theramin?)(MannoManor)(Swamp Thing was now released exactly 5 years earlier in 1982 instead of 1987.)(Tony Scott killed himself exactly 5 years earlier in 2012 instead of 2017.)(Tom Skeritt/Tom Skerritt and did he die?)(Did the little girl die before or after 3rd movie?)(Anything else off?)("Got out of bed."/"Fell out of bed.")(Vinegarette/Vinaigrette)(Other spellings?)(When The Heart Calls/When Calls The Heart)(Caress/Carress/Caress)(Rare black deer spotted.)(Dogs dying from saltwater poisoning.)(Outtro/Outro)(Anything else off?)(Feather stars can swim.)(Brittle stars can swim.)(Sea anemones can swim.)(Was it The Family Circle or Family Circle?)(Did Richard Leroy McKinley and him dying and the two other guys who died with him not exist?)(1670 painting showing cell phone and many other paintings and old movies, films and the 1995 boxing match and all the other photos and paintings of time travellers.)(The Wizard Of Oz theme park closed decades ago but has been open since the 90's.)(Brian Mullins/Brian Mullin)(Lots of new flag designs.)(Zapruder film with sound?)(Other spellings of Deion Sanders?)(Akira Toriyama is now alive.)(Lots of new deep holes.)(Red hourglass change on black widow.)(Paul Mason/Paul Masson)(Women having a freckle in the same spot.)(British Indian Ocean Territory?)(Gem found in Israel worth more than diamonds.)(Animals in places where they never used to live.)(Capricorn is an actual goat species.)(The Mysterious Case Of Benjamin Button/The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)(Have you heard of The Great Dying?)(The first inhabitants of Asia were black.)(Phenomenon vs. Phenomena?)(Salem's Lot logo has merged.)(Jennifer GardneJennifer Garner)(Lots of new Star Trek changes.)(Circle K letter K is now dipping into the outer part of the logo.)(Lavar Burton/LaVar Burton)(Grand Canyon city?)(Dobsonflies now exist.)(Green Humphead Parrot Fish now exist.)(Lizard giving birth without mate.)(Shaggy sometimes has a visible Adam's Apple.)(Lollipop color has changed in The Wizard Of Oz.)(Pokémon Go now has rainbows.)(Velella Vella now exists.)(Heward Packard/Hewlett-Packard)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(Cat born with 4 ears.)(More living rocks.)(Blue rolly pollies now exist.)(All Of My Love/All My Love)(Jimmy Paige/Jimmy Page)("Horny backed toad."/"Horny back toad.")(Anything else off?)(Game Boy Advanced/Game Boy Advance)(Anything else off?)(Vegas Vic is now more ecil looking, is now hitchhiking and not waving, and is now pointing down.)(Crystal Light logo has changed.)(Orcas now eat birds and they even bait them.)(Alligator scopes out somebody's houses.)(Ghetto Superstar lyrics have changed.)(Wendy Peppercorn/Wendy Peffercorn)(Frank N. Furter's outfit has changed.)(Pelican spiders now exist.)(Surface tension on water creates shadows.)(Did the Stonewall Riots not happen and lots of gay acceptance from the 1960's to the 1980's didn't happen.)(The Ghetto Boys/Geto Boys)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Juicy Fruit multiple slogans.)("The taste is gonna move you."?)(Superman peanut butter?)(Lord Of War has connected letters.)(Lava Soap has connected letters.)(Papersource has connected letters.)(9 Lives has connected letters.)(Freshen-Up has a striped version.)(Certs R has changed.)(Clorets has connected letters.)(A River Runs Through It has connected letters.)(Eagle Transport Corp. has connected letters.)(Toni Perm has connected letters.)(Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil has connected and off letters.)(Tang has changed.)(Double Jeopardy has connected letters.)(Sea Breeze has connected letters.)(Cutex has connected letters.)(ABC after school 80's special has weird logo.)(The Sands/Sands casino)(The Dunes/Dunes casino)(Charleston Heston/Charlton Heston)(The Bee's Knees/Bee's Knees saying originated as just Bee's Knees.)(Back To The Future fading photo has changed.)(Sea monkeys have changed in a lot of different ways.)(Mr. Potato Head was originally other vegetables before being a potato.)(Multiple different versions of Tank Man holding stuff or not and what the tanks look like.)(More logo changes.)(Didn't Bushwick Bill already die?)(TVs in cars in the early to mid 1900's.)(Pocket TVs back then too.)(Quantum Dot TV too.)(Napili-Honokawai/Napili-Honokowai)(GangStaGang Starr)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Was KISS not a contemporary band?)(Did Bob Dylan never wear white makeup?)(SofteneSoftner)(The Stray Cats/Stray Cats)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Were Stones never used as a measurement for weight?)(Birds that can sew?)(7Up Gold was now a thing.)("You won't like me when I'm angry."/"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.")(Bone that disappeared is now returning.)(Lisa Edmonds/Lisa Edmond/Lisa Emond)(The Weed Man/Weed Man)(Record breaking longhorn sheep in Alabama.)(Valais blacknose sheep now exist.)(Crocodile uses pool noodle.)(Valentina Tereshkova is now the first woman in space and she went up in the 1960's.)(Dogs and cats and many other animals have multiple sets of eyelids.)(Storm down bursts now exist.)(Gloria Vanderbuilt/Gloria Vanderbilt)(Crazy Frog's penis is now visible.)(Our skulls are changing due to mobile phones and other things.)(Spider-Man no longer clinging to the wall in the famous Nintendo 64 game.)(Emperor Tamarins now exist.) ("Had to know it was in your palms."/"Had to know it was in your card.")(Anything else off?)(Energizer bunny has sandals now.)(Hart To Hart has connected letters.)(Moonlighting has connected letters.)(The Love Boat has connected letters.)(Fame has connected letters.)(Rogaine has broken letters.)(A Family AffaiFamily Affair)(Heathers has a broken R.)(Soul Train has weird letters.)(The Outsiders has weird letters.)(Electric Youth has weird letters.)(Red Perfume has weird letters.)(Emeraude has weird letters.)(Flex brand has weird letters.)(Clean & Clear has weird letters.)(The Last Starfighter has weird letters.)(Dogs can actually drive cars.)(Abraham Lincoln might have had Marfan syndrome.)(Chenille plants now exist.)(Rafflesia parasite found in Southeast Asia.)(Smart cakes that make their own layers while baking now exist.)(Woody's gun holster has a ribbon on it.)(Whiskey A Go Go/Whisky A Go Go and it was called Whiskee A Go Go in the 1960's.)(Has Bugs Bunny's tail gotten bigger?)(Stepping Stone/Steppin' Stone)(Were there no red bats on the wheels of the Batmobile?)(South Park: Bigger, Badder & Uncut/South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut)(A hat in As Good As It Gets has changed from blue to black with USA written on it.)(Theory Of Relativity/Theory Of Special Relativity)(Seeing the end of a rainbow is possible now.)(Cal Ripkin Jr./Cal Ripken Jr.)(Johnny Ive Of Apple/Jonny Ive Of Apple/Jon Ive Of Apple/Jony Ive Of Apple)(Ricky SchroedeRicky Schroder)(Chicken Of The Sea logo and letters and Starkist logo are now off.)(The Firm letters are connected.)(Cabrini College letters are connected.)(Liberty University and Jeff Foxworthy graphics on screen are merged.)(Malibu Musk letters are connected.)(Aqua Net new logo is off.)(Lynx car logo is off.)(Rave Hair Spray(Was it always Hairspray?)logo is off.)(Coast Soap logo is off.)(Kodak Color Watch logo is off.)(Great Westerners Savings Bank, Chevrolet and Pacific Bank commercials are merging.)(Aveda logo is off.)(Grizzly Adams is merged.)(Mork & Mindy is merged and Na-Nu is Na-No.)(LA Looks is merged.)(4C Iced Tea is merged.)(Cannonball Run/The Cannonball Run)(A Shark's Tale/Shark Tale)(Royal Dansk(Danish?)cookies logo is off.)(Baby jumping festival since 1600's.)("Standing there by the record machine."/"Dancing there by the record machine.")(Is the video off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Nestlé Krunch/Nestlé Crunch)(Was it the Lollipop Kids and not Lollipop Guild?)(Adam Bockovich/Adam Bockwich)(Adam GardneAdam Gardiner)(Vengence/Vengeance)(Other spellings?)(South Jersey isn't just a saying.)(Disposable clothing in the 1960's.)(Sausage trees?)(Pepto-Bismo/Pepto-Bismol)(Sharks that squirt glowing clouds.)(Argentina has their own space program.)(America's Tires/America's Tire)(Animals with Down Syndrome now exist.)(Amish people almost all wear straw hats now and not fedora hats.)(The Flintstones now all have only 4 fingers.)(Deer almost all have really long tails now.)(Arcacia Drive/Acacia Drive)(Song title too.)(More WW1 stuff.)("Planet earth moves slowly."/"Planet earth turns slowly.")("You'd think I'm rude."/"You'd think me rude.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(3 Non Blondes/4 Non Blondes)(Did one of the members not exist?)(What's Going On?/What's Up?)(Lyrics are still the same.)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Beast Number wasn't always 666.)
7074.(Movie Quote change.)"Put him in a body bag Johnny."/"Get him a body bag. Yeah."
7075.(Famous Singer name change.)Mary J. Blidge/Mary J. Blige(Other spellings?)
7076.(Song name change.)Getting TighteGettin' Tighter
7077.(Company name change.)Dress Barn/Dressbarn(Were the letters in Teddy Ruxpin not connected?)
7078.(Company name change.)Cooper Tires/Coopertires(Cooper Tire or Coopertire?)(Certains companies with the name Perkins looking like Jerkins.)(Perkins Cole/Perkins Coie)
7079.(T.V. Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in DIC not being connected?
7080.(T.V. Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in United Artists not being connected?(Do the letters in the My Little Pony logos look off?)
7081.(Famous Singer name change.)Chrissie Hines/Chrissie Hynde(Other spellings?)
7082.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the TSR logos being normal?
7083.(Tour Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Starr Tours(Star Tours?)being normal?
7084.(Fictional Area appearance change.)Do you remember the bathroom in The Shining being red or golden yellow instead of green?
7085.(Phantom fictional character.)Do you remember Moss-Man not existing?("My angel in a centerfold."/"My angel is the centerfold.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(John Lennon in Imagine keeps changing.)(Does Felix The Cat seem off?)
7086.(Famous Actor name change.)Stanley Livingstone/Stanley Livingston(Was Livingston always spelled Livingstone?)
7087.(Movie Logo change.)"Run like the wind Bullseye!"/"Ride like the wind Bullseye!"
7088.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Who singing American Woman instead of The Guess Who?(Did The Guess Who not exist?)
7089.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Liquid water on Mars, Huitlacoche, tusker elephants, mirror hand syndrome, clams can swim, 3 secret additional icky verses to the Star Spangled Banner, sock worms, harp sponge, the falling man is the brother of the extra GI ME guy in the Village People, more on camel teeth, feral parrots are taking over America, shadows are fuzzy now, East Africa is splitting in two, orange crocodiles, Devil's corkscrews, insect with interlocking gears in legs, are we in Kali Yuga, famous 40 year old image of frost on Mars, people with open damaged holes in their head do not get them closed again, changes to war horses, more anatomy changes.)(Video below.)
7090.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bull Jumping not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger being Russian, German or both and not Austrian?
7091.(Album name change.)Eric B. For President/Eric B. Is President(Eric B. For President/Eric B. Is The President)(Do any of their logos look off?)
7092.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Gerard Butler being the main character in Wanted instead of James McAvoy?
7093.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Benjamin Franklin being first to find electricity?
7094.(Famous Actress name change.)Jenny Garth/Jennie Garth
7095.(Famous Singer name change.)Jan Ackerman/Jan Akkerman(Do any of their logos look off?)
7096.(Paint name change.)ZinseZinsser
7097.(Music Lyrics change.)"I need a gun to keep myself from harm."/"I need a gun to keep myself among."(Does the instrunental sound off?)
7098.(Fruit name change.)Mullberry/Mulberry
7099.(Food name change.)Tofurkey/Tofurky(The latter is more acceptable.)
7100.(Song name change.)Me And You And A Dog Named Blue/Me And You And A Dog Named Boo(Do any of their logos look off?)
7101.(Snack name change.)Whatsits/Wotsits(Does the logo look off?)
7102.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Theremin not being a thing?
7103.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the NASA Robonauts not going back as far as 2002?(Did they not exist at all?)
7104.(Spelling change.)Pigmy/Pygmy(Was the former the only acceptable spelling?)(Anything else off?)
7105.(Famous Singer name change.)Alex Boyd/Alex Boye/Alex Boyé(Other spellings?)(Not the artist known as Alex Boyd.)
7106.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Popeye and Olive Oyl not being real people?
7107.(Famous Actor name change.)Powers Booth/Powers Boothe(Other spellings?)
7108.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Freemartins, human body doesn't reject stem cells with foreign DNA, world population counter, 7 Of 9 of Star Trek's eye piece continues to change, Hitler was vegetarian, Hitler didn't like Jews due to Kosher slaughtering because Hitler was an animal lover supposedly, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy intro has changed, bird attack causes traumatic brain injury and trauma to the spine, Stellar Sea Eagle/Steller's Sea Eagle, more Popeye characters I haven't personally seen already mentioned based on real people.)(Video below.)
7109.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Schwerer Gustav not being a thing?
7110.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the number next to the M on the back of a product meaning something else?
7111.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Switzerland not being considered a third-world country?
7112.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember London Bridge actually being in London and not Arizona?
7113.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember tomato sauce being invented in Italy and not Mexico?
7114.(Famous Football Player name change.)Deon Sanders/Deion Sanders
7115.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember uppercase I and lowercase L not looking so similar?(Didn't I have horizontal lines on it everywhere it was written?)
7116.(Famous Actor name change.)Kevin CosneKevin Costner(Is the pronunciation off?)
7117.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Magic Mike Johnson/Magic Johnson(Anything else off?)
