Dating Cambridge

Large Room Available in a 2br 2ba loft w/ office, parking, backyard (East Cambridge/Kendall) $1,675 / 1400 sqft!!!

2020.10.29 17:13 Brandt-Cant-Watch Large Room Available in a 2br 2ba loft w/ office, parking, backyard (East Cambridge/Kendall) $1,675 / 1400 sqft!!!

Large Room Available in a 2br 2ba loft w/ office, parking, backyard (East Cambridge/Kendall) $1,675 / 1400 sqft!!!
I'm a laid back young professional (29/M) working in tech seeking a roommate. Flexible move in date. Lease will go through August 2021.
I've lived here for 3 years now and it's such a unique loft in a great location. This place is HUGE and you will have your own private staircase to your side of the unit. This used to be 2 1b1ba apartments that were consolidated so you essentially have your very own space. Everything is furnished with the exception of the open bedroom.
• Minute walk from Lechmere (green) and Kendall (red) T stops
• Parking included in rent
• Bike storage included
• Private back yard
• In unit laundry
• Central Air
• Home office
•Walk in Closet
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2020.10.29 16:00 grandcityinvestment Standby Letter of Credit Definition, Issuance and Notification

Standby Letter of Credit – Definition, Issuance and Notification

Another prominent payment technique used in international trade is the Standby Letter of Credit. What is a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)? How is it different from a Letter of Credit? How do issuance and notification of a Standby Letter of Credit work? … This article provides the answers to these questions.
We already know what a Letter of Credit is. It is another naming for the documentary credit that was analyzed in the preceding articles. The key to understand this payment technique is therefore the word Standby. In the Cambridge dictionary, it reads about that word:
A Standby Letter of Credit is therefore a Letter of Credit that is ready to be used if required. Now let’s consider its definition.

What is a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)?

The Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is a guarantee issued by the importer’s bank, in favor of the exporter, for an amount agreed at the signing of the commercial contract. It provides a guarantee to the exporter that, if due to any circumstances, the importer is unable to pay, then the bank will make the payment.
The Standby Letter of Credit is used as an insurance against the risk of non-payment. It is intended for preventing contracts from going unfulfilled in case the importer declares bankruptcy or is unable to pay for goods or services provided. Like an insurance, a Standby Letter of Credit is not put into play when everything goes well. However when a bank issues a SBLC on the request of a business, it proves that business’ credit quality and repayment abilities to some extent.
The Standby Letter of Credit was created in the United States to circumvent US banking legislation that prohibits banks from issuing guarantees and surety bonds. Only insurance companies or similar companies are legally allowed to issue them in the USA. The US banking system has circumvented this prohibition by issuing guarantees requiring the submission of certain documents to make them work.
There are two types of Standby Letters of Credit: Performance SBLC and Financial SBLC.
The standby letter of credit is often preferred over a documentary credit because it presents some advantages for both parties:
We will now consider how the issuance and notification of the standby letter of credit work. The diagram below shows the steps involved in issuing and notifying a Standby Letter of Credit. The parties involved in a SBLC are the same as the ones involved in a documentary credit. I am sure you recognize the Four Corner Model :-), our main tool to analyze payments instruments and techniques.
Standby Letter of Credit, Standby Letter of Credit provider, Standby Letter of Credit meaning, Standby Letter of Credit types
Issuing and Notification of a Standby Letter of Credit
We consider each step in the following:

1. The signature of the contract between the exporter and the importer

This step is very important for the success of the whole operation. The two parties agree the terms of the transaction in a contract: the goods, transport and shipping arrangements, delivery times, documents to be provided by the buyer, the payment guarantee (In this case the standby letter of credit), the payment instrument, what to do in case of dispute (Non payment, problems on the goods, etc.)..
Companies are strongly advised to seek the support of international trade professionals to avoid mistakes. Even if forms exist, it is not always easy to fill them out and the omission of an important point can put the whole operation in question.
Furthermore, it is also strongly recommended for both parties to get in touch with their banks during this phase and not after signing the contract. Banks have experience in international trade and can provide valuable advice for the smooth execution of the transaction in legal, logistical and financial terms.

2. The standby letter of credit request

The importer asks his bank to open a standby letter of credit in favor of the exporter. He hands out a letter of order to the bank where he precisely states the terms of the SBLC. It must, among other things, list the documents to be submitted by the exporter in the event of the SBLC being brought into play. The bank is very strict with the formalism of the demand. If the SBLC can refer to the contract between importer and exporter, it is important to note that under no circumstances is the bank bound by the terms of the contract.
After getting the request, the bank carries out a thourough examination of his client situation. The bank may consider that the risk is too high and reject the request if it thinks that its client will not be able to pay in case the SBLC is put into play. Sometimes the bank may require his client to block some or all of the funds or to provide collateral in other forms. If the request is accepted, the bank informs the client by mail or other means.

3. The issuance of the standby letter of credit

The importer’s bank issues the standby letter of credit in accordance with the request received from his client. The issuance of a SBLC is usually done by transmission of a SWIFT MT 700 message if both banks are connected to the SWIFT networks. Otherwise, it is done by encrypted telex or by mailing a standardized form of the International Chamber of Commerce previously filled in. The sending of the MT 700 is the preferred solution because of the security and speed offered by the SWIFT network.

4. Notification of the standby letter of credit confirmed or not

The correspondent of the importer’s bank after getting the SBLC may add its confirmation, that is to say commit, as the issuing bank, to make the payment under the conditions defined in the SBLC. To keep things simple, we consider that the exporter’s bank is the correspondent of the importer’s bank. But it’s not always the case.
In any case (confirmation of the SBLC or not), the correspondent notifies the exporter that a standby letter of credit is opened in his favor. He transmits the original in paper format.
As stated above, the SBLC is not intended to be used if everything works as expected. It can happen though, that the payer is unable to fulfill his obligations. In that case, what does the beneficiary do? In the next article, we will see how a standby letter of credit is brought into play.
StandBy Letter of Credit {SBLC} Description 1. Instrument: Cash Backed StandBy Letter of Credit {SBLC} 2. Total Face Value: EuUSD 1Million (Min) to EuUSD 5 Billion (Max) 3. Issuing Bank: HSBC London/Hong Kong, Barclays Bank London, Citibank New York, Deutsch Bank Germany or any AAA Rated Bank. 4. Age: One Year and One Day (with rolls and extensions where applicable) 5. Leasing Price: 4% of Face Value plus 2% brokers commission (Applicable only if there are brokers in the transaction) 6. Delivery: SWIFT MT-760 7. Payment: MT103 Swift Wire Transfer 8. Hard Copy: Bank Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.


(Text may vary in substance but the essential undertaking must be maintained)
Our bank instrument can be engaged in PPP Trading, Trade Finance, Import & Export Transactions, Discounting and Monetization, signature project (s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kinds of projects.
As leading sblc providers, we deliver with time and precision as set forth in the deed of agreement (DOA). Our bank guarantee and Standby Letters of Credit terms and Conditions are reasonable, below is our instrument description.
Once the transaction is in progress, we ensure we keep you posted on the progress of your paper. Instead of stressing yourself out looking for a financial instrument or company why not let professionals like us deliver financial instruments to you within the time frame required by you.
OUR SERVICES ARE: Loans: (Non Recourse Loans, Business Loans, Secured Loans, Unsecured Loans, International Project Financing) Purchase Bank Instruments (Bank Guarantees and Standby Letter of Credit) Lease Bank Instruments (BG, SBLC, DLC, Letters of Credit) Letters of Credit (DLC, L/C, Usance LC) Investments and Wealth Management Insurance Underwriting Services PPP and Trading Platforms Corporate Finance
BROKER INQUIRIES ARE WELCOMED AND APPRECIATED: Our brokers receive 2% commission for referral. Daisy Chains of Brokers, Scammers & Time Wasters Will Not Be Entertained. We assist Clients and brokers in their attempt to secure funding by working on their funding requests that may require innovative financing.
We would welcome the chance to earn your trust and deliver you the best financial service in the industry. Have a look at our portfolio here:
Contact us today to know how a Leased Standby Letter of Credit mt760 from barclays bank, hsbc bank, Chase Bank, Standard Chartered Bank or Bank of America can help you conclude worthy deals with your suppliers and contractors.

Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])Website:

Documentary credit, Letter of credit, Trade Finance
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2020.10.29 09:28 sereniti81 School Exposure Notices Oct 29, 2020
Number of School Exposure Events to date: 319 Number of Schools Affected to date: 222 Number of Schools with multiple exposure events: 57 Archived Cases: 69
𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐥𝐬 𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐞𝐝: * École des Pionniers-de-Maillardville SD#93
* Fort Nelson Secondary School SD#81 (BCCDC Website - 28/10/2020)
* Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts - Sumas Mountain SD#34 (letter attached)
* Cambridge Elementary School 3 SD36 (letter attached)
* Frank Hurt Secondary - 7 SD#36 (letter attached)
* Walter Lee Elementary SD#38 (letter attached)
* Kwantlan Park Secondary 2 SD#36 (letter attached)
* Britannia Secondary School 3 SD#39 (BCCDC Website - 28/10/2020)
* Pitt Meadows Secondary School SD42 (letter attached)
* Armstrong Elementary School SD#41 (letter attached)
* R.E. Mountain Secondary SD#35 (letter attached)
* Blakeburn Elementary SD#43 (letter attached)
* Ecole Kwayhquitlum Middle 2 SD#43 (letter attached)
* Coyote Creek Elementary SD#36 (letter attached)
* Admiral Seymour Elementary 2 SD#39 (letter attached)
* Beaver Creek Elementary 3 SD#36 (Twitter Post attached)

𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: * Vancouver Independent Schools - Exposure dates added for Vancouver College 3 (October 20, 21, and 22, BCCDC Website - 28/10/2020)
* SD#38 - Exposure date added for R.C. Palmer Secondary School (Oct 22, BCCDC Website - 28/10/2020)
* SD#36 - Cambridge Elementary School full class is self-isolating (letter attached)
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2020.10.28 16:20 alphat19 Gaming (flight sim) pc for RTX3080 (when I can get one)

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**

>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**

>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**

>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**

>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**

>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**

>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**

>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**

>**What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.**

>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**

>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**

>**Extra info or particulars:**
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2020.10.28 01:58 DestinedEnd First time build! ~$2000 budget to steam and play games. Thanks for any help in advance

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I'm going to start steaming and playing games like Bioshock Infinite and Kingdom Come: Deliverance (which my old computer couldn't play) and possibly (the now delayed) Cyberpunk 2077
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
My budget is $2000 but I can go $2100 max
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Within the next 2 weeks or so. Idk if it's worth it to wait for the Rysen drop or Black Friday, but I've already waited about a month so far.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Tower, OS, monitor, keyboard, and mouse
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
MA and yes, there is a microcenter that I can get to in Cambridge.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
99% chance that I'm not gonna overclock
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
LED lights are cool, but saving money is cooler. Also I'd like to shut them off when I want.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
I need windows too.
Extra info or particulars:
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2020.10.27 00:30 Jean_des_Esseintes Deep Dive into Facedrive (FD.V) - Short Thesis, Target $0.43

Quick Data

Current Price: $11.06
Shares Outstanding: 93,729,980
Market Cap: 1.037 billion
TTM Revenue: 0.91 million
Price/Sales: 1140x


Facedrive is a ridesharing company that is designed to incentivize and empower the green and socially responsible consumer through the use of its carbon neutral ridesharing platform. The company was founded in January 2016 by Imran Ali Khan and Junaid Razvi but only became operational in late 2018. In August 2019 Facedrive completed a reverse take-over with High Mountain Resources and listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. Since listing on the TSX-V Facedrive has also completed a number of small acquisitions to expand its offerings both in the rideshare market and other "Facedrive Verticals".

Value Proposition

In its IPO filing statement issued 14 months ago Facedrive outlined a number of growth initiatives including:
As of today Facedrive has only achieved one of these objectives - entering the Ottawa market. In fact Facedrive has yet to expand out of Ontario with its operations limited to the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Orillia. Since the beginning Facedrive has been incredibly slow in rolling out their app to targeted cities. Despite being founded in January 2016 and receiving a Toronto license in 2017 the app only became operational in late 2018.
As for 3% market penetration Facedrive's gross revenue for the first 6 months of this year was $999 thousand. The rideshare market for Canada this year (adjusted for Covid) is $1.52 billion ( Since Facedrive only operates in about 20% of Canada's markets, population adjusted, the current addressable market is closer to $300 million. Extrapolating Facedrive's gross revenue out to a full year would result in $2 million of revenue or less than 1% of market penetration.
But what about Covid? In the 2nd Q Lyft and Uber reported decreases in rideshare billings of 69% and 73% respectively. Meanwhile Facedrive's gross revenue dropped from $999 thousand in Q1 to $147 thousand in Q2, a drop of 85%. This signals that their market penetration is actually decreasing quarter over quarter.
Value proposition for riders? Facedrive's green initiative? The company began with the initiative to 1) offer electric vehicles); and 2) counter emissions from gas vehicles through an offset program. As of today there is nothing to differentiate Facedrive's offerings from its competitors as both Uber and Lyft now have electric vehicle options. There is no dedicated fleet of electric vehicles driving for Facedrive. Facedrive did donate $2,105 to Forests Ontario in Q1 2019 but there has been no mention of any offset program contributions since the company went public. The main benefit of rideshare programs is still convenience. For Facedrive to compete with Uber and Lyft they need drivers. At this point there are just not enough drivers to produce reasonable wait times. Reviews of the app consistently complain about wait times of up to half an hour. And with the green initiative not being robust enough to differentiate it from its competitors it is just not worth the time.
Value proposition for drivers? Over the last year Facedrive has paid out anywhere from 75% to 83% to drivers. This is slightly higher than Uber and Lyft which average around 75%. But not enough of an incentive for a driver to use Facedrive exclusively. I expect that pretty much all of the revenue Facedrive generates comes from drivers who use multiple platforms.
Conclusion: Facedrive has consistently failed to meet growth targets. Its current market penetration is less than 1% and possibly decreasing. There is no incentive for either drivers or riders to continue using the app when Uber and Lyft are perfectly suitable.

Facedrive Verticals

After its IPO Facedrive used a combination of cash and shares to acquire stakes in a number of other ventures which they plan to incorporate into their "ecosystem". Buzz words however do not make a company. None of these ventures generate significant revenue or offer much potential for growth so I'll only cover them briefly.

This is a carpooling app similar to Poparide except no one uses it and it doesn't generate any revenue. There is also a trivia app HiQ which claims to be a social app that you can enjoy while social distancing (in your carpool?). HiQ claims to have 2 million downloads (Facedrive press releases all of the major milestones) and yet it doesn't rank in the Trivia category for both IOS and Google. I downloaded the app and played for 15 minutes. The app is beyond basic with the most elementary social element. I tired messaging some other players based on similar interests but no one responded. After 15 minutes of answering both outdated and at times repetitive trivia questions I was ranked 794th all time and earned $1. I am also 74th on the weekly list which leads me to believe the app has less than 100 active users. Reading the reviews on Google Play it is a combination of obvious fake reviews (multiple reviews showing up the same day with similar broken English) and people complaining they didn't get their money for answering the trivia questions.

Facedrive Marketplace
This launched in May and generated $7 thousand in revenue. The only products available are apparel from Westbrook Inc. (a content company affiliated with Will Smith). Facedrive partnered with Westbrook last year by purchasing a $1 million convertible note. In return they have the right to sell exclusive Westbrook products to their ridership. Curiously Facedrive failed to disclose at the time of the transaction that Westbrook Inc owned 192,338 shares in Facedrive at the time of its IPO. This is a recurrent theme - I give you shares, you give me shares.

Facedrive Foods + Food Hwy
Facedrive Foods consists of assets purchased out of bankruptcy from Foodora Canada. The cost was $500K. The assets Facedrive received were Foodora's restaurant and customer list. Customers however had to opt in through e-mail in order for their contact details to be released to Facedrive. Facedrive can not use Foodora's name nor did they acquire any of Foodora's technology. The Facedrive Foods app was developed from scratch and going by reviews it is not that good. The restaurants available are mostly second tier chains listed on pretty much all the food apps. On IOS the app is ranked #157 in the food category currently - they have no market penetration.
Food Hwy is probably the closest thing to a real business Facedrive has acquired. It is another food delivery app, quite niche as it caters to the foreign student market. Facedrive paid $9.1 million in cash and shares for Food Hwy. It expects it to generate $10.5 million in revenue in 2020. No mention of profit, growth rate, or its revenue from prior years. Just an expectation.

Facedrive Health
Facedrive Health is pretty much an app + wearable bracelet called TraceScan. Through bluetooth technology it can determine if you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Ontario already has a contact tracing app that works through bluetooth and can be downloaded onto one's mobile phone (no need for a bracelet). The official Ontario app only has 8% market penetration despite its ease of use. Facedrive is currently running a pilot with Air Canada for their bracelets but the market for these bracelets is so limited when the free Ontario app does a perfectly fine job in 99% of interactions.

Tally Technology
Facedrive invested $3 million in cash and shares in this sports prediction company founded by Russell Wilson. Tally's main asset TraceMe was sold last year to Nike. Nike had no interest in the tech that remains under the Tally umbrella. All the top execs at Tally also left for Nike so it is unclear at this point what potential the remaining assets have.

Steer Holdings
An electric vehicle subscription platform based out of Washington D.C. Another company on the verge of bankruptcy where Facedrive offered up $3.25 million USD worth of shares and in exchange the parent company of Steer purchased $2 million USD worth of shares - I give you shares and you buy some of them back. Again no mention of revenue, profit margins, growth rates or anything in the press release. Just a bunch of buzz words concerning the total addressable market.

Key Management

Does Facedrive have the management in place to successfully take on the behemoths of Uber and Lyft? Or to penetrate fresh verticals and successfully create a socially responsible ecosystem?

Junaid Razvi
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Facedrive, Razvi currently owns 8,751,930 shares or 9.3% of Facedrive. Prior to founding Facedrive Mr. Razvi was the CEO of an IT company in the Middle East . Not much else is known other than they have a horrible website.

Sayan Navaratnam
Current CEO of Facedrive and owns 32,395,180 shares or 34.75% of Facedrive. He assumed the position of CEO in March 2019 just prior to Facedrive's TSX-V listing application. Mr. Navaratnam at first glance has a respectable resume. He was CEO of A.C. Technical Systems, specializing in security and surveillance systems. From 2014-1019 he was the CEO Connex Telecommunications Corporation. He has an investment arm called the Malar Group which purchased control of both A.C. Technical and Connex. Between 2017 and 2019 Mr. Navaratnam and Malar also took a substantial stake in Facedrive. I suspect Mr. Navaratnam connected with the co-founder Mr. Razvi as they both worked in the IT telecommunications sphere. It appears Malar has an impressive portfolio of companies but most of them are subsidiaries of Connex. Both Mr. Razvi and Mr. Navaratnam are telecommunication and hardware experts who are trying to create a social enterprise digital ecosystem geared towards milennials. They are not millennials.

Heung Hung Lee
Current CFO of Facedrive. Ms. Lee has been working with Mr. Navaratnam since 2004 when she was the CFO of A.C. Technical Systems. She then became the CFO of Connex before taking the position at Facedrive. Ms. Lee has never been employed by a billion dollar corporation let alone been the CFO of one. Perhaps this position is too overwhelming as Facedrive has failed to file their last 2 quarterly financials on time.

Jay Wilgar
Jay Wilgar was appointed the chief strategy officer of Facedrive earlier this year. Formerly he was CEO of Newstrike Brands (cannabis company) and prior to Newstrike he was CEO of both a pharmaceutical and a renewable energy company. He has a history of building companies and selling them at opportune times. However he has no experience in technology and again has never been responsible for growing a billion dollar company.

And that's pretty much it for the brains of the company.