7118.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Rain caused by fires, hairy frog fish, seagull eats another bird, Dick's Sporting Goods logo, Sigmund Freud's history is very different now as a Jew who chain smoked and had hundreds of surgeries on his face, EF3 tornado, CSF rhinorrhea,(Brain fluid leaking out like snot.)more weird sea animals, more geography changes, more weird clouds and cloud related changes, Tasmanian devil appearance changes, lots of Tasmanian tiger related changes, crow vs. magpie and birds are way more aggressive, toilet plant and more new weird plants and fungi.)(Video below.)
7119.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"Submitted for your approval."/"Submitted for the approval.")(Did Rod Serling say it more in The Twilight Zone as well?)
7120.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Ladybug swarms and they're on radar, Brazilian skipper caterpillar, USA now always had a migrant worker program, moving entire apartment complex on rails, more weird weather, earwigs can draw blood now, giant forest hog, boys that do not grow private parts until age 12, snub nose dolphins, warthog face lumps, can't see blue unless there is a word for it first, rainbow chemtrails, aerodynamic contrails, pet skunks and more weird stuff.)(Video below.)
7121.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember beluga whales not having knees?
7122.(Spelling change.)Pompei/Pompeii(Was the latter never acceptable?)
7123.(Coffee name change.)Chock Full Of Nuts/Chock Full O' Nuts(Is the logo off?)'Nuts
7124.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Ornithopter not existing?(1890's spy cameras?)
7125.(Fictional Character name change.)Jamie Summers/Jaime Sommers(Lindsey WagneLindsay Wagner)
7126.(Casino Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Primm not being connected?
7127.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Amadeus not being connected?
7128.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Black Sheep not being cut or connected?
7129.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Chrysler 200 not being connected?(Air Jordan logo has broken letters.)(Apple & Eve logo has broken and weird letters.)
7130.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Eckrich not being connected?
7131.(Painting change.)Do you remember the cherubs in the Sistine Madonna having different colored wings than they do now?(More changes to Chock Full O' Nuts logo.)
7132.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jesus not having a forked beard?
7133.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember being able to stack Draw cards and also being able to draw cards until you can play one in Uno instead of those being illegal plays?
7134.(Music Lyrics change.)"I had to say I love you in a song."/"I'll have to say I love you in a song."(Song title too.)(Do any of his logos look off?)
7135.(New fruits.)Do you remember only green kiwis existing?(Was it never known as a kiwifruit?)
7136.(City name change.)Chernobyl, Ukraine/Chornobyl, Ukraine(Was the latter not acceptable?)
7137.(Movie Quote change.)"An angel gets its wings."/"An angel gets his wing."
7138.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the letter U never ever being depicted as looking similar to a V?
7139.(Famous Actor name change.)Will Farell/Will Ferrell(Other spellings?)(Was his outfit in Elf all green or were the tights beige or orangish?)
7140.(Township name change.)Belle Meade, New Jersey/Belle Mead, New Jersey,_New_Jersey
7141.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Leonardo da Vinci not being the first person to describe contact lenses?(Anything else he supposedly was the first to describe seem off?)
7142.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Juneteenth not being a thing?
7143.(Famous Singer name change.)Glen Fry/Glenn Frey(Do any of their logos look off?)
7144.(Famous Singer name change.)Jackson Brown/Jackson Browne(off?)
7145.(Movie name change.)Trains, Planes And Automobiles/Planes, Trains And Automobiles,_Trains_and_Automobiles
7146.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Cranial fissures on orbital bone, Sun double halo, mastoiditus, cholesteatoma, MH370 flight path and history, Fort Alcatraz, Eastwing rockhammer, slow crawling lightning, gnat larvae moving blob, more new moon types, cat fox, Bristol or Windsor hum, more new quakes, living fish found in boy's lung, teratoma tumor, inflatable moth man parts, black cloth is more cooling than white cloth, Sunda stink badgers, Our Lady Of The Rockies, Possum-eating spider, more Lincoln Memorial changes, Viagra makes flowers stand up straight.)(Video below.)
7147.(Hip Hop Group name change.)Die Antwood/ Die Antwoord(Do any of their logos look off?)
7148.(Famous Composer name change.)Johanne Sebastian Bach/Johann Sebastian Bach
7149.(Famous Drummer name change.)Barrymore Barlow/Barriemore Barlow(Do any of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Uncle Sam's jacket being completely light blue?(Does his pointing finger look off?)
7150.(Song name change.)Love Rain On Me/Love, Reign o'er Me(Are the lyrics off?)(Is the way he sings it off?),_Reign_o%27er_Me
7151.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Younger humans growing horns, human height varies by 1 to 2 inches a day, spiders that eat mice, you continue growing well into your mid 20's, Wagu beef is not Wagyu and is more marbled, a single hornet kills a mouse, horses routinely bleed through their nose and lungs and nose during heavy exercise and it's not super dangerous for them, Britain's opium wars against China, Sahara sand is more orange, dead fish still tries to "bite", the Jordan Lead Codices, electric cars 100 years ago had 200 mile range now, zombie snakes play dead, restaurants in Japan serve still living food and food that's just still moving including frogs and octopus, Space Shuttle changes, more weird new plants, more geography changes, UV light may be able to kill flu viruses, Equal Pay Act Of 1983, moon looked like the Sun, Camera Obscura goes much farther back now in time.)(Video below.)
7152.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Woody not having cacti on his boots and no string attached to his hat?
7153.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Red Fraggle having red hair instead of orange hair?
7154.(Restaurant Product name change.)Hunger BusteHungr-Buster
7155.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Mandela effect conference, PayPal log tilting, crow standing on wings, wasp super nests, humans running like horses, funny bone no longer easy to bang, monkey cheek pouches, flies have 5 eyes, temple elephant head hair, venom spraying scorpions, syrup from walnut and other trees besides maple, fat tailed goats, Gympie Gympie trees, Dalai Llama saying non-Buddhist jerky kind of things now, mini tornados, Scandinavia was never a country, Caduceus has 2 snakes instead of 1 and other things.)(Video below.)
7156.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Honeybees can sometimes sting more than once, cannonball star eating fort, water anole uses bubble on head to breath underwater, magnetic portals connect sun and earth, Canadians also did Japanese internment camps, semi slugs and their love darts, thread snakes, kneeling moals, more anatomy changes and more stuff.)(Video below.)
7157.(Village name change.)Teahopoo/Teahupo'o(Other spellings?)'o
7158.(Website Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in being normal?
7159.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Dongle not being a thing?
7160.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Smokey Bear having overalls or suspenders instead of no shirt?(Does he look bigger?)(Does his fur look off?)(Is his face off?)
7161.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the gloves not fitting on O.J. Simpson's hands?(Did he not have glove liners?)(Was there only one glove?)(Are the gloves different?)(Was O.J. Simpson the one driving the car?)(Was he the only one in the car?)(Did he drive his own car?)(Did he not have a gun?)(Did he have something else?)
7162.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the pink lemon?
7163.(Spelling change.)WaffeWafer
7164.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I was just a young boy."/"When I was just a baby."
7165.(Famous Singer name change.)Billie Ellish/Billie Eilish(Is the pronunciation off?)(Other spellings?)
7166.(Famous Actress name change.)Mindy Cohen/Mindy Cohn
7167.(Date change.)Do you remember the first electric toaster not going as far back as 1893?
7168.(Spelling change.)Nickle/Nickel(Everything Nickel is used in.)
7169.(Fictional Character name change.)Eric Carmen/Eric Cartman(Other spellings?)
7170.(Famous Singer name change.)John Entwhistle/John Entwistle
7171.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Starbucks logo not having as many wavy lines?
7172.(Phantom person.)Do you remember Joe Bonamassa not existing?
7173.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the 3rd Degree Burn being the worst burn you can get instead it being 4th Degree?
7174.(Music Lyrics change.)"To think I might not see those eyes."/"To think I might not see those eye."(Any of their logos look off?)
7175.(Famous Paper name change.)Great Remonstrance/Grand Remonstrance
7176.(Fictional Character appearance change .)Do you remember Abby Mallard having braces?(Does her voice sound off?)(Did she have a lisp or speech impediment?)
7177.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the lid of the water tank in the Elisa Lam story being closed instead of open?
7178.(Famous Singer name change.)Andy Worhol/Andy Warhal/Andy Warhol(Other spellings?)
7179.(Company name change.)Cambell/Campbell's(Was Campbell always spelled Cambell in everything it was used in?)
7180.(Book Title change.)Kujo/Cujo(Do any of Strphen King's book logos look off?)
7181.(Famous Composer name change.)Andrew Loyd WebeAndrew Lloyd Webber(Other spellings?)
7182.(Music Lyrics change.)"Love is a burning flame."/"Love is a burning thing."(Any other lyrics off?)
7183.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bison and Buffalo being interchangeable names instead of being 2 different animals?
7184.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Siphonomores and pyrosomes, Portuguese Man Of War is not a jellyfish, sailfish change colors by mood, spleen can heal on its own, pygmy hippos, more Easter Island statue changes, long tailed weasels in San Diego, Moon Hill China, giant trevally fish snatches birds from air, red river hog, cave pearls and other things.)(Video below.)
7185.(Dictionary name change.)Meriam-WebsteMerriam-Webster(Other spellings?)
7186.(Instrument name change.)Accordian/Accordion
7187.(Celebrity death cause change.)Do you remember John Belushi dying of a drug overdose instead of being murdered?(Anything else off?)
7188.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(More on Tikki Marsala, Finland sided with Nazi Germany, cherubism, more weird clouds, Venus was maybe once more like Earth, thousand year old moss and nematodes were recently thawed out of ice and are still alive, weird Abraham Lincoln statue, more Crazy Horse changes, lithophonic stones in Stonehenge, cichlids change colors with mood, dancing mini stingrays with bifurcated leg like man parts, antelope jackrabbits, huge Hindu temples in USA, and more.)(Video below.)
7189.(Famous Singer name change.)Roy Albrighton/Roye Albrighton(Do any of their logos look off?)
7190.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Dorothy's slippers not having bows?(Were her socks white and not blue?)
7191.(Movie name change.)The Devil's Advocate/Devil's Advocate
7192.(Music Lyrics change.)"And I said hey."/"And I say hey."("What a wonderful time of day."/"What a wonderful kind of day.")("Learn to walk and play."/"Learn to work and play.")(Anything else off?)
7193.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember screaming frogs and toads not being a thing?(Anything else?)
7194.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Bambi's spots and tail being different?
7195.(Famous General name change.)Poncho Villa/Pancho Villa
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2018.10.14 10:56 Disgruntled_etudiant Novice Ultralight Hiker Gets Hopes and Dreams Crushed on JMT Shoulder Season Hike

Hey, it's me again.
Here's a story about how I attempted the John Muir Trail a few weeks ago but (spoilers) had to bail out at Kearsarge Pass for a total distance of 195 miles in 9 days of hiking.
This was a journey of firsts: my first non-weekend warrior hike, my first time hiking more than 22 miles in a day, first hitchhike, my first time hiking solo, and my first time hiking in a consistent rain.
Skip to the bottom of all of this junk for a gear review of what worked and didn't; here's the gear for those who like to jump right into the juicy bits:
Here's how it all went down:
Day 0
With my gear packed and my mind prepared, I left San Diego at midnight to make it to Lone Pine in time for the ESTS shuttle to Lee Vining. The drive was powered by Journey, pizza, and coffee. I made exceedingly good time and had about two hours to spare before the insanely early shuttle departure time of 6:15am. I spent those two hours attempting to sleep on the ground next to my car. Did I mention that I parked in front of a funeral home? I had fears about whether they would tow my car, but it remained safe for the entire trip.
After getting dropped off by the shuttle in Lee Vining and walking a bit into the highway 120 exit, I stuck my thumb out and got picked up within 10 minutes by a couple of nice college girls. Easy! I saved them $35 entry fee with my annual parks pass and showed them some good touristy spots in Yosemite, so we all came out ahead. They were pretty cool!
Once in Yos Valley, we parted ways. I located some sandwiches and the permit office and got a walk-up permit for Happy Isles Pass-thru for the next day. Fuckin sweet, that's literally the perfect permit. Stoked as I was, my exhaustion got the better of me so I take a nap in the backpackers camp, opting to just throw my crap on the ground and cowboy camp.
Day 1 17.4 miles, 6.9k ft gain
I set out early in the morning and started to tackle the climb out of the valley. With fresh legs and a spring in my step I crushed the infamous 4k vertical and made my way along past the turnoff for half dome. Want to know what else I did? I ran out of water.
Being completely bone dry for the next three hours was less than fun, but with no option except pushing forward I marched onwards to Cathedral lakes. I ate my dinner at the lake, admired the sunset, and enjoyed the peace of the lake... Or at least I would have enjoyed the peace, if it weren't for a gaggle of hikers on the other side of the lake who had apparently gone through the trouble of bringing bongos to the lake. Who brings bongos to a fucking lake in the middle of Yosemite??? With my feathers ruffled I packed my things and pushed onwards to a quieter campsite another .5 mile down the trail.
I found a nice little spot to cowboy camp and threw my plastic sheet and 1/8th inch thinlight on the ground, preferring the lazy approach to setting up camp. Squirrels terrorized me as I attempted to drift off to sleep. Halfway through the night I realized that I am not a hard enough dude for sleeping without something cushy underneath me, so I bit the bullet and took my Xtherm out and blew it up. Much better ;)
Day 2 21 miles, 3.9k ft gain
Determined to eat a burger at the Toulumne grill and escape the angry squirrels who kept barking at me in the morning, I hustled down the hill and marched my way right up to the doors of the grill... only to realize that it was closed for the season. Shit.
My hopes of a burger crushed, I continued on through Lyell Canyon and met a SOBO PCTer named SoGood chilling under a tree eating lunch. We continued onwards to Donahue pass, playing a classic game of hiker tag. She overtook me while I made a pitstop on the side of the trail and took the most perfect LNT poo ever imaginable.
My original itinerary was to camp at the upper lake before Donahue, but I got there before 4pm and wasn't remotely tired, so I powered on and made it to the top. I soaked in the sun and views with the ~5 hikers at the top of the pass and called my family and friends to give them an update. I also met the real life Steve Climber, which is a story unto itself that deserves to have an entire stupid post devoted solely to the subject.
I kept hiking until it got too dark, and I found myself right before islands pass. Opting for another cowboy camp, I threw my stuff on the ground underneath a dead tree and experienced the windiest night of my life. Dust was flying everywhere and I estimate a windspeed on the ground of about 30mph. The Katabatic Alsek is fucking awesome though, so none of that mattered.
Day 3 20 miles, 4.4k ft gain
Winds continued the next morning as I moved through Thousand Islands and Garnet lakes. Banner Peak and Ritter were beautiful in the morning light, but holy shit it was so insanely windy that I didn't want to do anything but keep moving.
I had a realization that morning: I ravenously chew through my food supply. Easily was consuming 4.5k Cal/day, when I had packed for an expected 3.8k Cal/day. A massive deficit left me concerned for conditions later on in the hike, so I crossed my fingers and hoped for additional food at Reds and VVR to bolster my rations. On the bright side, I had been consistently out-hiking my 11-day hiking itinerary and my body felt good, so I was confident that everything would probably work out.
As I closed in on Reds Meadow and attempted to locate the land of cheeseburgers, I took multiple wrong turns and went into the campsite proper. It should be very clearly marked with a huge sign that says BURGERS THIS WAY, DUMMY for people like me who are both hungry and stupid. Eventually I found the sacred land and bought a very expensive double cheeseburger (sans bacon, gotta save those dollars). My hard work paid off when the people working there accidentally made an extra 4 roast beef sandwiches, which I distributed amongst myself and the members of a family of 6 who were hiking SOBO PCT, an impressive feat. That is some next level parenting right there.
In addition, I was informed that there was a reasonable amount of food at the hiker boxes that was still up for grabs. Score! Grabbed some almond butter and mashed potatoes, among others. I used the reception to find a weather report for Whitney. Looked like 2 storms were coming in the next week. Not score. The weather actually looked severe enough that I really had to think about whether I should continue the trail or not.
I kept moving on from Reds around 5pm and witnessed a beautiful sunset along the ridge that approached upper crater meadow. More cowboy campin', yeehaw.
Day 4 19.4 miles, 5.7k ft gain
Luxuriously late start of 9am felt like so opulently decadent. This was a day of incredible views and alpine lakes. The number of hikers thinned dramatically at this point. As was par for the course, I decided to hike further than my planned campsite in order to ease my workload on the later days.
This meant taking Goodale Pass (11k ft elevation) on in the evening. Fuck this is a spooky pass at night time. I ended up cowboy camping again in a really nice large flat area around 7pm. It was a perfect spot to watch the satellites fly slowly by. I tried to do some mental math to calculate an approximate speed that they might travel at, but I was off by a whole order of magnitude. Eh.
Day 5 19.5 miles, 3k ft gain
March march march to VVR. Washed my clothes in a stream which was nice. My wool shirt had developed a strange semi-permanent odor of slightly-too-old-turkey-sandwich. This did not wash out, but what can you do?
Made it to VVR around 12:30pm and ended up spending about 1.5 hours there. The free beer and good company of more SOBO PCTers seduced me for longer than I expected, but not by much. With a maximum carry of 28 lbs (according to the scales at VVR), my KS-50 was ever so slightly uncomfortable. Not too bad though, just a little bit of pressure.
The bear ridge alternate that I did was totally fine and didn't seem too hard. Made it a little bit before Italy pass turnoff before getting tired and cowboy camping once more, right next to the trail. I had grabbed slightly more food than what fit in my bear can, so I shoved all of it into my face in an attempt to not get eaten by hungry bears.
Day 6 25.9 miles, 5.8k ft gain
Cowboy camping finally bites me back. I awake at 4:36am to the feeling of a raindrop on my face. By 4:41 I am hiking. How's that for speed? Nothing like the fear of your last line of insulation soaking through to light a fire under you. Day 6 was a real doozy. It rained hard, consistently, for the next 14 hours. I learned a few things about my rain clothing system as I hiked.
First off, my goretex insulate biking rain gloves fucking suck donkey dong. They are impossible to put on, they wet out immediately, they soak up rain, and they are heavy. God they suck. My AntiGravity Gear rain jacket also sucks donkey dong. It soaks through! Fortunately with a merino baselayer and the montbell thermawrap on, I had enough efficient insulation to stay warm... as long as I kept moving. To keep me a little warmer, I wrapped my GG 1/8th inch thinlight around my body (all credit to battle_rattle) as an added buffer. As for my lower half, the plastic sheet I wrapped around myself to keep my crotch area dryish worked perfectly. It kept the rain and wind off well, while allowing breathability and movement. I wore my windpants with the cuffs pushed up past my knees like breeches, but they wet out and may have wicked more water up towards my shorts. Ultimately they were a mistake. My nitecore TIP did its job excellently as I hiked in the pre-dawn and post-sunset hours of day 6, I am happy to say.
26 miles in a day? What was I thinking? For some reason I decided that I wanted to make it to Evolution lake by nightfall. With the inefficiencies in my layering system and the added challenge of some EXCEEDINGLY sketchy water crossings of the San Joaquin River, I think my average hiking pace was lower than on a fairweather day. It took me from 4:40 am to around 7:30 to make it there, so call it a good 15 hours including stoppage. 1.75 mph include stops is pretty slow in my book.
It was a blast hiking in the downpour, I loved charging up the mountain by myself as thunder rolled through the hills and rain streaked down around me. I have discovered that I find the feeling of really pushing myself hard to be extremely enjoyable, and that I love to crush the biggest miles I can.
This was the first night I bothered using my tent.
Day 7 16.6 miles, 1.8k ft gain
After letting my stuff dry out in the morning, I began the trek up to Muir pass. The weather was grim and the mountains austere, making for a foreboding experience. I descended past the hut and slipped on some granite, catching myself without falling entirely. Kept moving on and crossed the stream multiple times. As I continued the descent, my right leg started to hurt tremendously about 2.5 inches above the bottom of my right tibia. I limped onwards, thinking it might just be sore. The further I hiked, the more the pain grew. This continued until I could not.
Fearing that I may have broken my leg, I settled down on the side of the trail and rested for about 30 minutes. It was 1:30pm. Was I fucked? My nearest exit was 56 miles away still.
As I lied on the ground feeling pitiful, freezing rain started to pelt me. I donned my windshirt and rain jacket and started moving, because pain is far better than hypothermia. Much to my surprise, the leg didn't hurt so badly when I stepped on it directly. Any movement to one side or another still sucked, but a solution had been reached. Just step perfectly flat each time, and be very careful on the descents.
More rain, more descending, more pain. Day 7 was tough.
Day 8 17.4 miles, 6.9k ft gain
I had been absolutely pelted by rain the night before due to subpar campsite selection. In addition, I forgot to pack my baggie of halvah (sugary sesame paste) into the bear can, so a rodent chewed through the main mesh pocket on my pack and got a nice mouthful. Whatever, at least it wasn't a bear. I kick myself for making a dumb mistake and patch the hole with purple duct tape. Feeling stylishly practical, I begin the ascent to Mather. Day 8 was a lot of climbing.
The view from Palisade lake was quite easily the most excellent thing I have ever witnessed. Photos cannot capture its beauty.
I said hello to a cute little Pika on the climb up Mather (2:00pm )and power on all the way to Marjorie lake (6:30pm), spitting distance from the top of Pinchot Pass.
It was a cold and high elevation campsite that night. Easily the highest I have ever slept before.
Day 9 26.7 miles, 6.5k ft gain
Wait, I'm already at the top of Pinchot pass? That was nothing!
Guess I should just keep walking in that case...
Oh it's noon and I'm already starting my ascent up Glen?? Ok then...
Damn, it's 4 and I finished Glen? Wow I should just keep going and see how far I can make it tonight...
Hmmm, it's almost last light, but I'm nearly at the top of Kearsarge. Maybe I'll just keep going til I can camp near some water, then make it out to the trailhead and hitch a ride in the morning.
..... Hold up... I'm... done? Due to a clerical error I thought that I had nine miles after Kearsarge, when in fact I only had five.
I get a hitch out with some friendly people at the trailhead and make it to my car that night.
As a result of the early winter storms rolling through and my leg injury I didn't think it was worth risking Whitney, but in hindsight it was possibly doable. Still think I made the right call, especially given how I was running very low on food and would have to run a calorie deficit with zero margin of error to make it through.
The trip was absolutely incredible, with a huge number of sights I had never witnessed or even imagined would be hiding in this mountain range. I think that an 11 day pace (which I was on track for, even with an injury and an added 9 miles from my alternate) is absolutely doable for even novice hikers in reasonable shape. I'm no superhuman and took plenty of breaks, so I bet 10 days would even be a possibility for most folks.
I've touched on some of it, but here are my thoughts on the setup I brought:
Katabatic Alsek 22*: This thing rocks. It's so good. It feels like you are being hugged by a silky warm cloud. I didn't even use the pad attachments I brought. Will drop those for the future.
Thermarest Xtherm: Works well, weighs a bit more than some, keeps you warm, allows you to side sleep pretty comfortably. What's there to say that hasn't been said.
KS-50: This pack works excellently. External frame stays, nice big hipbelt pockets for much snacking, lots of volume, low weight. I wish the opening were wider for easier packing. Also, I should have requested that the upper pockets (above the normal water bottle pockets, made of mesh) were half size so that small items don't slip down and interfere with water bottle pocket usage. Additionally, I would recommend that people strongly consider getting mostly stock options. Laurent knows what he's doing and has figured out how to make a good pack. I got mad compliments and respect from people on the trail. Even normal hikers wanted to get in on the KS Ultralight hypetrain. Choo Choo.
Zpacks Duplex: It's a tent, it's waterproof, it works. I give it eight bananas out of nine. I have learned that personally I really like the simplicity of cowboy camping, so a tarp/bivy combo is likely in my near future. In fact, a custom Borah Bivy might be on its way...
Montbell Tachyon Wind parka: Get this thing. It's awesome. I wore it 40% of the time after Donahue pass. It is the perfect amount of warmth for someone who runs warm.
Montbell Thermawrap: I think it's pretty much all I need in an insulated layer. I got the one without a hood because I already use an EE Hoodlum.
EE Hoodlum: A full hood of Apex 4.0 that modularly enables you to use it with or without a jacket is fantastic. This thing only weighs 2 oz. It really increases your warmth, but isn't susceptible to wetting out like a down hood.
Columbia Klamath 1/4 zip fleeece: Fear brings gear. I didn't need this but I was worried about hypothermia. Totally unnecessary.
Rain gloves: As stated on Day 6, these things are terrible. Not recommended. I just put some plastic bags over my hands on day 7, which worked surprisingly well.
AntiGravity Gear UL rain jacket: at 6.7oz for a rain jacket, this thing is hardly even UL. It also sucks. See Day 6.
Dance Wind pants: Cheap and effective, all I will need for my legs.
Merino tights: Which is why these were also useless. Cut this, the gloves, and the fleece out and I save nearly a pound. Silly me.
Socks: My running socks worked perfectly, the Goldtoe dress socks were nice and warm, but my Injinjis.... they are going in the trash. I destroyed these things in under 80 trail miles. The right big toe wore through, they gave me a blister on my pinky toe, and they were thrashed. WTF lol. I thought the run-weight was sufficiently durable for at least 200 miles?
Patagonia Strider pro 5in shorts: Are superduper. Nice big pockets stored all my trash every day and had room for my phone and other crap
Lone Peak 4.0: They work well! No complaints, all was as expected.
Altra Short Gaiters: However, these don't work very well at all. They regularly let rocks in
Poop kit: Read more about that here.
Aquamira: Man this shit is hot garbage to use. I have no idea how Mike Clelland (or anyone) manages to get this stuff to not evaporate once mixed. Mine never lasted more than an hour, and I question its potency. The alternative (mixing every time you get water) is monumentally annoying. I ended up not filtering on 2 occasions on the later days for the sake of simplicity, and because I live on the edge.
Cascade Hiking poles: These work great! Cheap and effective, excellent for avoiding pressure on one's right leg.
Bear Vault 500: Not much to say aside from it being a necessary evil. An evil necessity. Big, heavy, and bulky, truly an inconvenience. Nothing compared to having all your shit eaten by a bear though.
That's all folks, thanks for reading.
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2017.04.26 00:25 -40- I listened to every artist going to Rolling Loud Music Festival 2017! A BREAKDOWN.

Yo mandatory first time poster, long time lurker!
I am heading to Miami in a week to attend my first ever Hip Hop Festival and I decided to write a breakdown on the Line-up. I have been to festivals before and I attend as many Hip Hop shows as I can (Isaiah Rashad [5/5], Ab Soul [2/5], Vince Staples[5/5] this year so far) but this is different. I love Hip Hop in nearly all forms and have always wanted to attend Rock the Bells, Scribble/Summer Jam or similar but the timing has never worked. I decided that to do the experience justice, I was going to dig through the list of artists and acquaint myself with each and every one. I present for your reading pleasure, a guide to all the artists attending Rolling Loud Music Festival in 2017. You can see the line up here
TLDR: A breakdown of every artist going to Rolling Loud Music Festival 2017
Kendrick Lamar AKA K. Dot, King Kendrick, Cornrow Kenny, Kung Fu Kenny! Born June 17, 1987, Kenny hails from the city of Compton and is the TDE golden goose. Nearly untouchable since the West Coast handed a teary eyed K.Dot the torch in 2011. His skill at balancing lyricism and storytelling with passion and an ever evolving sound has him in some big boots for a 5" giant. Where to Start: Good Kid, m.A.A.d City (Album, 2012), To Pimp A Butterfly (Album, 2015) Damn (Album, 2017) Highlights: Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe, Alright, HiiiPower, The Art of Peer Pressure, Sing about me i'm, dying of thirst, ADHD, DNA, ELEMENT, FEEL Lesser known Cuts: The Heart Pt 1, County Building Blues, Black Friday, Cartoons & Cereal Look Out For: Kendrick X J-Cole Album (Rumored) Black Hippy Album (Rumoured) Second-half of Damn (It aint happening)
Future AKA The Future, Future Hendrix, Meathead Made up of half Atlanta and half codeine Future is what you get when you mix a little Andre 3000 with a lot of DJ Screw. Melodic and hard hitting at the same time Future picked up auto-tune from T-Pain's estate sale and rode on the its ok to rap and sing wave that Drake was pushing. Themes range from trapping and smashing models to honest moments of drug addiction and depression. Although his career had hits early on its been a long road to success for Future and he deserves every bit of it! Where to Start: DS2 (Album, 2015), Monster (Mixtape, 2014), What a Time to Be Alive (Mixtape, 2015) Highlights: Low Life, The Percocet & Stripper Joint, Mask Off, Diamonds Dancing, Fuck Up Some Commas Trivia: Future wrote the hook for Ludacris classic Blueberry Yum Yum. Look Out For: He just dropped a double album on Valentines day. Patience.