Shady Dealings

Mr. Navaratnam's Cash Cow
Prior to becoming a public company, Mr. Navaratnam was generating significant revenue for his companies by billing Facedrive for his companies' services. Mr. Navaratnam's companies under the Malar Group were responsible for not only developing the Facedrive app, but also providing customer and driver support, leasing office space, and marketing the app. Talk about an ecosystem! Here are some snippets from Facedrive's filings:
As at September 30, 2019, $917,236 (December 31, 2018 - $436,626) was due to Dynalync 2000 Inc., a related company controlled by our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The amount owing is a result of the related company providing consulting services and product development, and the amount is included in the Company’s trade payable. The total expenses charged to the Company for the nine months ended September 30, 2019 were $1,200,300 (2018 - $397,100), which were included in research and development expenses of $702,300 (2018 - $241,300) and operational support expenses of $505,000 (2018 - $155,700).
Facedrive also engages DependableIT through Dynalync, a related company controlled by Sayanthan Navaratnam, the CEO, director and co-founder of Facedrive, to provide call center services to Facedrive.
Facedrive subleases office space in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Scarborough, Ontario, North York, Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario and Kanata, Ontario from Connex pursuant to a sublease agreement dated April 1, 2019 for $5,000 per month plus applicable taxes.
Since Facedrive has gone public they have moved most of their operations in house and hired their own developers cutting off the related transactions. But what this does show is that Facedrive basically began as a vehicle for its CEO to enrich himself, not only through the issuance of cheap stock (more on that later) but also through Facedrive's expense account.

There is a group of posters on Stockhouse that just post the same gibberish day in and day out. Their only posts are on rideshare and big tech bullboards. These are not typical Stockhouse pumpers who own shares as they show up at the same time each day and in collaboration each cover a different talking point. No rocket emojis or "to the moon" memes - just buzz terms taken from press releases spun in a positive light. And they don't discuss any other stocks. You can find some of them here
Their grammar and erudition are also very similar to the fake reviews on the app stores.

Stock Promotion
The most egregious example of Facedrive's stock promotion is their agreement with Medtronics Online Solutions. Supposedly this is an arm lengths company and yet Google returns nothing. Pursuant to a Consulting Agreement, Medtronics provided and performed marketing and strategic consulting services for and on behalf of Facedrive. In return Medtronics received $8.2 million worth of stock or 800,000 shares.
Medtronics may be responsible for not only market making services (propping up the share price) but also various paid promotion that Facedrive has been engaged in. An example,
You may have also seen Facedrive heavily promoted on Motley Fool as the next Uber or Tesla or whatever is in vogue that week.

Misleading Press Releases
Pretty much all of Facedrive's press releases are misleading or overly promotional in one way or another. Take for example the press release announcing the appointment of Jay Wilgar. The release states,
Mr. Wilgar launched renewable development firm AIM PowerGen Corporation (“AIM”) and built it and successor companies into energy projects worth approximately $2.5 billion before AIM was acquired by global renewable power firm International Power Canada (IPR-GDF Suez) in 2009
AIM was acquired by International Power in 2009 but not for anywhere near $2.5 billion. In fact AIM was acquired for USD $109 million
Then there are the HiQ press releases, first announcing 250K downloads, then 500K downloads, then 1 million, then 1.5 million, and then 2 million. From the July 14th press release,
The App has ranked Top 10 Trivia App in over 100 countries, and ranked Top 10 App in over 50 countries. Additionally, HiQ has ranked as the Number 1 Trivia App in Bolivia, Ecuador, Egypt, Nepal, and Pakistan.
None of this is true. The app is lucky to have 100 active users. Furthermore there is no AI algorithm involved as is claimed nor is their any matching based on interests even though this would be incredibly easy to program. The suggested friends appears completely random.

True Value of Facedrive

Is it worth $1 billion?
The market, both private and public has never valued the company anywhere near $1 billion. Since 2017 Facedrive has issued stock at the following prices (all issues are split adjusted to correspond with the current share count, and converted to CAD):
The shares issued at $1.58 were issued in connection with the amalgamation agreement (IPO). The shares issued at 39 cents were all shares for debt transactions.
Think about this for a second. 22,480,113 shares or 24% of the outstanding shares were issued at a price of 2 cents! The price today is $11.06. What has changed since these shares were issued other than Facedrive has failed to meet any growth objectives and its market penetration along with brand power has dwindled to pretty much irrelevance.

Why is Facedrive trading at a $1 billion market cap?
As at June 30, 2020, the Company had 85,593,657 Shares subject to contractual lock-up restrictions which will be released on a rolling basis beginning March 16, 2021. 15% of the shares will come out of lock up on March 16, 2021, and for each subsequent 3 months another 15% will become free trading until September 30, 2022 when the final 10% will be released. This leaves only about 8 million shares in the current public float. It does not take much to move the share price in either direction.
Secondly, Facedrive has been promoting the stock in absolute desperation. They have enlisted an army of users to promote the stock on Stockhouse; they have posted fake reviews on both the Apple and Google app stores; they have paid for promotion in various investing publications; they have hired a mysterious marketing company to provide services in exchange for $8.2 million worth of shares. And yet they have done nothing to actually make a dent into their main competitors. Since its listing Facedrive has been more concerned with propping up its share price through stock promotion than it has been promoting its actual business to end users.

But, but intangibles!
There are none. There is no genius at the helm; there is no disruptive tech; there is no vision. Facedrive's best chance for success was to carve out a niche in the sustainable ridesharing market - capture the 1% of people that would be willing to wait 30 minutes for a ride in an EV. Not a billion dollar proposition but maybe something. Instead they opted for an endless dictionary of buzz words and delusions of grandeur.

So what is Facedrive's true value? The core of their operations, the ridesharing app, has made virtually no progress since it was developed in 2017. The ridesharing market is indeed a duopoly, and despite Facedrive's worst efforts to promote itself as an eco-conscious alternative it has failed to resonate with its target audience. If Uber or Lyft would be generous enough to purchase Facedrive's customer base (the tech is worthless to them) they might pay 20x net revenue or $20 million.
Given that management has done nothing to grow the business and its business plan is non-existent at worst and schizophrenic at best, it is hard to ascribe any value beyond what Facedrive has paid for the distressed assets they have purchased this year. So maybe another $15 million here (being extremely generous).
Then there is cash on the balance sheet which as of today given the recent acquisitions and burn rate is maybe $5 million.
So $40 million total. This actually sounds like way too much money for what one is getting but it still only equals 43 cents/share. Facedrive is currently trading at $11.06. Even throwing in another $50 million margin of error would still result in a 90% return from a short position.

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2020.10.26 18:46 BruSprSte Classic Doctor Who companions ranked from least to most homophobic, probably

Queers and allies:
K9: The happier and more well-adjusted of the Doctor’s two gay robot companions
Ace: Very politically right-on. Practically a canonical queer ally thanks to ‘The Happiness Patrol’. Companion most likely to have joined ACT UP.
Romana (1 & 2): Not merely highly evolved - her wardrobe across two and a half seasons is a clear bid for gay icon status. Marred only by her opposition to the Movellans, the queerest of alien robot species.
Susan/Vicki/Zoe: Groovy space-teens who spent most of their time wrinkling their noses at the backwardness of the twentieth century. Definite allies.
Jo: Empathetic to a fault. Bonds with androgynous hexapods and Spiridons in fabulous purple furs alike. ‘Dated’ Mike Yates and King Peladon, so maybe has a Liza Minnelli-ish tendency to confuse queer friends for potential mates.
Probably safe:
Polly: Companion most likely to have shown up in one of Warhol’s Screen Tests.
Tegan: Flight attendant. Based on 'Four to Doomsday,' seems to have studied fashion design at some point.
Steven: He’s from THE FUTURE so I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. Plus, that outfit from 'The Gunfighters' suggests either an appreciation for camp or complete security in his sexuality.
Sarah-Jane: Seems perfectly comfortable hanging out with Giuliano and his ‘companion’ Marco in ‘Masque of Mandragora.’
Liz: Too busy to think about this much beyond rolling her eyes at the Brigadier’s fustiness. Companion most likely to come out late in life.
Katarina: Trojan, not Greek, but seems like she’d be okay with just about anything as long as you did it in a temple and offered it to the gods.
Nyssa/Adric: Sexless eighties space teens. Some background cultural context on Traken/Alzarius might be necessary for a final verdict.
Leela: Practices and beliefs of the Sevateem unclear. Hangs out with K9 a lot, but maybe she just doesn’t get it.
Tortured queers:
Mike Yates: Nobody was fooled by that 'date' with Jo Grant, right? His crunchy lifestyle turn in ‘Planet of the Spiders’ suggests a journey towards self-acceptance.
Turlough: The hardest companion to place on this list; the eighties public schoolboy persona suggests anything from happy, horny sexual lassitude to mean, insecure bullying - possibly liberal doses of both. I’m taking his return to Trion with lots of men in shorts as a positive sign.
Kamelion: C3PO’s camper cousin who works in the theater. ‘Kill me’ energy and abusive relationship with a domineering older man suggest he has a lot of self-loathing to work through. Maybe put him in touch with K9?
Uncertain to dubious:
Barbara: ‘Early sixties history teacher’ doesn’t scream progressive sex/gender politics, but she likes to get loose, as seen in Morphoton and Ancient Rome. Followed a student home rather than calling a social worker, so clear busybody tendencies.
Dodo: Polly’s less cool little sister. Tries a bit too hard to be unconventional (see: slippery accent, ‘fun’ outfits) and often seems pretty uncomfortable when out of her element. Left under a psychological cloud. Could see her trending conservative as she gets older.
Harry: Mid-seventies military doctor who thinks of himself as the epitome of common sense? Dunno, but I'm not optimistic.
Mel: Yes, Bonnie Langford’s theater-kid energy and those loud outfits might seem promising, but Mel’s description of herself as “about as truthful, honest and as boring as they come” and her roots in Pease Pottage smack of potential letters to the Daily Mail.
Probable haters:
Victoria: An actual Victorian (no relation). Strong tendency towards primness. Still, she was quick enough to try on a minidress and settled down in the sixties, so she *might* be open to greater sexual freedom.
The Brigadier: If sexual panic wore a uniform, it would be called Alistair. In ‘The Three Doctors’, he has a hard time believing the TARDIS can travel in space after *years* of working with the Doctor & Jo, so adjusting his mentality to fit new paradigms does not seem to be his forte. Entanglement with the British establishment during the years of the Cambridge spies and Jeremy Thorpe scandals probably wouldn't improve his outlook.
Jamie: Unlike Victoria, hung on to his kilt like grim death. Not someone to abandon his comfort zone easily.
Ian: Barbara x Harry = Ian. Would surely think of himself as 'compassionate'. Companion most likely to support conversion therapy.
Ben: Polly definitely had friends he wouldn’t have been comfortable around.
Benton: I would not like to be the guy who tried hitting on Benton.
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2020.10.26 18:04 LORD-SAM Kpop, a universal constant

Most people have heard of Newtons 3 fundamental laws, powerful rules that dictate the very laws of mechanics that have had a prominent impact on humanities understanding of motion and the forces that dictate it. Quite recently though, after a wall collapse at the University of Cambridge, A number of notes have been discovered which strongly coincided in prose to Sir Issac Newtons writing. The content of these papers have chilled scientists to the very bone. A 4th law, completely unreleated to mechanics. Dated to be closer to Newtons death around 1726; This law was more of a warning, a guide showing humanity the horror of society and the potential effect on a hypothetical massive network of ideas. The law goes as follows: "Any subject of discourse on a large enough platform would lead to kpop mapped by the equation y=1, where y is the probability needed for this event to occur" This equation is so powerful that scientists have praised it as the only true constatnt in the universe, Empires might fall, ecosystems collapse, planets implode but whatever happens someone will still post kpop in a unrelated thread.
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2020.10.26 06:51 pablowquarantine Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid
Pablow Quarantine

Jones hugs -n- disharmony
The catchphrase, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid” is taken from the Jonestown Massacre. Whenever somebody tells you that you’ve “drank the Kool-Aid,” they’re insinuating you are brainwashed, incapable of thinking for yourself like the gullible cult followers at Jonestown. The Jonestown Massacre took place in Jonestown, Guyana on November 18th, 1978. A demonic cult leader named Jim Jones killed nearly a thousand cult followers at an agricultural settlement located in Jonestown during the late nineteen seventies. Jim Jones killed the cult followers at Jonestown with an artificial grape beverage laced with potassium cyanide.
Nine hundred and nine cult followers died at the Jonestown Massacre. Two cult followers escaped and survived the massacre. The total amount of cult followers at the Jonestown Massacre equated to nine hundred and eleven. The number of cult followers that lived and died at The Jonestown Massacre symbolized a future tragedy that would eventually take its place in terms of the most casualties lost at a mass killing, nine hundred and eleven. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, otherwise the next tragedy our country faces will make the Jonestown Massacre and Twin Towers attack pale in comparison.
Guyana translates to “the land of many waters.” New York is also a “land of many waters” like the place where the Jonestown Massacre took place. There are approximately seventy five thousand rivers, streams and lakes located in New York. William de Blasio is the Mayor of New York City. Mayor de Blasio’s birth name is Warren Wilhelm Jr. William de Blasio worked for a communist organization during the nineteen eighties in Nicaragua before he became an American politician. Wilhelm de Blasio is married to an African American woman named Chirlane McCray. Chirlane McCray claimed to be a lesbian prior to marrying Wilhelm de Blasio in 1994. The Mayor of New York City’s wife, Chirlane McCray, wrote an essay for Essence magazine in 1979 called “I am a Lesbian.” The essay for Essence magazine is based upon Chirlane McCray’s homosexual lifestyle. Chirlane McCray and Wilhelm de Blasio honeymooned in a communist nation, Cuba. Because they are communists. Communists don’t actually believe in homosexuality except when they’re glorifying it for population control.
Wilhelm de Blasio changed his birth name from Warren Wilhelm Jr. to William de Blasio approximately twenty years ago. The Mayor of New York City claims he changed his birth name from Warren Wilhelm Jr. to William de Blasio because he wanted to honor his mother’s maternal surname rather than conceal a paternal surname, heavily steeped in Nazism. Wilhelm de Blasio’s mother, Maria de Blasio, was a communist and a former editor at Time magazine. Maria de Blasio spread lies and propaganda at Time magazine like Wilhelm de Blasio’s wife spread lies and propaganda about her sexuality shortly before venturing into a biracial, heavily politicized heterosexual marriage with the Mayor of New York City.
The last German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II possesses the same name as the Mayor of New York City. Wilhelm I was Kaiser Wilhelm’s grandfather and the first emperor of Germany. Wilhelm is a cognate of William hence William de Blasio. Wilhelm is Germanic and translates to vehement protector. Vehement means forceful and intense like Wilhelm de Blasio. The German empire ended in 1918, shortly after the Spanish Flu spread across the world like the Coronavirus. Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States of America during the Spanish Flu Pandemic. President Woodrow Wilson contracted the Spanish Flu during his presidency like Donald Trump contracted the Coronavirus during his presidency.
Kaiser Wilhelm II was born January 27th, 1859. Wilhelm de Blasio officially declared a candidacy for Mayor of New York City on the anniversary of Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II’s birthday, January 27th, 2013. The demonic cult leader, Jim Jones was born May 13th, 1931. Wilhelm de Blasio delivered a Coronavirus press conference update on May 13th, 2020. Wilhelm de Blasio gave the Coronavirus press conference update on the 89th anniversary of the demonic cult leader Jim Jones’ birthday.
Wilhelm Frick was a German Nazi. The German Nazi, Wilhelm Frick possessed the same name as Kaiser Wilhelm II and Wilhelm de Blasio. Wilhelm Frick served as Reich Minister of the Interior in Adolph Hitler’s cabinet from 1933 to 1943. Wilhelm Frick was born March 12th, 1877. The Mayor of New York City, Wilhelm de Blasio declared a state of emergency for the Coronavirus pandemic on the anniversary of the Nazi Wilhelm Frick’s birthday, March 12th, 2020. Wilhelm Frick defined the Nazi racial policy and Nuremberg Laws for Adolph Hitler during World War II. Adolph Hitler and Jim Jones were communists and they rose to power preaching equality and social injustice, concealed beneath a veil of deceit like Black Lives Matter.
Eric Mann was a member of the Black Panthers and a lead terrorist organizer for the domestic terrorist group The Weather Underground in the 1960’s. The domestic terrorist, Eric Mann, was arrested in 1969 for conspiracy to commit murder after bullets shattered a Cambridge, Massachusetts police station window. The founders of Black Lives Matter are self proclaimed communists and trained Marxists like the domestic terrorist Eric Mann. Patrisse Cullors is a
Black Lives Matter co-founder. The domestic terrorist, Eric Mann, is Patrisse Cullors’ long term mentor. Patrisse Cullors co-wrote a book in 2016 called “When They Call You a Terrorist.” When somebody calls you a terrorist they are generally correct, especially when your long term mentor is a convicted domestic terrorist from The Weather Underground like Eric Mann.
Jenny Durkan is the Mayor of Seattle and former U.S. Attorney under President Obama. President Obama appointed Jenny Durkan to a U.S. Attorney position in Washington D.C. during Obama’s presidency. While mayoring the city of Seattle, Jenny Durkan allowed anarchists to take over a police station and create a murderous autonomous zone in Seattle. A reliable source speaking under the condition of anonymity claims Mayor Jenny Durkan is a plant, working sinisterly for a dark state clandestine organization desiring to destroy capitalism and create civil unrest in America prior to the 2020 Presidential election.
Wilhelm de Blasio presented the Coronavirus state of emergency at a panel, seated directly in front of an Alexander Hamilton painting. Alexander Hamilton was accused of treason like the treason Wilhelm de Blasio is brazenly committing against the United States of America and the City of New York. Alexander Hamilton was the treasurer of the United States of America during George Washington’s presidency. Alexander Hamilton became the United States treasurer on September 11th, 1789. September 11th symbolizes an emergency like the state of emergency Mayor de Blasio delivered on the anniversary of the Nazi Wilhelm Frick’s birthday.
There’s a purple Coronavirus banner hanging directly in front of the panel where Mayor de Blasio delivered the Coronavirus state of emergency. The color of the Coronavirus banner symbolizes the color of the artificial grape beverage Jim Jones used to poison the brainwashed cult followers at Jonestown. The American flag was positioned next to the Alexander Hamilton painting during the Coronavirus state of emergency. The American flag featured at the Coronavirus state of emergency was fully open yet hanging straight straight down to illustrate subliminally the American empire falling to its demise.
Kaiser Wilhelm II, Jim Jones II, and Warren Wilhelm II are named after their fathers. Jim Jones committed suicide like Mayor de Blasio’s father. Jim Jones’ middle name is Warren like Warren Wilhelm Jr’s. legal birth name and democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren’s surname. If you think the signs related to these immorally fallen political figures are a derangement rather than an enlightenment warning you against communism, then you’ve possibly drank deeply from a vat of ice-cold Kool-Aid laced with potassium cyanide like the gullible cult followers at Jonestown.
Shortly after the fall of the German empire, Adolph Hitler attended a communist meeting. Adolph Hitler attended the communist meeting on September 12, 1919. Germany is nearly a half day in front of America. The communist meeting Adolph Hitler attended as a young, impressionable man took place on September 11th, 1919, American Standard Time. At the communist meeting, Adolph Hitler listened to a controversial speech by one of the early founders of the Nazi Party. The controversial speech Adolph Hitler listened to at the communist meeting was based upon eliminating capitalism and replacing it with communism. Black Lives Matter, the DNC and Wilhelm de Blasio are brazenly trying to accomplish the same particular feat the Nazis accomplished shortly after the fall of the German Empire. September 11th symbolizes emergency and the day Adolph Hitler became enlightened to communism. Adolph Hitler became enlightened to communism on 9-11, American Standard Time, approximately a year after the fall of the German Empire. Communists are trying to cease control of America like the Nazis ceased control of Germany shortly after the fall of the German Empire.
A police officer killed an African American man inside of a Wendy’s parking-lot on June 12th, 2020. The killing took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The police officer responsible for killing the African American man was a police officer named Garret Rolfe. The police officer, Garret Rolfe possesses the same surname as the English settler John Rolfe. John Rolfe was an English settler during the 1600’s. The surname Rolfe derives from the words renown and wolf. Edward R. Murrow said “a nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” John Rolfe created the first tobacco plantation in Virginia. African Americans were enslaved on tobacco plantations like the plantation John Rolfe created in Virginia during the 1600’s. The English settler, John Rolfe, was married to the Native American Pocahontas. Donald Trump called Senator Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas because Elizabeth Warren claimed to posses a Native American bloodline. Elizabeth Warren received tax breaks and profited from affirmative action when she lied about a Native American bloodline. Elizabeth Warren wanted you to believe a lie for profit and gain like Black Lives Matter and the DNC want you to believe a lie for profit and gain. Elizabeth Warren’s first husband was a man named Jim Warren like the demonic cult leader Jim
Warren Jones. Whoever believes Elizabeth Warren descended from the lineage of Native Americans drank the Kool-Aid like the cult followers at Jonestown. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s paternal birth name is Herring like a red herring. A red herring is a clue, a misleading distraction preventing you from discovering the truth behind what’s actually happening in life. The phrase “Red Herring” derives back to the 1800’s when a boy threw red herrings to bloodhounds simply to throw the bloodhounds off the scent of a prey. Black Lives Matter is a red herring like Elizabeth Warren’s paternal birth name. Black Lives Matter is impersonating a civil rights organization for political gain like Elizabeth Warren.