Lil Wayne AKA Weezy F. baby, Mr Carter, Tommy Gun Tunechi, Lil Birdman Junior Snatched up from Hollygrove, New Orleans at the tender age of 9 by a predatory Half Bird Half Man, nobody could have predicted the artist that Weezy was going to become. As king of mixtapes in his prime, prolific describes him best. Weezy had a studio with him at all times and he never seems to stop dropping bars. I personally take issue with his quality control, but 2005-2007 was the era of weekly fire from this multiple seizure survivor. If you are interested definitely delve in to his mixtapes to listen to him rap over every beat imaginable. This pace was ultimately what I think was his downfall, along with a wicked addiction. Where to Start: Tha Carter I, Tha Carter II, Tha Carter III, Da Drought 3, Highlights: I Feel Like Dying, Dedication, Live from the 504, A Milli, 6 Foot 7 Foot, Drop the World, Under appreciated: La La La, 10,000 Bars, Ransom Feat. Drake, Im Me Look Out For: Wayne not turning up to his show.
A$AP Rocky AKA Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye, Pretty Motherfucker Texas Trill meets Diplomats is the best way to describe Rocky. He is outgoing, charming and his melodic rap style mixes perfectly with the A$AP Mob style created by A$AP Yams (RIP). Often toted as the brains behind A$AP Mob, A$AP Yams definitely had huge influence on Flackos style both in rap and life. A$AP Mob came first but it likely wouldn't have got in the club without A$AP Rocky. Where to Start: Live. Love. A$AP (Mixtape, 2011), Long. Live. A$AP (Album, 2013) At. Long. Last. A$AP (Album, 2015) Highlights: Goldie, Pesos , Multiply, Fashion Killa, Canal St Look Out For: The Cozy Tapes Vol. 2
Travis Scott AKA Travi$ Scott Rapper & Producer Travis Scott is originally from Houston but came to his own in LA after dropping out of college. He is pretty polarizing both as a person (see thread history) and as an artist. His musical inspiration is sometimes a bit too close to a mainline transfusion, but if you are a fan of Kanye, (old) Kid Cudi X Trap/Drill sound then Travis probably has something for you. Fuck the haters, it's a dope mix and he kills it live. Where to Start: Days Before Rodeo (Mixtape, 2014), Rodeo (Album, 2015), Birds in the Trap Sing Mcknight (Album, 2016) Highlights: 3500, Antidote, Maria I'm Drunk, Goosebumps, Drugs You Should Try It, Skyfall Lesser known Cuts: Entire Cruis'n USA: Travis & Jason AKA OG Chess (Mixtape, 2011) Look Out For: Astroworld (2017 release promised)
Young Thug AKA Yung Thug, Jeffery Born 1991 Young Thug is weird, street and amazing all in one. It took me a while to warm to him and I would encourage you to put the time in if you are not immediately a Bootygoon. Fader said of Jeffery in 2013 "In a typical Young Thug verse, he slurs, shouts, whines and sings, feverishly contorting his voice into a series of odd timbres like a beautifully played but broken wind instrument". Accurate except they should add that it BANGS. Where to Start: Barter 6 (Mixtape, 2015), Slime Season 3 (Mixtape, 2016), Jeffery (Mixtape, 2016), 1017 Thug (Mixtape, 2013), Slime Season (Mixtape, 2015) Highlights: Check, With That, With Them, Memo, Best Friend, Old English , Harambe, Kanye West Trivia: Young Thug regularly wears women's clothing yet is fucked with by most of the staunchest rappers in 2017, how far we have come. Look Out For: Rich Gang 2 with Birdman out soon.
Mac Miller AKA EZ Mac, Larry Fisherman, Larry Lovestein, Larry Dollaz, Delusional Thomas A young and charismatic Mac started releasing music in high school and quickly got success as a Frat(ish) Rapper. Instead of embracing this he evolved and his music turned into something more unique with deeper insight. You changed Mac! Thank fuck. Where to Start : Watching Movies with the Sound Off (Album, 2013), The Divine Feminine (Album, 2016), Blue Slide Park (Album, 2011) Delusional Thomas (Mixtape, 2013), Faces (Mixtape, 2014) Highlights: Objects in the Mirror, I am Who Am (Killin Time), Weekend, Dang!, Red Dot Music, Senior Skip Day, One Last Thing, Nikes on my feet, REMember Best Verse: New Faces v2 (Verse 3) Look Out For: Ariana Grande producing a little Mac
Kevin Gates AKA Luca Brasi Gates music would be a dark, gritty and auto-tuned heap of depression if it were not for his skill at infusing a unique melodic style and the themes of hope and determination that drive him. He raps about the most negative shit in the most positive, near poppy way. He don't get tired! Where to Start: By Any Means (Album, 2014) Luca Brasi 2(Mixtape, 2014), Islah (Album, 2016) Highlights: 2 Phones , I Don't Get Tired, Out the Mud, 4.30 AM, Go Hard, Really Really Trivia: Gates doesn't shy away from controversy and is currently in jail for kicking a female fan at a concert (She may or may not have been trying to sexually assault him at the time.) He has also been linked to incest & bestiality. He don't get tired! Look Out For: Gates being released from jail before Rolling Loud (not looking good as he was denied bail on April 19th)
Run The Jewels AKA EL-P & Killer Mike, RTJ Killer Mike and El-P are RTJ and trust them when they tell you they are the new PB & J! The busy production is done by El-P who also raps and matches perfectly with southern OG Killer Mike who won a Grammy way back in 2001 for his feature on Outkast track "The Whole World". I was lucky enough to see RTJ when they were still playing sweaty basements and it was one of the best performances I have seen. Where to Start: Run the Jewels (Album, 2013), Run the Jewels 2 (Album, 2014), Run the Jewels 3 (Album, 2016) Highlights: Legend Has It, Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck), Blockbuster Night Pt. 1, Run the Jewels Lesser Known Cuts: Meow the Jewels (Remix Album, 2015) Individual Highlights: The Dance by Murs (El-P Production), $ VIC/ FTL (EL-P), Reagan (Killer Mike), Ric Flair (Killer Mike)
Post Malone AKA Austin Post A young buck out of Dallas who took up music after getting hooked on Guitar Hero, moved to LA, hooked up with the FKi crew, then dropped White Iverson out of nowhere and instantly charted. His style isn't that unique, but he does it well and is still developing as an artist. Watch this space. Where to Start: Stoney (Album, 2016) Highlights: White Iverson, Congratulations, Go Flex, Déjà vu, Lesser Known Cuts: Post Malone doing a Bob Dylan cover Look Out For: Beerbongs & Bentleys (album, due in June, 2017)
Lil Uzi Vert AKA LUV Riding the wave of the new Trap sound Lil Uzi (because he raps fast) is one of the biggest rappers to come out of the SoundCloud world recently. He is flagrant, open and melodic on the same song. At 22 he is young and in love and his music is only getting deeper. Nobody else gets you dabbing to songs about suicide! Where to Start: Luv is Rage (Mixtape, 2015), Lil Uzi Vert vs. the World (Mixtape, 2016) Highlights: Money Longer, P's and Q's, XO TOUR Llif3, You Was Right, 7AM Trivia: Lil Uzi Vert is a Pescaterian. We truly are in the new age of Trap! Look Out For: Luv is R6ge 2 (Mixtape, Due in 2017)
Migos AKA Quavo, Takeoff and Offset Migos grew up together in Georgia and are directly related, that dynamic translates in their music in the way they flow together seamlessly. Originally they got shine with "Versace" especially after Drake jumped on a remix. Their career has slowly gained pace with a few hitches (Label issues and 8 months in jail for Offset) but it wasn't until Donald Glover shouted them out in his Grammy speech that they have really been accepted into mainstream pop culture. Where to Start: Young Rich Niggas (Mixtape, 2013), Culture (Album, 2017), Rich Nigga Timeline (Mixtape, 2014) Highlights: Versace, Hannah Montana, Cocaina, Cross the Country, Bad and Boujee, T-Shirt, Get Right Witcha Trivia: Quavo got offered a spot to play football for various colleges but pursued music instead. Best Individual Verses: Quavo - Pickup the Phone by Travis Scott, Offset - Get Right Witcha, Takeoff - Cross the Country.
21 Savage AKA Shayaa Joseph Savage's music is cold, dark and steady, his flow is slow in comparison to what his peers are doing and he is unapologetic with his words. In more trouble than out of it, growing up in Atlanta he first got serious about music while recovering from a shooting. He landed on a lot of peoples radars after getting on the XXL Freshman class of 2016. Where to Start: Savage Mode (Album, 2016), The Slaughter Tape (Mixtape, 2015), Slaughter King (Mixtape, 2015) Highlights: X Feat. Future, No Heart, Skrrt Skrrt, Picky, No Advance, Red Opps, Dip Dip Look Out For : Issa Album coming "soon".
Kodak Black AKA Lil Black 19 year old rapper of Haitian descent straight out of Pompano Beach, Florida his rap style is loose and improvised near mumble rap mixed with some strong hooks. Kodak Black's first co-sign came from Drake for his song "Skrt" and he has steadily released music since then even though he has been in and out of jail for a range of charges from drugs to sexual battery. After watching an few interviews with him I am pretty sure he is on the spectrum, that may just be what sets him apart. Where to Start: Painting Pictures (Album, 2017), Institution (Mixtape, 2015) Highlights: Tunnel Vision, Skrt, No Flocking, Slayed, Conscience Look Out For : His burps! (No projects incoming)
Lil Yachty AKA Lil Boat Bubblegum Trap is a self description of Lil Boats auto tuned mumble style, but that doesn't really encompass the entirety. Ditching the dark side, Yachty keeps the catchiness of Traps repetitive origins but doesn't attempt to perfect his flow, instead purposely (hopefully) keeping his singing and rapping amateur and off-key. A young 19 out of Georgia, Yachty hustled himself up an internet following in NYC before turning to music and getting co-signs from amongst others, Kanye. There is definitely a style over substance argument to be had amongst those who are wary of his rise to fame, but that hasn't seemed to slow his roll. Where to Start: Lil Boat (Mixtape, 2016) Highlights: 1NIGHT (Extended), All Times, Minesota (Remix), We Got it, Mixtape - Chance the Rapper Look Out For : Teenage Emotions (Album, May 26)
Joey Bada$$ AKA JayOhVee Brooklyn native through and through, Joey Bada$$ is one of the few torch holders of the classic NYC rap style. Focused on flow, strong lyrical content and storytelling. He is a co-founder of Pro-Era and he has managed to keep the classic style while evolving his music into modern day. He can also hold his own in rap beef after destroying Troy Ave(rage) in multiple freestyles. Where to Start: All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ (Album, 2017), 1999 (Mixtape, 2012), B4.DA.$$ (Album, 2015), P.E.E.P. The APROcalypse (Pro Era Mixtape, 2012) Highlights: Curry Chicken, Survival Tactics, World Domination, Big Dusty, No. 99, Paper Trail$ , Land of the Free, Rockabye Baby Look Out For : He just released his last album so don't expect anything any time soon.
Action Bronson AKA Bam Bam, Mr Baklava, Bronsolino A chubby Albanian chef seems like an unlikely candidate to build a rap legacy, but Action Bronson is all that and more. Classic NYC style backed up with smooth flow, an unfiltered mind and plenty of wrestling references. Strangely, nobody gets you as hungry rapping like Action Bronson, painting delicious images with his words of meals most can only dream of crafting and he backs it all up with skill in the kitchen. Just don't mention Ghostface in his presence unless your looking to get body slammed. Where to Start: Rare Chandeliers (Mixtape, 2012) Blue Chips 2 (Mixtape, 2013) Mr. Wonderful (Album, 2014) Highlights: Actin Crazy, Baby Blue, Strictly 4 My Jeeps, The Stick Up, Alligator, 9-24-11 Look Out For : Blue Chips 7000 (Mixtape, Incoming 2017)
Flatbush Zombies AKA Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erick Arc Elliot The Zombies are psychedelic rap group out of Flatbush, BK whose members have all been friends since grade school. Their rap style is hard to define but is wild, fast and furious and translates to a great live show. Strictly independent they are the Hip Hop version of a Punk act. Where to Start: D.R.U.G.S (Mixtape, 2012), BetterOffDEAD (Mixtape, 2013) 3001: A Laced Odyssey (Album, 2016) Highlights: Palm Trees , Death, Bath Salt - ASAP Mob, Thug Waffle, Club Soda, Nephillim, This is It, Regular and Complex Look Out For : Flatbush Zombies in your area on their Spring 2017 tour.