“Where’s the Beef” is a catchphrase like the catchphrase “Don’t Drink the Kool- Aid.” The catchphrase, “Where’s the Beef, relates to a classic Wendy’s commercial, advertising a considerably small hamburger patty, nestled inside of an overly colossal hamburger bun. The Wendy’s catchphrase became a cult sensation phenomenon during the nineteen eighties like the catchphrase “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.” The Wendy's catchphrase symbolizes the superficial substance behind an artificial product you are deceptively being sold.
A woman burned down the Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, shortly after Police Officer Rolfe killed the African American man inside of the Wendy’s parking-lot. The woman they claim burnt down the Wendy’s restaurant was a white woman ironically named Natalie White. Natalie White possesses the same name as the color of a race you are being brainwashed to systematically hate. The last syllable encapsulated inside of the arsonist’s first name spells the word lie like the lie you’re being artificially sold and brainwashed to systematically hate. When you reverse Natalie White’s surname with the last syllable of the arsonist's first name you receive white-lie.
Part II
Act Blue is a non-profit organization working in secret unison with the Democratic Party. Whenever somebody donates to the non-profit organization Act Blue they are not donating to African Americans like they think. When you donate to the non-profit organization Act Blue you’re actually donating to the Democratic Party and progressive democrats like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren rather than African Americans. Black Lives Matter and Act Blue have raised over 200 million dollars for the Democratic party, underneath the guise of black oppression. Yet, nobody knows where the donated money for the African American race actually went aside from the donations laundered to the Democratic Party.
Albert Einstein said “the ruling class has the schools and press under its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses.” Rahm Emanuel is the former Mayor of Chicago and former Chief of Staff underneath President Obama. Ari Emanuel is the founder and CEO of Endeavor Talent Agency. Ari Emanuel was instrumental in merging his company (Endeavor Talent Agency) with the William Morris Agency. William Morris-Endeavor is one of the most powerful talent agencies in the world. Rahm Emanuel and Ari Emanuel are brothers and they’ve been placed into highly powerful positions in Washington and Hollywood, simply to “sway the emotions of the masses.”
The Democratic Party wants to defund the police force for reasons other than what they’re telling you. The Democratic Party wants to defund the police force and abolish it for reasons other than police brutality. The Democratic Party wants to create a centralized government where the government surveillances your life rather than city and state. Black Lives Matter claims they need to defund the police force and abolish it before they could eradicate violence in America. Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party are demonizing our law enforcement and citing malicious things like police brutality. Because they want to implement a centralized government where they surveillance your lives rather than city and state. Police brutality is a red hearing like Elizabeth Warren’s paternal birth name.
The Broadway musical Hamilton is based upon African Americans impersonating white slave owners. The cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton is comprised of flamboyantly pretentious African American males rather than white alpha dogs like our founding fathers. Aaron Burr was a lawyer and an American politician. Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a deadly duel. The deadly duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton was based upon Alexander Hamilton’s sexual affair and treasonous acts against America. Leslie Odom Jr. is an African American actor. Leslie Odom Jr. portrayed an African American-Aaron Burr in the musical Hamilton. Leslie Odom Jr. is married to an African American actress named Nicolette Robinson. Nicolette Robinson co-starred in a cable television show entitled “The Affair” like the affair Alexander Hamilton committed. Nicolette Robinson also co- starred in the Broadway musical “The Waitress.” “The Affair” is based upon a married man having an extramarital relationship with a waitress like Nicolette Robinson’s characters’ occupation in “The Waitress” and “The Affair.” Aaron Burr granted a divorce to Alexander Hamilton’s mistress. Mistress? Waitress? The deadly duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton was based upon treason and an extramarital affair like the theme fueling the cable television show, co-starring Leslie Odom’s on screen and off screen wife. “The Affair.” The cancelled ABC television sitcom “Modern Family” aired an episode called "Weathering Heights” in 2016. The “Modern Family” episode “Weathering Heights” was based upon parodies related to the musical Hamilton. The Modern Family episode “Weathering Heights” aired October 12th, 2016. The cable television show “The Affair” debuted on October 12th, 2014. The cable television show “The Affair” featuring adultery like Alexander Hamilton’s adultery and “The Modern Family” episode featuring parodies related to the musical “Hamilton” aired the same exact day two years apart. The “Modern Family” episode and “The Affair” pilot debuted on the same exact day (October 12th) in 2014 and 2016, respectfully.
Hollywood and Washington use internal models of the world to desensitize you to forthcoming events. Hollywood and Washington are conditioning you with subliminal messages and dates like 9-11 and October 12th. Because, they are preparing you for the treasons they plan on committing against you in the near future. Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson portrayed a married couple in the television miniseries “Love in the time of Corona.” Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson portray a married couple in the television miniseries like their relationship in real life. “Love in the Time of Corona” is based upon social distancing and an immoral, entirely fake perception of love. Hollywood and Washington are striking fear inside of you about social distancing and causing you to mistake perversions and fetishes for love, fantasy for reality in “Love in the Time of Corona. Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party are attempting to rewrite history and create a new racial policy in America like the racial policy Wilhelm Frick created for Adolph Hitler during World War II in Nazi Germany. However, they have to reveal violent acts to you subliminally before committing them literally.
Recently, anarchists destroyed a statue of Francis Scott Key during a riot in San Francisco. Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. The writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald was named after the writer of the Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s full name is Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. Francis Scott Key and F. Scott Key Fitzgerald were second cousins thrice removed. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s magnum opus is the classic novel, The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is named after a fictional character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. The fictional character, Jay Gatsby is a wealthy tycoon from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic masterpiece. The novel, The Great Gatsby states Jay Gatsby’s character might possibly be related to the German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Mayor of New York City, Wilhelm de Blasio is possibly related to the character Jay Gatsby if only communists like Wilhelm de Blasio were capable of being related to a fictional character from an elegant, beautifully written, historical work of art.
When I was a little boy my neighbor owned a Black Labrador. My neighbor named the Black Labrador Satchmo because my neighbor loved the jazz musician, Louie Armstrong. My neighbor would be labeled a racist today instead of a lover of jazz music if he named a Black Labrador after a famous jazz musician's nickname. An African American family can name a golden retriever Redford as an homage to the actor Robert Redford and nobody will say anything nor criticize the homage for that narcissistic matter. However, the moment a white man names a Black Labrador Satchmo due to a fondness for a portly stout, pudgy African American trumpet player with chubby cheeks, he’s getting strung up by a noose. Lynched.
F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about jazz music during the “roaring twenties.” F. Scott Fitzgerald popularized the term the “jazz age.” F. Scott Fitzgerald brought prestigious acclaim, an exorbitant amount of respect to jazz music with the classic novel The Great Gatsby, arguably the greatest American novel ever written. However, African Americans like Ella Fitzgerald made Jazz music legendary. Ella Fitzgerald was nicknamed the “Queen of Jazz.” Occasionally, Ella Fitzgerald and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s mentally deranged wife Zelda Fitzgerald are mistaken for each other in spite of the contrast of their lovely skin tones. Ella Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald are occasionally mistaken for each other because they possess the same legendary surname rather than contrasting skin tones. And, because they are both closely associated to jazz music. Marilyn Monroe loved Ella Fitzgerald. And that displeases Black Lives Matter quite a bit. Black Lives Matters would love nothing more than to call Marilyn Monroe a racist and diminish the spirit of Marilyn Monroe like they are diminishing the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.
The United States General, Ulysses S. Grant helped lead the blacks to freedom during the Civil War. Ulysses S. Grant was given a slave from a family member. Then, The United States General freed the slave due to a grotesque disdain for slavery. However, anarchists destroyed Ulysses S. Grant’s statue after ignorantly mistaking the abolitionist for a racist like some of our founding fathers. Vladimir Lenin was a Russian communist dictator responsible for killing nearly a million people. Anarchists tore down a statue of Francis Scott Key and a statue of Ulysses S. Grant yet brazenly left a Vladimir Lenin statue standing in Seattle. Whoever tore down the statues of Ulysses S. Grant and Francis Scott Key yet absentmindedly leave a statue of the dictator Vladimir Lenin standing unscathed on American soil are certifiable racists, drunk on the anecdotes of Kool-Aid. And they are lovers of self rather than God and Country.
F. Scott Fitzgerald helped produce black vaudeville in spite of the African American stereotypes he satirically placed inside of his beloved literature. F. Scott Fitzgerald would be deeply saddened and thoroughly appalled to hear anarchists tore down his cousin’s statue knowing what F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literature beautifully accomplished during the "roaring twenties" for black musicians like Ella Fitzgerald and the portly stout, pudgy jazz musician with chubby cheeks, Louie Armstrong. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literature helped give African Americans like Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong a powerful musical voice. Anarchists tore down Francis Scott Key’s statue and Ulysses S. Grant’s statue because they are fascists-hard core Marxists rather than civil rights activists. Next, the anarchists are going to burn the novel The Great Gatsby. And, they’re going to blame the burning of the novel upon F. Scott Fitzgerald’s raging alcoholism and despicable infidelities rather than censorship if tolerance continues to prevail and the sheep keep partaking from the Kool-Aid that Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party are slipping into their wine and fluoridated water. Stop drinking the Kool- Aid, otherwise you’re going to wake up fairly soon wishing you were still living in a capitalistic society where elegantly written masterpiece’s like The Great Gatsby were still in existence, thriving breathtakingly in the minds of our youth.
Robert Indiana was a homosexual pop artist from the 1960’s. Robert Indiana placed satanic and demonic subliminal messages inside of his carnal artwork simply to pervert the minds of the public without their superficial knowledge. Robert Indiana created the iconic Love sculpture in 1970. Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture symbolizes promiscuous sex and debauchery rather than romanticism and chivalry like you've been brainwashed to systematically believe. The letter o featured on the Robert Indiana Love sculpture is crooked and symbolizes brokenness. The center of the o featured on the Love sculpture symbolizes an erect phallus. When you mail a letter with a Love stamp you’re actually sending a message sealed with a cock rather than an overture of love like you’ve been naively lead to believe.
Robert Indiana also created the Hope slogan for President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Robert Indiana’s Hope slogan and Love sculpture contain the same demonic subliminal messages. The Hope slogan was unveiled in 2008 at the Democratic National Convention. The 2008 Democratic National Convention where they unveiled President Obama’s Hope slogan took place in Denver Colorado at the Pepsi Center. Pepsi spelled backwards upside down reveals a demonic idiom that reads subliminally: is de”a”d. The Pepsi logo is a depiction of an ancient Chinese symbol illustrating dualism, the Yin and the Yang, the good and evil. Water and fire. When they unveiled Robert Indiana’s Hope slogan at the Pepsi Center during the 2008 Democratic National Convention a legion of demons chuckled noiselessly as the slogan read subliminally: “Hope is De“a”d.”
Bobby Knight is a retired Hall of Fame college basketball coach. Bobby Knight was the head basketball coach at Indiana University from 1971-2000. The pop artist, Robert Indiana was born and raised in Indiana like the place where Bobby Knight coached basketball for three decades, winning three NCAA Division 1 national championships. Eleanore Ward was a famous art dealer. Eleanore Ward curated Robert Indiana’s first art show in 1962. 1962 was the year the actress Marilyn Monroe tragically died. The pop artist, Robert Indiana created a painting called Metamorphosis.
The Robert Indiana painting Metamorphosis is a depiction of Marilyn Monroe standing naked in front of a satanic pentagram. Marilyn Monroe was born in 1926 and died in 1962. The numbers ’26 and ’62 are written on the Robert Indiana-Metamorphisis painting simply to commemorate the year of Marilyn Monroe's birth and the year of her tragic death. The life and death of Marilyn Monroe symbolizes a palindrome. A palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backwards as forward. When you connect the stars empowering Gemini you’ll suddenly become illuminated like something akin to rapture unless of course you’re drunk on Kool-Aid rather than astonishment.
Bobby Knight’s middle name is Montgomery like Montgomery Ward. Montgomery Ward was a successful businessman from the 1800’s. Montgomery Ward created the mail order retail chain Montgomery Wards in 1872. The art dealer, Eleanore Ward possessed the same last name as Montgomery Ward. And Bobby Knight possessed the same middle name as Montgomery Ward. Robert Indiana displayed Marilyn Monroe paintings like Metamorphosis at Eleanore Ward art shows. Montgomery Ward’s headquarters is located in Monroe, Wisconsin. And, Montgomery Ward’s main warehouse, where the mail order retail chain stored its merchandise, was located on Monroe Avenue in Maryland.
There’s a statue standing atop the old, iconic, Montgomery Ward’s building located in Chicago, Illinois. The statute is a depiction of the mythological goddess Diana. The statue is called the “Spirit of Progress.” Progressives and Luciferians and homosexuals like Robert Indiana govern and rule Chicago. Diana was the goddess of the hunt, the goddess of the underworld and the goddess of the moon. The goddess Diana possessed a twin sibling in Greek mythology. Diana’s twin sibling was named Apollo. Apollo was the god of the sun.
A corona is the white plasma surrounding the sun (Apollo) and moon (Diana) during a solar eclipse. Apollo and Diana were twins like Gemini, the constellation governing the soul of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was the first victim of MK Ultra mind control. When you look at a solar eclipse you’ll discover a darkness illuminating the sun and moon hence the god Apollo and goddess Diana. You’ll see a corona during a solar eclipse when the sun, moon and earth align themselves with each other. Luciferians are star gazers and they worship satanic deities like the god Apollo and the goddess that stands atop the Montgomery Ward’s building in the progressive city of Chicago.
George Floyd was born October 14th, 1973. Pink Floyd’s album, The Dark Side of the Moon, was released in the same year as George Floyd’s birth, 1973. Pink Floyd’s, The Dark Side of the Moon, album was released March 1st, 1973. George Floyd’s last name was the same last name as the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd is named after two African American blues musicians. Pink Floyd is named after the blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Pink Anderson passed away October 12th, 1974. October 12th is a date placed subliminally inside of art like 9-11, simply to program you thoughts for future events prior to them happening. The date Pink Anderson passed away matches the date the Modern Family episode “Weathering Heights” and “The Affair pilot aired, October 12th. When you look at a solar eclipse, you’ll discover the solar eclipse bares an eerily strange resemblance to an eye. The Coronavirus spread across the world in the year 2020. In Medical terms, 2020 symbolizes perfect vision. However, in worldly terms, 2020 symbolizes blindness. Darkness.
Wilhelm is a lunar impact crater. Wilhelm, the lunar impact crater is located on the southern part of the moon. Wilhelm, the lunar impact crater was named after an astronomer named Wilhelm IV, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel. A long list of Nazi soldiers responsible for killing countless Jews were named Wilhelm like the lunar impact crater located on the southern part of the moon and the Mayor of New York City, Wilhelm de Blasio. They say the moon is a mechanically built satellite rather than a natural astronomical body. An urban legend claims an ancient civilization transported the moon to our solar system from a galaxy somewhere north of Beetlejuice. The urban legend claims the ancient civilization strategically placed the moon into our solar system millions of years ago, simply to hypnotize us and control our thinking. However, that's a conspiracy theory and you shouldn't believe in conspiracy theories like that otherwise you’ll possibly become a wonderful enlightened child of God drunk on astonishment rather than the horrors of Kool-Aid.
There’s a song on Pink Floyd’s album, The Dark Side of the Moon, entitled Breathe like the breath taken from George Floyd. Roger Waters was the bassist and special effects composer for Pink Floyd. Roger Waters possesses the same last name as a vital compound, exasperating your consciousness during a drowning. Water. The musician, Roger Waters’ birth name is George Roger Waters. George Roger Waters possesses the same first name as George Floyd. And George Floyd possesses the same last name as the psychedelic rock band, Pink Floyd. A Police Officer named Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd. You’ll discover a song on Pink Floyd’s, Dark Side of the Moon, album entitled Money like the counterfeit money George Floyd tried pawning off as authentic twenty dollar bills prior to his arrest and subsequent death. George Floyd cried for his mom while Police Officer Derek Chauvin chocked him to death. Mom is a palindrome. Mom spells the same thing backwards and forward like the palindrome illustrating the years of Marilyn
Monroe’s birth and tragic death, ’26 and ‘62. Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s full name is Derek Michael Chauvin. Derek Michael Chauvin’s initials are D.M.C. The nineteen eighties rap group, Run D.M.C. possess the same initials as Derek Michael Chauvin’s initials. The initials of the rap group, Run D.M.C. stand for Devastating Mic Controller. The last song on the Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon, is called Eclipse like a solar eclipse. There’s a triangle illustrated on the Pink Floyd album, Dark Side of the Moon. The triangle illustrated on the Pink Floyd album symbolizes the “all seeing eye” like the eye you see during a solar eclipse. Hollywood and Washington are hypnotizing you with a devastating mic controller transmitting something hypnotic off the moon. And if you don’t agree then you’ve possibly partaken from the Kool-Aid and there isn’t any hope for you.
The Wilhelm Scream is a sound effect filmmakers place subliminally in movies. The Wilhelm Scream is similar to a devastating mic controller like Run D.M.C.’s and Derek Michael Chauvin’s initials. The Mayor of New York City, Wilhelm de Blasio possesses the same name as a lunar impact crater and a special effects technique filmmakers place subliminally into movies to distort your thinking and control your thoughts. You hear the Wilhelm Scream in a movie when somebody’s drowning in water or suffocating like George Floyd. A 1951 movie entitled Distant Drums introduced the Wilhelm Scream to cinema. The Wilhelm Scream is heard for the first time during a scene from the movie, Distant Drums. You hear the Wilhelm Scream during the movie when an alligator drags a soldier into a swamp. Sometimes, I think the Wilhelm Scream is the sound of an actual murder taking place like something from an old Brian De Palma film, starring the sodomite John Travolta. You hear the scream of an actual person dying shortly before they drown in water in the Brian de Palma film. The scream is spliced deceptively into a film without anybody’s knowledge. The Wilhelm Scream is placed into a film simply to pervert a viewer’s mind and distort their thinking and elicit violence inside of us all like a Robert Indiana painting illustrating brokenness, a false hope for humanity- love. However, that’s a conspiracy theory and you shouldn’t believe in conspiracy theories like that otherwise you might possibly become a wonderful enlightened child of God drunk on astonishment rather than Kool-Aid.
Satan masquerades around like an angel of light seeking those he can possibly destroy. Satan was the lead worship leader before getting cast down from heaven. Satan is a clever musician and deceives people with controversial and deceitful art like Pink Floyd and Robert Indiana. The Book of Ephesians states “we struggle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
The classic actor, Gary Cooper starred in the 1951 movie Distant Drums. Gary Cooper passed away May 13th, 1961. Gary Copper passed away on the anniversary of the demonic cult leader Jim Jones’ 30th birthday. Gary Cooper was born May 7th, 1901 and Wilhelm de Blasio was born the following day, sixty years later. Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party are aggravating the spirit of Gary Cooper. The spirit of Gary Cooper is coming back. The spirit of Gary Cooper is coming back to make atonement for the sins of Jim Jones and Wilhelm de Blasio.
The demonic cult leader Jim Jones should not be mistaken for the African American gangster rapper Jim Jones under any circumstances. Otherwise, Black Lives Matter will call you a racist for mistaking an African American gangster rapper for a demonic cult leader. The African American gangster rapper Jim Jones was named after his father like the demonic cult leader from the Jonestown Massacre. The gangster rapper Jim Jones Jr. was born approximately a year after the demonic cult leader Jim Jones Jr. passed away like something incarnate. The gangster rapper, Jim Jones’ middle name is Guillermo. Guillermo is the Spanish name for William like Wilhelm de Blasio and the lunar impact crater located on the southern part of the moon. The gangster rapper, Jim Jones Jr. wrote a rap song called “When Thugs Die.” “When thugs die do doves cry" like little J.J. raps about or do they merely wait in silence, anticipating an awesome coming judgment.
When the alligator drags you into the swamp like the Wilhelm Scream you’re going to wish you didn’t Drink the Kool-Aid Hollywood and Washington and Robert Indiana slipped into your wine and fluoridated water. When the alligator drags you underneath the water and pulls you into the swamp like the Wilhelm Scream you’ll discover yourself gasping for air, claiming you can’t breathe like a clueless Black Lives Matter protester depicting a silly meme. The Democratic Party and Hollywood are demoralizing our lives and demonizing Donald Trump for attempting to drain the swamp Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party and Wilhelm de Blasio are desperately trying to drag you into without your superficial knowledge like the Wilhelm Scream.
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2020.10.25 15:48 lasmalvinassoningles Greatest Prime Minister of All Time Round 1 Match 2: The Earl of Aberdeen v. Harold Macmillan