Curren$y AKA Spitta Curren$y is a rap lover's rapper and has been releasing music since the early 2000's making him one of the hardest working MC's in the game. His rap style is calm, collected and under control. Rapping about hustling, chill. Rapping about fucking, chill. Rapping about killing, chill. With over 40 projects his discography is straight up consistent. He is still dropping projects and put out a mixtape each month of 2016. Where to Start: Stoned on Ocean (Mixtape, 2016), This Ain't No Mixtape (Album, 2009), Pilot Talk II (Mixtape, 2010), Canal Street Confidential (Album, 2015) The Fo20 Massacre (Mixtape, 2017) Highlights: Breakfast, The Day, Damier Doobies, Address, This is the Life, The Type, Full Metal, Boulders Look Out For : Fetti - A mixtape with Freddie Gibbs, The Motion Picture Soudtrack - Album due
Aminé AKA Adam Aminé Daniel Aminé gained hype off his breakout single "Caroline" in 2016, it's positive pop style with a hint of neo-soul is catchy and kind of geeky at the same time. His previous projects are more traditionally Hip Hop flavored, but It will be interesting to see where this Portland born and raised rapper will take it next. Shout out PDX! Where to Start: Calling Brio (Mixtape, 2015), Odyssey To Me (Mixtape, 2014) Highlights: Caroline, Baba, RedMercedes, Darksiiiide, Rage / Peace, Buckwild Look Out For : His first mixtape/album with the backing of Republic Records
Denzel Curry AKA Aquarius'Killa, Raven Miyagi, The Ultimate Former Raider Klan affiliate who came out on top of his beef with SpaceGhostPurrp, Zel has a 90's style rapid fire delivery and graphic story telling craft that makes him unique. Curry has managed to stick to the independent route and just landed a major distribution deal so expect big things. Where to Start: Imperial (Album, 2016) Nostalgic 64 (Mixtape, 2013) Highlights: This life, Knotty Head, Zone 3, Ultimate, Threatz, Sick & Tired Look Out For : Taboo (Album, 2017)
Seshollowaterboyz AKA Bones, Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis, Eddy Baker This on the spectrum named Internet Rap Collective was formed in 2014 and the name is a mix of each of the artists labels. With a large individual following this union is yet to release a collab project but that hasn't stopped them jumping on each others tracks. The moody Bones is super prolific and has a diverse style paired with lo-fi visuals. Xavier Wulf & Chris Travis were both members of Raider Klan and have stuck together and each created a very individual underground style. Eddy Baker has maybe the most accessible style of them all and his BADGUY series from 2014 is great. Where to Start: PaidProgramming2 - Bones (Mixtape, 2016), Art of Destruction - Chris Travis (Mixtape, 2016), Less than Zero - Eddy Baker (Mixtape, 2016) Project X - Xavier Wulf (Mixtape, 2015) Highlights: NonPasteurized - Bones, Iceland - Chris Travis, Thunder Man - Xavier Wulf, Crazy - Chris Travis, Rusty Pipes - Eddy Baker, Dirt - Bones (Recognise the hook?) Look Out For : A collab project under the Seshollowaterboyz banner?
Playboi Carti AKA Cash Carti, Sir Cartier, A$AP Carti? Signed to A$AP Rocky without even a mixtape out, Carti's sound is reminiscent of a less threatening Chief Keef in his prime with some added swag. Often the songs seem to be based around a seemingly never ending hook. Originally from Atlanta, but since established himself in the new-age NY scene with the help of Ian Connor, Carti has the style but one can struggle finding substance in his music. Where to Start: Playboi Carti (Mixtape, 2017) Highlights: Broke Boy, Lost, Woke up like this, Fetti, Speedy Gonzales, Run It, What, New Choppa, Yah Mean Look Out For : After the long wait for his last project don't expect anything soon.
Chief Keef AKA Sosa, Glory Boy The poster boy for Chiraq, Sosa brought Chicago's Drill scene to the worlds attention in 2012 with the help of Kanye West on the remix of "I Don't Like". Hated and loved at the same time he fulfilled a thirst for more authenticity in Hip Hop that many had been searching for. This authenticity ended up being to much for Interscope who dropped him in 2014. In the midst of legal issues and the deaths of people close to him in South Chicago, Sosa moved to Los Angeles to get a away from it all. He never really regained his previous hype despite Bang 3 being one of his best releases. Where to Start: Finally Rich (Album, 2012) Bang 3 (Album, 2015) Two Zero One Zeven (Mixtape, 2017) Highlights: I Don't Like, Love Sosa, Earned It, Know, New School Look Out For : No upcoming projects announced!
Rob $tone AKA Jaylen Robinson from 1207 22 year old $tone has a chilled out flow with a 90's rapper vibe. One of the few to come out of San Diego and gain mainstream hype he stole the spotlight in 2014 when he released "Chill Bill". After two quality mixtapes he has a deal with RCA Records and has toured with the likes of A$AP Ferg & Playboi Carti. Most recently he got kicked off the Designer tour for beefing with fellow opener, Ski Mask the Slump God. He also may or may not have got Ski Mask jumped on stage. Where to Start: Straight Bummin (Mixtape, 2015), I'm Almost Ready (Mixtape, 2016) Highlights: Chill Bill, Suspects, Nachos, Meetings Look Out For : A debut album.
Blackbear AKA Matthew Musto, Industry plant Cultivated since early age by music execs and gone through a series of music genres, Blackbear has emerged as a RappeSinger in his 20's. Similar style to G-Eazy with more focus on the singing he recently started a group with long term collaborator Mike Posner called Mansionz. Where to Start: Sex (Mixtape, 2012) Deadroses (Album, 2015) Mansionz -Mansionz (Album, 2017) Digital Druglord (Album, 2017) Highlights: 90210, STFU - Mansionz, idfc, Cars, Clothes, Calories, Rich White Girls - Mansionz, Do Re Mi, I miss the old u Look Out For : More Mansionz projects.
Robb Bank$ AKA Shaggys Son NY born, Florida raised Bank$ shot into the spotlight at 16 off the back of massive Tumblr hype and has been developing in front of his fans since then. With a smooth flow and a steady string of pop culture (Pokemon) references and surprisingly ruthless punchlines you can see why he has gained as much traction as he has. Recently signed to Cash Money so expect big moves or nothing at all! Where to Start: Year of the Savage (Album, 2015), Calendars (Mixtape, 2012) Tha City (2013) Highlights: 2Phoneshawty, Pressure, Practice, On Me, Refined Look Out For : TC2: Falconia (Album, due any day now.) GRIFFITH (Mixtape, Due April)
Wifisfuneral AKA Izzy Kills, Casper Winter Jacket, Mozart LaFlare Birthed at funeral for a mutual friend, Wifisfuneral started out as a duo between Isaiah Rivera and Gabe Guerra. Isaiah has since become Wifisfuneral seemingly solo. He has a fresh Florida underground sound and was the first artist to get signed at SXSW 2017. Where to Start: When Hell Falls (Album, 2017), Black Heart Revenge (Album, 2016) Highlights: Love the Feeling, It Don't Matter, Lights, Antisocial Club Look Out For : Ethernet (Mixtape, coming soon)
XXXTENTACION AKA Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy After first surfacing in the underground scene in Florida in 2014, XXX has been building a steady stable of songs and fans but didn't really pop until "Look At Me!" started charting after allegations that Drake ripped the flow from it. With a lo-fi style, shock value lines and a unique personality he might just make you a fan if you can get over his legal complications (Assault of a pregnant female). Where to Start: WILLY WONKA WAS A CHILD MURDERER (Mixtape, 2016), ItWasntEnough (Mixtape, 2016) The Fall (Mixtape, 2014) Highlights: Look At Me, I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore, ILoveItWhenTheyRun, Take A Step Back, WingRiddenAngel, KMT (Jokes) Look Out For : I Need Jesus, Bad Vibes Forever, 17, Members Only Vol. 3, Mixtape X Robb Bank$, Mixtape X Wifisfuneral, Mixtape X Craig Xen - Mixtapes all due out now he is out of jail
The Underachievers AKA AKTHESAVIOR & Issa Gold Druggy Hip Hop duo out of Flatbush NY who are signed to Fly Lo's label Brainfeeder. They first made an impression with Indigoism in 2013 and have been steady releasing music ever since. Their rapid fire Tag-team sound is very NY and thats a good thing. Where to Start : Indigoism (Mixtape, 2013), Evermore (Album, 2015) Highlights: Herb Shuttles, Philanthropist, T.A.D.E.D, Leopard Shepherd, N.A.S.A Look Out For: At least 2 more projects in 2017.
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    1. Petco Park ranked the best stadium in baseball (245 points, 41 comments)
    2. Southern White Rhino Born at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (200 points, 17 comments)
    3. The city of San Diego now tops the list of most seasons played without a championship. (Rockets, Clippers, Chargers, Padres.) 109 I believe. (165 points, 55 comments)
    4. San Diego Chances for MLS May Be Increasing (140 points, 71 comments)
    5. San Diegans want rent control (132 points, 253 comments)
    6. Landon Donovan is teaming up with Warren Barton to try and bring a USL franchise to San Diego (114 points, 54 comments)
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    10. Outline of Chargers Stadium Proposal (63 points, 195 comments)
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    1. The Chargers are providing free mammograms at Qualcomm Stadium TODAY from 8am-3pm for those without insurance. (134 points, 18 comments)
    2. Comic-Con buys 3 buildings in Barrio Logan (130 points, 22 comments)
    3. Computer animation of proposed San Diego Bay to Balboa Park Skyway. (129 points, 114 comments)
    4. No charges for teens who brought knives to San Pasqual High School (107 points, 41 comments)
    5. Termed-out San Diego supervisors give themselves a raise. (95 points, 10 comments)
    6. Woman and Toddler Killed in I-15 Hit-and-Run, DUI Suspect Arrested (88 points, 35 comments)
    7. Three drivers hit woman in Linda Vista, leave her for dead (85 points, 24 comments)
    8. Trolley Extension Gets $1 Billion From Transportation Department (76 points, 62 comments)
    9. Horton Plaza Park opens this Wednesday. (73 points, 56 comments)
    10. City of San Diego to place gunshot detection sensors called ShotSpotter in Encanto, Skyline, & Paradise Hills. (70 points, 35 comments)
  7. 1272 points, 7 submissions: RandyWe2
    1. Somebody at Harbor Island Yacht Club is having a bad day. (461 points, 79 comments)
    2. San Diego Republican mayor pushes plan to run on 100% renewable energy (294 points, 42 comments)
    3. Rent Price Map (251 points, 131 comments)
    4. I have 6 spots for a free sunset bay tour tonight and tomorrow night. (81 points, 19 comments)
    5. What are the people without family in town doing for thanksgiving? (69 points, 40 comments)
    6. This isn't Craigslist. Stop trying to sell crap on here. (63 points, 64 comments)
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    1. Photos from the San Diego Pride Parade 2016 (303 points, 77 comments)
    2. Guys, I went to the Cat Show! Here's way too many pictures. (168 points, 39 comments)
    3. Photos from yesterday's /SanDiego trip to Tijuana! Thanks to Matingas for showing us around! (155 points, 47 comments)
    4. Redditor here took us on a TJ tour, this time to the Playas. Thanks again /SD! (137 points, 40 comments)
    5. Photos from the Spreckels Organ Pavilion's tribute to David Bowie. (117 points, 17 comments)
    6. Gaming ship SS Monte Carlo is more exposed than it's been in years due to the unusual El Ninoish conditions. (112 points, 40 comments)
    7. I took a picture and decided to remind sandiego you can drink a beer or wine here. So long as it's not in a glass container. Specifics in comments. (108 points, 24 comments)
    8. Photos from North Park Festival o'Farts I mean of Arts. (67 points, 5 comments)
    9. The 1900s Electriquettes are back at Balboa Park! Did we all know this besides me? (51 points, 6 comments)
    10. Photos from Adams Unplugged over the weekend (49 points, 16 comments)
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    1. How my friends react when they learn I'm moving (295 points, 79 comments)
    2. My wife got me an infared trail camera for Christmas, living in Encinitas I wasn't sure what to expect. (205 points, 26 comments)
    3. Dear coastal residents, we will continue sending the heat down the hill until our demands are met. (164 points, 37 comments)
    4. Woke up to a red-tailed hawk on my patio this morning. (122 points, 18 comments)
    5. Cheers from Supercross! (97 points, 9 comments)
    6. County to spray for mosquitoes in Normal Heights after resident tests positive for Zika (93 points, 70 comments)
    7. Firefighters respond to Spring Valley brush fire, homes threatened (79 points, 17 comments)
    8. Officer involved shooting in Poway, Poway Road closed from 67 to Sunrise Ranch. (70 points, 15 comments)
    9. Just found a young California Kingsnake on my patio. (66 points, 10 comments)
    10. Flooding on Miramar (59 points, 11 comments)
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    1. Prop 64 passed. Recreational marijuana legalized in California. (779 points, 275 comments)
    2. An airline will soon offer $29 flights from Carlsbad to Santa Monica. (233 points, 67 comments)
    3. Navy Federal Credit Union misled members, will pay $23 million to victims (77 points, 5 comments)

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2014.12.21 15:43 Hambone3110 [OC] [Jenkinsverse] 14: The Hornet's Nest

Date Point: 3Y 8M 2W AV
+0014+: Another failure.
+0023+: There have been victories also.
+0014+: Too few.
+0003+: The efforts of The Discarded work to our advantage.
+0006+: As I recall, Three, you were among those who advocated their termination.
+0003+: Your point?
+0006+: An acknowledgement of your fallibility would seem fitting.
+0004+: Petty bickering like that is for the Hosts. Three’s competence is not in doubt.
+0006+: As you say, Four.
+0014+: To address the observation: yes, The Discarded have helped contain the Deathworlders. That is a balance of power that will shift, as things are going. They buy us time, not victory.
+0016+: Agreed
+0031+: Agreed
+0004+: Agreed
+0006+: Perhaps a more senior agent should be placed in charge of that cell.
+0023+: Seventy-Two’s competence is also not in doubt.
+0003+: Your naysaying is becoming unconstructive, Six.
+0014+: The problem is escalating. This most recent failure was not orchestrated by a Deathworlder at all.
+0019+: Are you proposing that the Hosts might become energised and inspired?
+0014+: I am proposing that they already are.
System notification: User 0020 has joined.
+0006+: Well now. You grace us with your illustrious presence.
+0004+: Twenty assumes more risk than any of us. You will be respectful.