Apologies for the delay in getting the next match up, it was a busy week.
The first match was very close, but ultimately Pitt the Elder just squeezed past Ramsay MacDonald by one vote, winning 15-14. He will face real life foe Robert Walpole in the next round.
This week's match sees The Earl of Aberdeen, aka George Hamilton-Gordon battle against Harold Macmillan aka the Earl of Stockton.
You can vote for whoever you think was the better Prime Minister here!

Name George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen Maurice Harold Macmillan, 1st Earl of Stockton
Birth 28 January 1784, Edinburgh 10 February 1894, London
Death 14 December 1860, London 29 December 1986, Chelwood Gate
Party Peelite Conservative)
Dates in Power 19 December 1852 - 30 January 1855 10 January 1957 - 18 October 1963
Monarch Victoria Elizabeth II
Education Harrow, Cambridge Eton, Oxford
Career Before Becoming Prime Minister Appointed ambassador to Austria in 1812, he became a major player in European diplomacy during the early 19th Century. He served as Foreign Secretary before becoming leader of the Peelites in 1850. While Foreign Secretary he played a leading role in the Opium Wars with China, securing control of Hong Kong. A captain in the British Army, he saw action in World War I, including at the Battle of the Somme where he was severely wounded. He worked for the family firm Macmillan Publishers for many years, before becoming an MP in 1924. He achieved Cabinet rank during WWII, passing through several roles including Defence Minister, Foreign Secretary and Chancellor, before being appointed PM by the Queen after Eden's resignation.
Elections Fought as Leader None 1959
Notable Events While In Power Crimean War Decolonisation), Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold War
Major Policies Entered the Crimean War against Russia. Strategic blunders were made, including the famous Charge of the Light Brigade. When parliament voted for an inquiry into the management of the war, Aberdeen resigned as prime minister. Aside from the war, Aberdeen also saw conflict with the USA when their naval ships bombarded Nicaragua and they annexed Hawaii, both in opposition to British interests. He enacted many social reforms to raise living standards and working conditions, though he faced mounting economic issues in his second term. Three domestic policies or scandals from his time remain well known: Premium Bonds, the Beeching Cuts and the Profumo Scandal. His premiership also saw Britain's first hydrogen bomb test, the Windscale nuclear accident, and the cancellation of British efforts to build an independent ICBM). Internationally Macmillan worked to improve relationships with the US after the Suez Crisis, gave independence to many colonies across Africa, and applied for Britain to join the EEC, though this application was vetoed by France.
Random Fact He felt tremendous guilt over the loss of life in the Crimean War. So much so that he refused to finish building a church on his estate, considering himself, like King David, to be unworthy. Of the 28 students he entered Balliol College Oxford with, only he and one other survived the First World War. He refused to return to complete his studies.
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2020.10.25 13:16 Sokoke Did I accidentally predict this?

So, I posted about this nightmare I had back in July, here is the original post for context:
Nightmare 7/15/20
when I awoke, at 3pm, I was completely sober for last 2 weeks prior to this nightmare. I was inconsolable. I sobbed and could not speak for over 2 hours. I was finally able to begin explaining to my mother, who was disturbed by how upset I was, and I continued to sob throughout my explaining.
This dream. It involved at least 3 dead male deer. My dog Bodie and I were in The woods on my property at my old home. My home wasn’t there where it should have stood, yet the drive way was. I found a man in my woods, chained to a tree and being kept there. It appeared he could unchain himself, but he would not for whatever reason. I then notice another figure, a male figure, to my south west, who was wearing the freshly skinned out head of a white tail buck with large antlers.
It was autumn, early winter, I could see the hot breath coming through the deers mouth and snout, knowing the hot breath itself was coming from a man inside, staring at me.
I called police and begged, told them I knew these woods well and that a man was being held captive and there was a man with a deer head and fresh blood around his shirt collar
The police came, but I could sense they were scared and instead of helping me, they acted as though I was at fault. They said to me, “well, you know these woods so you know what the fuck you have going on here miss Clabaugh”
I begged them to free the chained man and find the deer headed man
They refused. as they went to leave, a gutted, male deer with large antlers lay at the end of my driveway
The officers were terrified when they saw it, but still trying to hide their fear and keep on an act of bravado. I watched them speed off to get the fuck away from my creepy situation.
I then found one more male deer head, across the road from my driveway. I went to pick it up to see where the fuck this one came from. I noticed a note written in blood next to the deer head. It said “we are watching, we have been watching, we were always watching and we will not stop watching. It is time”
I felt fear, looking all around searching for any sign of who the fuck did this
next thing I knew I was in an aircraft. A space shuttle. With other people. Our goal was to go behind the sun. We made it, but I began crying as it was so hot. A voice said to me to not cry. That I must feel this and I must challenge the heat to survive
The heat destroyed the aircraft. We declared an emergency and braced for impact upon coming back around the sun, crash landed into the Colorado Rockies. Myself and other survivors sat on the rocks and cliffs, howling to the wolves and coyotes to come feast on the dead from the wreckage as we survivors watched the mountains burn in multiple areas. We were acting like wild inhuman animals ourselves, howling and reveling in the destruction we’d caused.
I personally reveled much in the evil of how we were acting. I knew this was only a portion of the entire “plan”. For whatever reason, I then tricked my dad and sister into coming to meet me for dinner in Denver. They came and I took them to a restaurant I said I knew well. I had a plan.
My dad had to go to the bathroom. I told My sister, “hey it is right over there around the corner can you please go help dad? I will get our boxes for the food.”.
She agreed and helped my father into the bathroom and stalls. I entered the bathroom with a gasoline chainsaw, and I was laughing like a maniac as I cut through the stalls and showed them it was me, and I hacked them to death and felt their blood splatter onto me. I looked them in the eyes as they realized it was me, and I was ending their lives. My horrible self laughed with excitement at the terror they felt.
I finished killing my Dad last and my fellow survivors from the aircraft crash came from the closet and ceiling panels to begin cleaning up their bodies as I washed my hands and went on my way. I was dressed rather nicely with my hair in a half updo, full face of make up, wearing all black and a well fitted pea coat.
My next goal was to take Bodie to a place in Washington. I don’t know how I knew this was part of the plan, but I did. I arrived at The Rock where I was to give Bodie to a man, and it had been communicated to me while I was behind the sun that Bodie had and innocent soul and did not deserve the pain of a mortal death.
I sat there on the rock waiting for the man to arrive. He appeared seemingly from nowhere, was in a black wool suit with a black fedora and and blue and gray striped tie. I told Bodie I loved him and Bodie licked me then went along happily by the mans side, no leash, Bodie never looked back at me once as we parted ways. I watched them walk off and tears formed in my eyes.
I was sad but I knew I now must finish killing, I was part of some group that planned to bomb and senselessly murder everyone. Everyone. Starting in Seattle and moving south and eastward
The man I gave Bodie to also gave me an unlimited amount of Percocet, and a book by Jordan Peterson (??). I was beginning to feel remorse, regret and did not want to partake in these plans any longer. What I really wanted to do was overdose. I kept taking the Percocet, handfuls at a time. I wept because they would not kill me. I couldn’t cause my self to OD no matter how many I kept taking. I had to go and assist in the killing and carnage that was to begin.
And then I woke up. Crying. Sobbing. Incredibly dizzy, felt as though I had been drugged.
This past Friday, I felt compelled to share this dream with someone I’ve been dating for about 2 months now. Not sure why I did, but, wanted him to be fully aware of the crazy train he was riding. Ha. Anyways, I check the news yesterday and found this article:
I’ve literally never heard of something like this happening to someone, did I accidentally predict this event in the first portion of my dream? I’m interested to know what the note said that was left on this persons lawn with the deer head, I wonder if it was anything similar to the note from my dream.... either way, it kind of freaks me out.
Anyone care to share thoughts? Am I reaching?
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2020.10.25 07:21 kittyjuu Mixed bean candidate (30M) with diverse experience needs some chancing!