+0020+: Six’s respect is not required. I have completed my analysis of the debris field.
+0006+: Please, enlighten us. What miracle have the Deathworlders performed this time? Can they turn their skin to steel and shoot lasers from their eyes?
+0004+: Six.
+0006+: Twenty’s last report implied that the Deathworlders have solved the single-end wormhole problem. I will not apologise for my skepticism.
+0020+: No such inconsistencies. They appear to have an agent. A fast ship passed through the area shortly before the strike. I believe that it deployed tiny satellites, which self-destructed after the battle. If those satellites were stealthed and carried displacement beacons then it would explain the observed ability of these new ships to jump inside the sphere of engagement.
+0006+: It took you this long to determine that?
+0020+: Without compromising myself, yes.
+0006+: Useless.
System Notification: User 0006 was muted by User 0004. Reason: Correct your attitude.
+0014+: That was satisfying to watch.
+0004+: Correct yours too, or you will be next.
+0020+: I will not apologise for exercising discretion, caution and patience. Infiltrating The Discarded was difficult enough last time. They are not stupid.
+0002+: Six may be abrasive, but dissenting voices are valuable: They may cast the light where we are afraid to shine it. Soothe your wounded pride and examine the facts - these Deathworlders move quickly. If we are to successfully contain and destroy them then we must be similarly swift.
System Notification: User 0006 was granted speaking privileges by User 0002.
+0006+: At least somebody here pays attention.
+0002+: We have not granted you license to be disrespectful.
+0006+: ...yes, Two.
+0020+: With respect, Two, avoidable setbacks will only serve to slow us in the long term. Hasty and ill-advised assaults have already cost us too much. The next must be slow, must be stealthy, must be unanticipated, and must be devastating.
+0008+: The evidence does appear to favour that.
+0020+: We must also put aside our power politics for now. Zero and Thirteen both failed because they acted alone in search of glory, and now they both need replacing. Now Twenty-Four has gone the same way. We must stop allowing them to pick us off one by one: This is too important for ego.
+0005+: You do not tell higher ranks what we “must” do.
+0020+: Then I respectfully suggest that we all set aside our pride and focus on combining our efforts to bring practical resolution to this crisis.
+0002+: Twenty has a duty to express their opinion in as forceful a manner as is necessary for its proper communication. You, Five, have a duty to heed what is said rather than overlooking it for the sake of pride and decorum.
+0005+: ...yes, Two.
+0002+: We do not - yet - need to involve One. If Twenty’s approach is successful - if we collaborate to deliver a single, unforeseen and decisive blow to the Deathworlders - then One will never need to know this whole debacle ever happened.
+0004+: I still say that it was an unforgivable oversight not to foresee that intelligence might arise on that planet a second time.
+0006+: Two, may I have permission to remind Four that she was in equal part responsible for that oversight?
+0004+: How dare you!
+0002+: We believe you just did. Our permission would be redundant.
+0004+: I request a punishment.
+0002+: Denied. The observation is accurate, and even insubordination has its value. Nevertheless, Six, a little less insubordination, please?
+0006+: Of course, Two. You only had to ask.
System notification: User 0004 has signed out.
+0094+: The Deathworlders call that a “ragequit”, I believe.
+0057+: Apt.
+0014+: Can we please focus?
+0006+: Agreed. What do you recommend, Twenty?
+0020+: The Discarded.
+0014+: Sensible. They have already declared motive, they will seize the opportunity if it arises, and our risk of discovery will be negligible.
+0010+: We will need to remember to continue to monitor the deathworld after the scouring is complete.
+0006+: We will also need to resume monitoring on all the ones that have already been scoured. Some of them are nearly as old as Earth.
+0014+: You use their name for it?
+0006+: “Strak’kel” is so old-fashioned, and both names have a bit more life to them than “MY-31043-3-TT12-I” don’t you think?
+0023+: Whatever Six calls them, we will need to re-survey more than a thousand planets to make sure they are still clear.
+0005+: If that surveydiscovers even one nascent civilization, then it will have been worth the trouble.
+0020+: I must go. I will do what I can to keep the Great Hunt high in the minds of The Discarded.
System notification: User 0020 has signed out.
+0002+: Meanwhile, the rest of us will cease to engage the Deathworlders piecemeal. We must deal with their homeworld first before any attempt can be made at clearing out whatever last little holes and hideaways they may find.
+0003+: The first objective in support of that goal will be the identification and termination of this agent of theirs.
+0006+: Wrong. The first objective in support of that goal will be the identification and conversion of this agent of theirs.
+0003+: Two, I request permission to punish Six’s insubordination.
+0002+: Denied. Cease petitioning us every time Six offends your pride. You should also cease to be so easily irritated by accurate corrections. Identification and conversion of the agent will become our top priority. Discussion concluded.
System notification: Session closed.
System notification: Private session between User 0002 and User 0006 Session Opened
+0002+: Your attitude does warrant our attention, however. We are a Hierarchy, remember. You should remember your place.
+0006+: I am the foundation for those above me. My role is to support and strengthen them all.
+0002+: Well recited. We assume you are making a point?
+0006+: Pride is a weakness. It is the weakness, in fact, that has cost us the most against these Deathworlders. I judge that my duty to the strength and success of the Hierarchy and the indefinite survival of our people outweighs the tradition of decorum. It is not my duty to - as the humans eloquently put it - “kiss their asses”.
+0002+: And that is why we are demoting you to seventy-two.
+0006+: I see. I’m to take over from the current incumbent? Discreetly?
+002+: Indeed. You care about the result, not about your rank. That… atypical approach may be of use here, in this atypical scenario.
+0006+: And if you’re very lucky, your report to One will mention the Humans only as just another Scoured species.
+0002+: We intend not to rely on luck.
System notification: Session closed.
Date Point 3y 8m 2w 3d AV San Diego, California, USA, Earth
The man standing in front of him needed to clear his throat three times before it cut through the fog of fatigue that had Gabriel’s mind in a choke hold and his forehead pressed to the desk. He looked up, and stole a swig of his almost-too-cold coffee before addressing the man in the suit who was waiting patiently for him.
“Help you?” he asked. The man smiled, and produced a card. It was small, white, and mostly filled with the man’s face and the badge of the Central Intelligence Agency.
“Agent Hamilton.” He said by way of an introduction, then aimed a thumb over his shoulder at a woman in a nearly identical suit whom Arés hadn’t even noticed. She had a black leather work folder under her arm and was holding three Starbucks coffees in a cardboard carrier. “This is Agent Williams.”
“You want the Latte, the Mocha, or the Americano?” she asked, offering the coffee.
Gabriel blinked, then managed to get his brain into second gear. “Uh… the Latte, thanks.” He said. She handed it to him, and he took a sip, grateful for coffee that was the right temperature and tasted a damnsight better than the copper-tasting poison the office’s overworked percolator produced. “Please, sit down.”
“I’d ask what the Agency is doing here, but I’m guessing it has something to do with a guy in New Jersey.” he said, taking a not-so-wild stab in the not-so-dark. After all, he’d seen the news.
Williams nodded - she had taken the Americano - and set down the folder on Gabriel’s desk. “A mister Ravinder Singh’s apartment was bombed in the small hours of yesterday morning, killing the occupant and three of his neighbors.” She said.
“That seems more like a police or Bureau matter.”
“His name wasn’t Ravinder Singh.” Hamilton added. “He was one of the top men in the Indian nuclear weapons program, who went missing a few years ago. And now he’s turned up dead in a bombing on the East coast, to me that seems a lot like an Agency matter.”
“I didn’t know that part.” Arés confessed. He indicated the folder. “May I?”
Williams turned it around and opened it for him. They sipped their coffees patiently as he skimmed the documents within. It was clear why they had come to him. A still recovered from the camera above “Singh”’s door offered a clear identification for Kevin Jenkins: it was stapled to a summary of the legwork that had gone into tracing him. It wasn’t a long summary - Jenkins collecting his bag at Newark, his boarding pass, Jenkins going through security at San Diego International Airport, Jenkins checking out of the Bristol Hotel, a bit of a luck with the receptionist remembering that he had mentioned being in town for a funeral, cross-referenced against the times he entered and exited the hotel to Terri Boone’s funeral, and that in turn had led them to her family who had pointed them to Arés. Most of the investigation would have consisted of the coast-to-coast flight.
“You don’t have much on him yet, do you?” he commented, noting that aside from Jenkins’ name there was precious little of his personal details in the folder.
“That’s why we’re here.” Hamilton replied, evenly. “You had a good long conversation with him at that funeral.”
Gabriel sat back and took another swig of his coffee. “Yeah, I sent him to talk to Singh. He was close with the victim. She was a P.I., shot dead an assailant about, uh, six months before the second assailant got her. She knew she was in trouble and cited Singh as a witness who might be able to reveal the motive.”
“Could Jenkins have thought Singh was responsible and taken revenge?” Williams suggested.
“No.” Arés told them, not even bothering to conceal how little he thought of the idea. “He went to talk to Singh to try and get at the real responsible party… no sign of him since?”
“His rental car was returned and there was a possible ID at a gas station, heading north, but that’s all I know of so far.” Hamilton told him.
“Let me spare you the legwork. He’ll have gone to Scotch Creek.”
The two Agents did a synchronized glance at one another, then back at him, letting their expressions make the demand for elucidation.
“He said he’s the bartender up there.” Gabriel clarified.
“The bartender.” Williams repeated, skeptically.
Hamilton coughed. “Thank God for that. If he’s civilian base staff acting on his own then it’s a lot less of a problem than the Canadian military getting involved in a bombing down here.”
Arés frowned. “They’re our allies and friends, aren’t they?”
“They are, but allies and friends go through official channels over stuff like this.” Hamilton said. “Canada’s already catching a lot of political flak over their monopoly on alien technology, if there was any suggestion - right or not - that they’d sent an agent down here who’d bombed an American building and killed American citizens, it’d put a serious dent in any relationship, however good.”
“Not to mention the repercussions abroad.” added Williams.
Entiendo. Well, I guess now you know who to make the call to, so you can go through official channels.”
“Sure, and thanks. But I’d like to know more about this murder. You think they’re related?”
“The victim claimed as much and I’m convinced.” Arés allowed. “You guys have open minds?”
“Hard not to, nowadays.” Williams said, indicating the TV that was always playing quietly in the corner of the office, tuned to the news. The financial news was nothing but coverage of the partnership between several major companies - led by BAE, BHP Billiton and Red Bull - to collectively enter the lucrative market of asteroid mining, a feat that would have been impossible only three years previously. The news of the partnership had sent stocks in the involved corporations soaring, but the value of several elements - especially Platinum - had all taken a serious hit. It was just the latest in the long and storied drama of what was becoming known as the Second Space Race.
Gabriel nodded. “Then let me show you the evidence she left.” he said.
Date Point 3y 8m 2w 3d AV Planet Guvendruduvundraguvnegrugnuvenderelgureg-ugunduvug Guvnuragnaguvendrugun Confederacy, Dominion Core
The annual Ugunduvug-vanrundrneg - the “world-storm” - was in its second day and approaching full force, powered by a quirk in the tidal dance of the Guvnurag homeworld’s three moons. This year’s looked set to be a relatively mild one, with only three dark striations of lightning-blistered cloud having so far formed from the angry black girdle around the equator, to lash out northwards and southwards towards the poles.
Such a comparatively gentle storm would easily be handled by the layers of storm protection installed by hundreds of generations of Guvnurag, from the simple earthworks and storm drains to channel and disperse the flash-flood waters, to the more modern innovations like the tidal barrages, the artificial barrier reefs, and the huge force fields that needed most of the year to charge.
In truth, Guvnurag were quite capable of enduring the Ugunduvug-vanrundrneg out in the open, huddled in a warm ball of furry bodies. Their thick, shaggy fur was equally adept at warming and waterproofing, and their large size meant a low relative surface area, combating the effects of cold and exposure. But it was by no means a safe or pleasant way to weather the storm, and most of the major engineering feats of Guvnurag history had arisen from the need to conquer their planet’s annual weather tantrum.
All of which was a little academic from geosynchronous orbit, of course. Space was infamously short on weather of any description. But it was hard for Councillor Vedreg of the Dominion Security Council to look down on the planet of his birth during this most iconic season and not reflect on such things.
Especially, he considered, when he was quite improperly being left waiting. The Confederacy’s Secretary of Security was uncharacteristically taking her time implying that something had come up which was important enough to keep her direct superior waiting - and uninformed, which seemed thoroughly unlikely - or else there had been an unexpected delay.
When she arrived, however, the Secretary’s flanks were thrumming an incandescent, furious crimson. She was, by any sapient being’s standards, in a roaring snit to match the fury their homeworld was unleashing upon itself at this very moment.
Guvnurag folklore had always claimed that a gentle world-storm meant turbulent times ahead, as all the energy the world failed to release was diverted elsewhere. Vedreg, as with all modern Guvnurag, dismissed that as superstition, but right now, it seemed to be eerily prescient.
“Secretary Meerednegnel.” he greeted her, properly. “Shall I, just this once, dispense with the formalities and inquire as to what has precipitated your anger?”
Meered crashed down into her chair, vibrating the ornaments on her desk. “One of the missing system-shields has reported in.” She declared.
“I see.”
Vedreg set, rather more gently, in his own seat. The theft of two of their system defence fields - a pair that had been manufactured for delivery to two of the Dominion’s most vulnerable front-line staging worlds to keep the pressure on the Alliance - had been deeply embarrassing for the Confederacy, not least because even their best investigators couldn’t figure out how it had been managed. While the handling facility had reported a ship landing and departing around about the time of the theft, the timing was simply impossible. Nothing could have covered the intervening distance so quickly without being detected.
“May I ask where?” he inquired.
“The Far Reaches.” Meered replied.
Vedreg shaded a worried brown. That was bad news for any hope of recovery or investigation. The Far Reaches were aptly named - distantly removed from the Dominion Core, that region had only ever been accessible along a small number of spacelanes, most of which had filled in with interstellar gas and dust from lack of maintenance thanks to the war. While the tiny particles were no threat to a starship, the burst of high-energy particles they emitted upon entering the warp field could ionize the hull and degrade ship’s systems, or even build up a lethal capacitance that, if it discharged, could fry equipment or unfortunate crew. Even navies, pirates and even the Hunters preferred to stick to the cleared spacelanes where they could.
The few lanes that remained open in the area passed through annexed Celzi space and were heavily checkpointed. Sending a lane-clearing fleet to open a new route would take several cycles even if the Alliance left them alone. All in all, the news of the system shield’s new location was frustrating, even if it did come with the saving grace that it apparently hadn’t fallen into Alliance hands.
The Alliance… something about the Alliance? The memory tickled at him, elusive until he interrogated his cybernetic memory enhancement chip, which gladly supplied him with a connection between the Alliance and the Far Reaches.
Where in the Far Reaches, may I ask?” he inquired.
“Some private retreat planet with one of those terse Corti names.” the Secretary told him. “Why?”
“It wasn’t Cimbrean, perchance?”
“...As a matter of fact, it was.” She shaded pink and teal, a cocktail of surprise and curiosity. “You’re familiar with it?”
“Oh dear.”
Date Point 3y 8m 2w 3d AV San Diego, California, USA, Earth
“Taking your work home, Gabe?”
Arés smiled. Detective James “Jimmy” Rowan was the closest thing he had to a good friend among the homicide detectives, and the two often backed each other up as partners.
“The CIA’s getting involved now. I need to get it all sorted out for them.” he said. The briefing with Hamilton and Williams had taken several hours as they had gone through all of Boone’s bequeathed findings and suspicions, followed by the fruits of Gabriel’s own research. Superior as his resources were, he had other cases to worry about, and so hadn’t been able to put the time in that he would have liked.
“The Agency. Man.” Jimmy leaned back in his chair, sucking on one of the tootsie pops that were supposedly helping him quit smoking. “Hell of a fuckin’ thing.”
“Nice guys, I thought.” Gabriel commented. “Not like your ray-ban wearing spook pendejos from those movies you love.” “Yeah, reality’s always more boring.” Jimmy agreed. “Hey, don’t blow both your days off on that folder, okay? Go out, get drunk, get laid.”
“I was just going to watch NBA, man.”
“Come on, you can’t have had any action since your divorce, bro.” Jimmy insisted.
“Just because your balls need constant maintenance or they explode, doesn’t mean mine do.” Gabriel replied, smiling.
“Yeah, I know. Still not ready yet.” Jimmy gave up. “Enjoy your basketball, man.”
Gabriel lived only a few minutes’ drive from the precinct, in a nice but inexpensive apartment with a decent view of Downtown. Most days he didn’t even bother driving to work. Instead, he changed in the precinct locker room into his sweats, and jogged home, keeping his fitness up and working out the kinks and tensions of sitting at his desk for so many hours.
The exercise allowed his brain to freewheel, too. It was nice to get out of cop mode and just be Gabriel for a bit, but where Detective Arés was a cool and efficient professional, Gabriel was a worrier. The bombing, the CIA’s involvement, the casual brutality that had been inflicted on Terri Boone for digging exactly where he was digging now… If he’d bothered to drive in, he might even start checking his car for explosives.
As a result, he was in a strange mood when he got back to his apartment building - physically relaxed but mentally tense. He knew he was jumping at figurative shadows but he couldn’t forget that the first time he’d met Boone, she had just shot dead an intruder in her own apartment. An intruder who had very obviously been there to kill her.
And the lights were on in his. As was the TV - he could hear it.
This fact gave him several moments’ pause. He could see the glow under the door, and right now all his mind could spring to was that parking lot, and the carnage that had spread all over it.
He retrieved his gun from his bag and loaded it as slowly as he dared. He turned the key in the lock as quietly as he could, slipped inside, and ghosted along the hall carpet until he could poke his head gently around the corner and into the main room, ready to snap it back at the first hint of danger, convinced that his pounding heart would alert the intruder to his presence.
Somebody was sitting on his couch. His face was an unreadable skull mask in the television glow, and he definitely shouldn’t have been there. But there was no possibility that Gabriel could fail to recognise him.
Date Point 3y 8m 2w 3d AV Planet Guvendruduvundraguvnegrugnuvenderelgureg-ugunduvug Guvnuragnaguvendrugun Confederacy, Dominion Core
“There was a pirate organisation that approached the Security Council some time ago. Their leader had come up with a… novel new idea.”
Pirates? I wasn’t aware the Council was in the business of negotiating with murdering scum.”
“These ones…” Vedreg’s flanks rippled through many colours as he hunted for the correct word, underpinned by a constant theme of awkward yellow. “introduced us to a new concept. ‘Privateering’, they call it.” he pronounced the English word very carefully: it fit awkwardly in the Guvnurag mouth.
“And what does that word translate as?”
“As they explained it, effectively, a Privateer accepts amnesty from one government for their crimes in return for confining their predations to the shipping of that government’s enemy.” he shuffled uncomfortably. “They also made it explicitly clear that they intended to allow any ship which simply surrendered and handed over their cargo to leave, alive and intact and that they would stamp out any pirate competition in the area.”
Meered’s flanks glowed like embers, aghast. “And the Council agreed to this?” she asked.
“The Council is headed more by practicalists than idealists.” Vedreg admitted. “They were promised a reduction in piracy affecting our own shipping in the region, and effective disruption of Alliance shipping which might divert Celzi ships from the war.” There was a sweep of colour up his flank - the equivalent of a dismissive, contemptuous sniff. “If memory serves, Cimbrean was the base of operations for these ‘Privateers’.”
“What an extraordinary idea. But however competent or unusual these pirates, they’re still pirates, and whoever stole the generator was no gutter criminal.” Meered scoffed.
“If memory serves…” Vedreg said, slowly. “The ringleader of these privateers is a human.”
Meered’s disbelief only served to increase the hue of her flanks. “Humans aren’t magical, Councillor Vedregnegnug.” she chastised.
“No, but they… may I show you something?”
“In support of your claim? Very well.”
Vedreg bowed his head and spread his arms - a gesture of thanks - and spoke to the office. “Room. Access my personal entertainment files. Folder “Earth”, search “London Marathon”.” he intoned. A chime indicated that the requested item had been found. “Display.”
They watched.
“(Twenty-seven miles)?!” Meered exclaimed, after only a few minutes.
“In (three hours) or less.” Vedreg added. Meered’s flanks turned white.
“That… could well explain the theft.” she said. “The sensors on the ground weren’t equipped to detect life forms.”
“It is to be hoped.” Vedreg said. “That this human’s loyalty to their species is less than their loyalty to the pirate band they have formed. I will request a status update. Hopefully this is just a case of pirates being pirates.”
Meered was clearly not hopeful. “And if it isn’t?”
“Then we had best start hoping that pessimist, Furfeg, is wrong.”
Date Point 3y 8m 2w 3d AV San Diego, California, USA, Earth.
“Hey Dad.”
Gabriel relaxed. Fortunately, Adam Arés hadn’t looked in his father’s direction, and so didn’t notice him lower the gun and relax.
“Hey yourself.” Gabriel replied, stepping into the room and ruffling the scrawny teenager’s hair. “Wasn’t expecting you today, amigo.”
Adam pulled away from the hair-ruffle. “Mom’s being Mom again.” he said, which was all the explanation he needed to give. This wasn’t the first time Adam had caught a cab over here to get away from her, and almost certainly wouldn’t be the last. It was why he had his own key, and the Superintendent knew his face and to let him in from the time his mother had confiscated it.
“Okay. Did you call Mrs. Almodóvar?” Gabriel’s badge went a long way toward smoothing things over with DCFS, but it was still so much easier if their officer knew about these events when they happened, and heard them from Adam himself. He stuck the gun in the safe - the first thing he always did when he got home anyway, so fortunately there was nothing unusual there for Adam to notice.
Adam sighed. “Yes, Dad, I called Mrs. Almodóvar.” he confirmed, his voice full of all the weariness of a fifteen-year old who felt his competence was being question.
“Alright… woah.”
Adam had been watching a Game of Thrones rerun, and his ears went a brilliant pink as one of Emilia Clarke’s innumerable skin scenes filled the huge TV.
“Ah, shit, sorry Dad, I know it’s a bit… I mean, uh…” Adam stumbled.
“It’s cool, amigo. Just don’t jerk off on my couch or nothing.”
Da-ad! Yuk!”
Gabriel laughed, and shucked off his running shoes, which he kicked into the corner. He stole a glance at the on-screen nudity again before groaning and stretching his way through to the kitchen where he grabbed a cold beer from the fridge.
“I can’t be bothered to cook tonight, you want pizza or chinese?” he called.
“Chinese please.”
Gabriel knew his son’s preference, and placed the order - hell, the people down at Dragon Chef probably knew their usual order by now - then slumped down on the couch, glad to be home.
“Wanna talk about it?” he asked, when the commercials came on.
“She treats me like an idiot.” Adam complained. Clearly he’d been busting to get it out. “I… there’s this girl at school…”
“I asked Mom for… advice, you know? On how to ask her out? I don’t even know why she got mad, she just started calling me a little sissy, and…”
“She’s been drinking again, huh?”
“Yeah…” They watched the commercials for a while, before Adam wiped his eyes. “Fuck the courts, man.” he said, for about the thousandth time since the custody hearings.
Gabriel gave his boy a one-armed hug. “A couple more years, amigo. You’ll get through it.”
“Yeah. She probably wouldn’t let me date Ava anyway.” Adam groused.
“Ava? So that’s her name. You were hanging out with her by the gates when I picked you up last week, right?”
“Shit, amigo, if you’re going to let your mom stop you from asking her out you’re a dumbass.” Gabriel said. “Go for it!”
“What if she says no?”
Gabriel suppressed a laugh. “Little man, I saw the way she was looking at you. No way is that gonna happen.”
“She was?” Adam looked stunned and delighted. “but… nah, she wasn’t. Was she?”
“Hey, I’m a cop. Reading people is my job. And here’s a pro tip for you, amigo: If a girl’s got all her weight on one foot like that, and is playing with her hair and biting her lip? She wants you.”
“You’re just saying that.”
“Google that shit, man.”
They sat in comfortable silence until the food arrived, though it was plain that Adam was no longer watching the screen. He only spoke again when they were eating at the table.
“So.. what, just ask her? Is that it?”
“That’s it.”
“How? I mean, like, what do I say?”
“You like her?”
“Hell yeah I like her!” Adam exclaimed.
“Why? Is it just because she’s pretty?” She’d seemed more than that to Gabriel’s eye from a distant, but he wanted Adam to have his priorities straight.
“You think she’s pretty?” Adam asked.
“I’m older than you, amigo, not blind.” Gabriel chuckled. “Come on, d’you like her just because she’s pretty, or is she… clever, funny, what?”
“...Yeah. She is.”
“Cool. Lead with that. It’s not hard.”
“So, what do I say?” Adam persisted.
Gabriel shrugged. “Next time you see her, after you’ve said hello, if there’s like, an awkward pause or something, you just say “Hey… I really like you. You’re funny, you’re smart, you’re pretty, and I was hoping we could go out on a date”, something like that.”
Adam looked blank. “That’s it?” he asked.
“That’s it. It’s not rocket surgery, man.” Gabriel grabbed the last dumpling and devoured it. For once, his son was too lost in thought to complain.
“But what if she says no?” He repeated.
Gabriel rolled his eyes and smiled, remembering how short his own confidence had been at that age. “Okay compadre, what I’m about to tell you may sound at first like the bleakest and most depressing thing in the world, but I promise this is the secret to love, okay?”
“What secret?”
Gabriel leaned forward. “There is no such thing, as a perfect girl.” he said. “There’s no “the one” or your “soulmate”. I know you’re really into her - and just trust your old man, she’s into you too - but she’s only human. If she DOES say no, then that’s her loss, okay? It’s not the end of the world. There’s other girls out there, and it’ll hurt and be embarrassing at first, but you’re tough, you’ll get on with your life and a handsome devil like you? You’ll be fending the ladies off with a bat.”
“You’re right, that sounds kinda shitty.” Adam agreed, with a weak smile.
“Trust me, it’s the best thing. You’ve got to understand, little man, relationships don’t just happen magically because an angel came down and touched you both, okay? That only happens in movies and pop music. You have to put work and effort into your girl, and it all starts with remembering that if she says no then she’s an idiot, and if she says yes then she’s the luckiest girl in the world, okay?”
“D’you have have a few date ideas lined up?”
“Uh… I dunno, a movie?”
“Bad idea, amigo. Movies are just a couple of hours sitting in the dark ignoring each other, that’s no kind of a date. You wanna go do something where you’re actually interacting. Something she likes, and if you like it too, so much the better.”
“Uh… she likes roller derby! She could teach me the rules while we watch?”
Gabriel finished his food. “Hey, can you clean this up? I’ma get your bedding out and hit the sack.”
“Sure, Dad…” Adam said. “And... thanks.”
“No problem.” Gabriel stood, ruffled his son’s hair again, and indicated the TV as he passed it. “Turn it off and go to sleep at midnight, and no jacking off on my couch.”
Date Point 3y 8m 2w 3d AV Planet Guvendruduvundraguvnegrugnuvenderelgureg-ugunduvug Guvnuragnaguvendrugun Confederacy, Dominion Core
Once Vedreg had departed, and his shuttle had cleared docking procedures and shot away to superluminal speeds, bound for the Council Station, Secretary Meered did something that, had anybody witnessed it, would have struck them as strange.
She nodded off to sleep in her seat. A few seconds later, she woke, looking around as if thoroughly startled and dismayed.
Flanks rippling like an explosion in a paint factory, she hastily began to check her files, notes and appointments.
Then she stared at the page, wondering why she couldn’t read it. While that problem was occupying her attention, she idly wondered why her entire body was beginning to feel tingly and numb. She felt warm, though, and tired. Whatever it was she had been so... agitated up about could wait until… she yawned… until she’d had a nap…
Half an hour later, her aide’s frantic call to medical came much too late for Secretary Meered. The cause of death was recorded as cerebral infarction.
Date Point 3y 8m 2w 4d AV San Diego, California, USA, Earth
“Welcome back. How was the East coast?”
“Cold, wet and gray. ”
Seventy-Two had made his position within the Hierarchy through exclusive use of biodrones. A signature technique was necessary - every Number needed a unique angle, something that made them more suitable for certain niches than were their fellows, and the biodrone angle had paid off beautifully in leading to the Earth assignment.
These human ones bothered him somewhat, though. Despite being entirely slaved to his will, they still retained an element of personality, and a tendency towards being talkative, or even garrulous.
Other Numbers may have seen this as a liability, but the humans seemed uniquely capable of spotting a fake in their midst. The first-generation biodrones, the ones that had been truly limited in faculties and personality, had provoked remarkably strong negative reactions among the few humans with whom they had interacted. The “uncanny valley” they called it - if it looked human but didn’t behave enough like one, then it stood out, which was the precise opposite of what a Biodrone was for. The successful newer models had much more mental flexibility, which wasn’t comfortable territory to be in.
That small hiccup aside, all it took to create a biodrone was one human and a little surgery which, thanks to their uniquely sturdy biology, the subject recovered from the operations far more swiftly - and was more likely to survive them - than any other sapient being that Seventy-Two had ever converted that way.. He would have to archive their DNA for future cloning programs.
Still. They weren’t cheap or easy to produce. Losing one to Boone’s ingenuity and paranoia had been painful, and no appropriate specimens for conversion had yet come his way. Being down to only two drones was making it harder and harder to keep pace with humanity’s developments.
It would be time to create a new one, soon.
The biodrone was behaving a little strangely, he noticed. It seemed to be drowsy. Even as he watched, it nodded off on its feet, waking up again after a second with a start.
“Are you malfunctioning?” he asked.
The drone smiled, a little peculiarly.
“Oh no,” it said, and there was a tone of voice there that didn’t belong. Something that was jarringly different to its established modes of behaviour. “I’m better than ever.”
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2013.12.11 19:28 Wyoming_Knott Race Report - 2013 The North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco 50-Miler

I raced the North Face Endurance Challenge 50-miler this past weekend. It was a blast and a great race for my first 50. Below is the full gamut of race report and stats.
This was an interesting year for my running. I spent the first 3.5 months of the year ramping up for the Boston Marathon, which was a great experience despite the mayhem that ensued about an hour after I finished. I re-qualified for Boston by 1:13 (3:03:47) but after a week of hearing about how everyone wanted to race in 2014 to support the marathon, I wanted to get this faster. This led to me trying to race the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon 7 weeks later in hopes of decreasing my time a bit to ensure my entry into the Boston Marathon for 2014. I was recovering fast from Boston, but with 3 weeks to go until San Diego, my hip started aching badly and my training was suffering. I raced SD anyway and ended up with a 3:10, but I knew it was too soon and my interim training hadn’t been what it needed to be. Oh well.
I signed up for Santa Rosa Marathon with full expectations that a month off of running seriously would heal me and I’d have a last ditch chance at breaking 3 hours and also essentially guaranteeing myself entry. I was wrong. A month later (July-ish) I still had some hip issues. I saw a chiropractor for all of June and July, which didn’t help much, so I decided to give PT a try. I began seeing a therapist and noticing slow but steady results. As it turns out, I had some muscle imbalances, that when allowed to run free in a repetitive motion sport, caused some motion issues that pressed some nerves in the wrong way. I now have a gamut of exercises and stretches that are part of my post-run or rest day workouts that are designed to keep me moving healthily.
My PT gradually allowed me to start running through late August (I skipped Santa Rosa Marathon) with minimal hills. I knew this would not fly for racing a 50-miler with 10,000 ft. of climbing, but I tried to be patient.
By September, I was back in the swing of things. I hit a 50-mile week with 3000 ft. of climbing and felt pretty good, but I wanted to top out at 70-80 miles with 10k ft. vertical. My basic plan at this point was ‘no flat runs unless you’re recovering’. So I was hitting steep hills, hill repeats, and longer runs with vertical. This turned out to be a bad move. My body was not ready to go headlong into vertical mode on most days of the week, and my hip issue started to peek it’s head out a bit. I realized I had been ramping mileage and vertical for 5 weeks with no rest week, so I immediately took a rest week with minimal to no elevation gain and mileage somewhere in the 30s. I drank some beer and entered the following week feeling great!
This set me up in a somewhat awkward place, however. I wanted to begin tapering with 3 weeks to go, which meant that I had 4 weeks to train before then. This is longer than a standard ‘on’ block in a training cycle (usually 2-3 weeks on, 1 week off, repeat), but I decided to go for it. I also restructured my weeks.
Instead of ‘no flat runs’, I decided that I needed a few key workouts centered around climbing, and the rest filler and recovery mileage to help move on to the next key workout. Each week would feature 2.5 key workouts. The first workout was hill repeats. I have a hill set near my house that allows a ~7.5 mile workout with 1200 ft. of gain over 11 hill repeats. Perfect weeknight intensity to build up some hill chops. The second workout was the long run with vertical. I started with 20 miles and 4000 ft. vertical and worked up to 30 miles with 7000 ft. vertical. The last 0.5 key workout was a mid-long run on the day following the long run. I called this ‘running on tired legs’. It’s a pretty common feature in the ultramarathoner’s game plan, and is designed to help the runner learn to perform on legs that are smoked (which would prove to be invaluable!). The mileage breakouts for the long/mid-long runs for this 4-week block ended up being 20/8(oops, short! Legs were cashed hard and felt bonky), 27/10,30/10,30/15. I topped out at 73 miles in a week in that last week.
‘Taper’ was pretty much a week with reduced mileage but appreciable intensity, followed by 2 weeks of very little mileage and some high intensity sprinkled in. Hill repeats 2.5 weeks out, 15 miles with 5000 ft. vertical 2 weeks out, and the rest is history. I arrived at race weekend feeling well rested and ready to smash some hills.
Race Weekend
Packet pickup is on Friday and the race is on Saturday, so I arrived on Thursday night in San Francisco. I’ve been pretty on top of my diet lately (read Racing Weight!) but the week leading up to the race, I pretty much told myself ‘no portion control’ and just ate when I felt hungry and ate a lot. This worked out quite well, because, despite the reduced mileage, I was starving all the time for some reason! I ate a bunch of chips and guac and some chicken pasta the night before the race. I was super full, but I knew I’d need it the next day.
The weather report had been hemming and hawing on whether it would rain on Saturday or not. First it say 0% chance, then it said 30% chance with 90% chance at 4am (race at 5am), then who knows. I prepared for the worst: pouring rain and 38 degree temperatures. Luckily I packed for these contingencies because that damn weather man, that dude sometimes just can’t get it right!
Race Day
Race Day started at 2:40am. I got up and ate bagel and peanut butter and 2-cups of coffee. Packed a banana in the pocket for later. I got all my gear on/packed and headed to the race around 3:30am. When I stepped out the door, other than it being ass-cold (for coastal Cali) the first thing I noticed was stars! Not a cloud to be seen above, which meant the storm had cleared through in the night. Awesome. The race parking and shuttling setup was a breeze and I was at the starting line in no-time at all. I dropped off a drop bag at the bag tent and went to warm up at the many fires/heat lamps that were scattered around the expo area. I checked a jacket and pants for afterwards and then lined up to run with about 10 minutes to spare. My race kit included:
Long sleeve base layer, running shirt, arm warmers, wind shell, beanie, headlamp, tights, shoes, gaitors, lightweight gloves.
The temperature at the start was quoted on the internet as being in the high 30s, but it felt WAY colder. Good thing I brought layers!
The start was pretty low key. I was in Wave 2, which is behind the elite wave, and started 1 minute after the gun. At 5am, it’s dark out, and everyone was required by race rule to wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight until an hour after sunrise, which would happen at 7:12am. I looked down at my Garmin and my HR was at 114...way high! I double checked with with artery in my neck and it was reading correctly! I don’t know if it was the cold, or if I was super amped (didn’t feel like I had race day nerves), but either way, nothing to be done.
The horn went off and Wave 2 proceeded out. There’s a short, 20 yard slope and then a flat and downhill road to get the runners away from the festival and out to the trails. My game plan was to keep my HR under 170 on the climbs, and under 155-160 on the flats and descents. I purposefully didn’t have a pace data field on the watch in order to keep me from getting tempted by pace. Once we hit the trail it was a gradual climb over a couple miles and then a gradual descent back down another trail to make a loop. I was feeling kind of hot on the climb, so I unzipped my wind shell partway, but then started to feel cold. I was really confused by what my body was telling me, so I just ran through it and hoped things would settle down. This first 5-or-so mile loop passed uneventfully. Very little hiking necessary and my pace was pretty solid (see pace data below). Met a couple dudes, cashed some water, ClifBloks and Gu.
My nutrition plan was for 400 cal/hr: Half a water bottle of Gu Rocktane Endurance Drink, a sleeve of Bloks, and a gel. I knew I’d get tired of this, or my stomach would, so I also had stinger waffles and whatever else was available at the aid stations. Already I could feel my stomach wasn’t too happy with the amount of gel-food that it was receiving, but my hydration was good, so I figured as long as I didn’t throw up or cramp, I was OK. I also had a bag of 20 salt-stick tablets with me. Game-plan was 1 every 30 minutes.
The first aid station was at the bottom of the loop, so I filled water and headed for the next climb. On the next climb, I hiked more than the first, but still not that much. There were slightly steeper sections than the first climb, but nothing of note. I was very wary of burning too many matches early on, so I focused on not getting caught onto a faster runner’s heels and just climbing on my own. This climb dumps the runners onto a pretty cool single track descent into Tennessee Valley where there’s another aid station. I was able to settle on a nice rhythm on the descent, but when I got to the bottom, I could feel that I had taxed my legs a bit with the pace, but wasn’t sure exactly how I should change it up, because slowing down felt harder! The aid station was lit up with flood lights, and the volunteers were hooting and hollering and it was an overall cool station. Loud and bright and excited! Topped up on water, and headed out down the valley towards the 3rd climb. This climb was shorter and was more like a bump in the course to get us over the hill and down to Muir Beach. The descent to Muir was pretty cool. Mildly rocky single track for part, and open fire trail for part. Again, I focused on running my own race. I remember looking back down the coast from the top of the hill and seeing San Francisco’s west coast lit up in the lightening darkness, it was the first of many awesome views of the day. I cruised into the Muir Beach aid station feeling pretty good again. Snagged a cracker, filled up fluid and made another Rocktane mix, and headed out. This is where the crux portion of the course begins. There’s a short bout of single track, a run across a field, and then an 1800 ft. climb up through the Cardiac Aid Station to Pantoll Ranger Station. This climb is always fun, and I’ve raced on it before. It’s gradual enough that I could get a rhythm going with some other guys and we were cruising up it well. I ended up passing these guys at the turn to the ridge after probably 1000 ft. of climbing, and rolling on my own for a while. The sun was coming up and I managed to get my sunglasses out of my bag without stopping. I hiked some of the upper portions of the climb, especially into Cardiac where it steepened up a bit. At this point, I was behind on nutrition plan, but doing well on hydration. The nutrition plan was starting to go out the window because my stomach was not having any of it. As other ultra runners probably know, it’s kind of a battle between ‘Shit, this feels really bad’ and ‘I need to eat or I will crash and burn hard later.’ Again, I figured as long as I wasn’t throwing up, I should just deal with the shitty feeling and mash down calories as necessary.
(Continued in Comments)
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Cross Border Xpress, Itinerario Turístico cloud 9 2008 - YouTube LEGO Star Wars 2020 UCS Shuttle Tydirium & Cloud City Duel Promo Rumors Top Dropshipping 3D Print Space Shuttle Lamp Night Light For Space Lovers Rechargeable table light SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch from Vandenberg AFB ~ 10-7-18 Cloud 9 38/480 Firing #8 Video of the exhaust cloud of Shuttle Atlantis after it blasted off on Sept 9th Raf C17 landing

San Diego Airport Shuttle from $8 (updated 2020) Super ...

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  5. SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch from Vandenberg AFB ~ 10-7-18
  6. Cloud 9 38/480 Firing #8
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Así viaje en el SHUTTLE DEL CBX ... 3:17. Cross Border Xpress, CBX, Tijuana Cross-Border, Border San Diego, San Ysidro, Crossing Mexico to USA - Duration: 4:15. DDD SeeLoud Cloud 2,726 ... But following its carefully choreographed orbital gymnastics, the Falcon 9’s first stage booster stuck its landing in the center of LZ-4, SpaceX’s new landing pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Video of the exhaust cloud of Shuttle Atlantis after it blasted off on Sept 9th Braffin. ... Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-117 Sonic Boom over San Diego - Duration: 0:07. Tecnam Aviation 40,852 ... Click Here : - cloud 9 2008 Related search : crustacean 2009 bonds of love 1993 spiritual kung fu 1978 three for all 1975 les vieux... Dropshipping 3D Print Space Shuttle Lamp Night Light For Space Lovers Rechargeable table light Moon Lamp as Room Decoration Obtain the Special Price HERE: ht... Fired Cloud in the Loki 38/480 case for characterization. Average pressure of 914 psi. Cloud 9 Aviation 18 views. 0:18. Air force landing - Duration: 0:24. Cloud 9 Aviation 3 views. New; 0:24. How to Land the Space Shuttle... from Space - Duration: 17:49. Georgia Seitz Online Beginning Shuttle Tatting Class 10,511 views. 12:18 ... Cloud Factory - Sewing Guru 45,837 views. 22:33. Clover Bobbin Shuttle - Duration: 12:21. Georgia Seitz Online Advanced ... New rumors just dropped about the fall or summer 2020 UCS set being the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75290 and a new promo set being the cloud city duel. Keep in mind that these are rumors and are ... Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Atlantis in 4K video by TorontoR. Мария Рослякова: 3:04 [4k] Journey to Atlantis - SeaWorld (San Diego, CA) ... 9:15. Language: English Location: ...