Summary: Indian candidate with an American UG and 7.5 years experience in NYC and India in FS consulting and tech. Currently in a leadership role at a major well-funded startup. 328 GRE (167Q) / 3.64 GPA
Why I want an MBA now: Quite frankly I've had a lot of different experiences but I want to be able to shatter the MBB/ Big Tech ceiling.
Post MBA I'm looking at MBB Digital practice / Strategy & Ops roles at FAAMG.
At some point, much later, I do see myself becoming an entrepreneur and the degree will help in many ways.
Target schools:
Already Applied R1: Darden (invite), Fuqua and Cambridge Judge.
Planning to apply: Insead (Nov 6 deadline)
Target (R2): Kellogg, LBS and Tuck
Reach: Wharton, Haas, Booth? (Pick 1or 2)
Analyst - FS Analytics advisory at boutique -- shy of 2 years
Exp Associate/ Consultant - FS advisory at Big 4-- 2Y
AVP- BB IB program manager for Market Risk -- 9 mo (laid off in mass restructuring)
Spent 6 months building a startup; Couldn't launch for technical and funding reasons.
Fortune 50 Insurer -- Corporate strategy - digital -- 1.3 Y
Head of Strategy- Fintech; consumer-internet series D start-up (500M+ value) -- mid 2019 to now and ongoing
ECs - admittedly light on leadership
India (2018 -now) Advisor to a niche dating and networking service
Partnerships advisor for an NGO
Huuuuge gap Minor volunteering with 2 orgs in Education and exchange students in 2014/15
Headed some time bound initiatives in college
Member but not leader of consulting club, tutorials, RA etc.
UG school/ Major:
Top 100 school (USN) - yes, I know..
CS and added business dual degree; Hated development as a job, dropped CS after a year
Graduated with Business: Finance and Math Minor
2 co-op internships of 6mo each before graduation
Chose said school because of significant scholarship and the co-op program
Other education: NA Might do a mooc micro-master on predictive analytics/ applied DS after my admits
Nationality: Indian Sex: M
GRE: 328- 167Q 161 V 5 AWA This was already the 2nd attempt. First was 161Q and 162V 5.5 AWA
Note that I suck in test environments even though my mocks on any test were higher.
GPA: 3.64 (Dean's list), Cum Laude Honors
I'm applying to both US and EU schools only to hedge against the uncertainty that looms with the election.
I want to know if my targets in R2 are too aggressive and if I'm uncompetitive for Wharton and Booth.
Tldr; had a bunch of jobs, lived and worked in both NYC and India. Figuring out next steps. Need some thoughts on schools given the bloodbath this year.
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2020.10.24 19:03 user432543467 A royalty improvement update please:

This royalty update is sooooo amazing, but I think bitlife should add some other cool features to this wonderful update like: Monarchs marrying their children off to other monarchy’s, or nobility (ex: Marques,Earl,Viscount,Baron,Lord). In addition to that I think they should add Lady/Lord title to the game! We should be able to go on a date with a king/queen and become Queen Consort/Prince Consort instead of always having to be born into royalty to be a monarch. Their should also be a line of succession,for example: When your born to a king or queen, it states your place in the line of succession. To add on to that , you should be able to move up in the line of succession, for ex: Prince William,Duke of Cambridge will soon become king and his children will move up in status,and so will everyone else. If you’re a female and a daughter,granddaughter,or great granddaughter,you should be able to choose whether you and your husband want to take on a title and if not your name changes to ... Eg: H.R.H Princess Helena Mrs.Jacobs. There should also be a Crown Prince/Crown Princess and Princess Royal , Prince of Wales (for the United Kingdom) , I personally think it would be very cool. If you move up in rank for, eg: H.R.H Prince James of Wales, and your parent becomes the monarch your title should change to H.R.H The Prince James of the United Kingdom. Also for Spain, there is a Prince/Princess of Asturias (heiheiress to the throne) and an Infante/Infanta of Spain. If you are monarch (this one is for the Uk) you can choose whether or whether not to make your son/daughter Princess Royal or Prince of Wales. If there is already a Princess Royal ,(your aunt) then they hold that title until grave ,but in relation to that I think bitlife should add extended family like great grandparents, grandparents,aunts/uncles,and 1st cousins. Also bitlife should add when your born you can have more than 1 older sibling (2 max) and when your royalty the same apples except bitlife should add royals having younger siblings . I personally think royals should have more things to do: grant land , knight people, grant titles (only monarchs can do it), hold royals banquets,start wars,and settle them between peace treaties between the two countries with marriage. I also think in imperial royalty when your parents are the empress and emperor you title should be H.I.H (His/Her Imperial Highness) and for the emperor and Empress H.I.M (His/Her Imperial Majesty) I think royals should also join the military (mostly boys). And also I think if you’re nobility ( marchioness,Countess,Viscountess,Baroness,or Lady you should be able to marry a man of a higher rank. I hope you get to see this bitlife !!!!
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2020.10.24 18:20 RobskiT CTMUA/TMUA demo exam

CTMUA/TMUA demo exam
Has anyone else received a "Demo exam" email from Mettl/Cambridge Admissions for the TMUA? Grammar seems a bit off in the email and the time zone in the email is set to Kolkata whereas I live in the UK, not sure if its legit.
Edit: The part of the email that sounds very suspicious to me is The test button will be valid from 24 Oct 2020, 12:54 PM till 01 Nov 2020, 11:59 PM ( Timings are as per Asia/Kolkata timezone , please ensure the date and time in your time zone ) - The last bit makes no sense. It's also quite an odd choice of time.
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2020.10.24 14:04 franchisebouquet0 Top 6 Best Preschool Franchise Business in India

Top 6 Best Preschool Franchise Business in India

Best Preschool Franchise Business in India
When it comes to education, parents are very anxious about it. They do not want to compromise with their kid’s career therefore they always choose the best school to promote the growth of their child. Franchise Bouquet is specialized to provide you the best preschool franchise business in India, we have a variety of options to start a new venture. Investing money in an educational franchise is always the right decision because it lures more parents who are concerned about their child’s future.
Moreover, other than profit lifetime support will be provided by our & brand’s end. From faculty to infrastructure, technology to resources, all the essential assistance would be delivered to you.
List Of Top 6 Best Preschool Franchise Business in India
1. Cambridge Montessori Preschool Franchise
Cambridge Montessori Preschool
Establishment Year - 2016 Franchising Launch Date - 2016 Investment Detail - 10 Lac - 15 Lac Space Required - 2000-3000-Sq. Ft. Franchise Outlets - 200 - 300 Headquarter - Delhi

2. Cambridge Montessori Daycare Franchise

Cambridge Montessori Daycare
Establishment Year - 2016 Franchising Launch Date - 2019 Investment Detail - 2 Lac - 5 Lac Space Required - 1500-2000-Sq. Ft. Franchise Outlets - 1 - 10 Headquarter -Delhi

3. Thames Valley Global School Franchise

Thames Valley Global School
Establishment Year - 2016 Franchising Launch Date - 2019 Investment Detail - 2 Crore - 5 Crore Space Required - 70000-80000-Sq. Ft. Franchise Outlets - 1 - 10 Headquarter - Delhi

4. Prerna Education Services Franchise

Prerna Education Services
Establishment Year - 2011 Franchising Launch Date - 2017 Investment Detail - 20 Lac - 30 Lac Space Required - 900-1800-Sq. Ft. Franchise Outlets - 1 - 10 Headquarter - Delhi

5. Kidzonia International Franchise

Kidzonia International
Establishment Year - 2014 Franchising Launch Date - 2014 Investment Detail - 15 Lac - 20 Lac Space Required - -Sq. Ft. Franchise Outlets - 100 Headquarter - Telangana

6. Kindheit Kindergarten Franchise

Kindheit Kindergarten
Establishment Year - 2016 Franchising Launch Date - 2016 Investment Detail - 5 Lac - 10 Lac Space Required - 1800-2000-Sq. Ft. Franchise Outlets - 1 - 100 Headquarter - Delhi See More Information visit:-
Email:- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Call Us:- +91 8287135135
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2020.10.24 12:57 sereniti81 School Exposure Notices Oct 23
Number of School Exposure Events to date: 255 Number of Schools Affected to date: 186 Number of Schools with multiple exposure events: 44 Archived Cases: 67
𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: Additional dates added to exposure events at École De L'Anse-Au-Sable.
16% of the daily increase were people under 20's and we now have 9.5% of schools with cases.
𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐥𝐬 𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐞𝐝: * Martha Jane Norris Elementary 2 SD#36 * Khalsa Secondary (Old Yale Road) 3 [Independent Schools within Fraser Health] * Cambridge Elementary School 2 SD#36 * W.E. Kinvig Elementary School 3 SD#36 (letter attached) * Sir James Douglas Elementary School SD#39 (letter attached) * Pitt River Middle School 2 SD#43 (letter attached) * Cameron Elementary School SD#41 (letter attached) * Tyson Elementary School SD#33 (letter attached) * Ecole Kwayhquitlum Middle SD#43 (letter attached) * Fraser Heights Secondary 2 SD#36 (letter attached) * University Hill Elementary School SD#39 (letter attached) * Panorama Ridge Secondary 9 SD#36 (Twitter post attached) * Northridge Elementary 2 SD#36 (Twitter post attached)
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2020.10.23 12:26 Falandorn [Free Friday] Share your Real Ghost Stories

I have always been fascinated with the supernatural as a child and this continued into my adult life. Though I have never seen a ghost myself as far as I know, I do have a few stories of what I would take as genuine from close friends and family members. Although attempting to contact the dead is forbidden I found the thought of seeing a ghost would be enough to confirm a belief in the afterlife - apparently this isn't always enough as you will see.
1 - The night terror: This would be the closest to me personally seeing a ghost. I used to live in an old country cottage in the South of England, a thatched roof and thick cob walls it dated from the 17th Century and was grade 2 listed. I was about 10 years old, mum used to come in each night and kiss me goodnight. Well one night I was lying in bed and the door opened and she came in but this time just leaned right over the bed peering down at my face, she was all in white, she peered at me then quietly left. I woke up at this point it must have been after 10pm and it was pitch black, I went to sleep a few hours before. That was definitely not a ghost but a vivid dream I think but pretty creepy.
2 - The UFO: This was very strange and was witnessed by my mother, father and brother around 1985. We lived in a lodge for 2 years at the bottom of a big estate just outside Plympton, again in southern England. It was a huge house actually and the best time of my life was there one white Christmas. Moving on to the story I was in bed fast asleep when it happened. Around 10pm at night apparently my brother was smoking outside, he would have been around 17 or 18 then, he ran in to get my parents out to witness something. They described it as a huge oval object that was floating over the trees near the house, it had lights around the outside and was perfectly silent as it moved, it was a large object. Now my dad was a pilot in the RAF before becoming an engineer and my brother was a keen hang-glider so both very familiar with aircraft. They had no idea what it was and neither did my mum, it was totally unexplained. Now the owner of the manor that the lodge belonged to did have a hot air balloon and would take it up in the day at times from the fields round about. This was dismissed though as you would be insane to fly a balloon at night around trees and power-lines. They never considered this as a solution.
3 - My none-believing wife's ghost: My wife grew up in Liverpool and at the time her parents ran a very old pub in Scotland Road. It had a host of very strange occurrences there over the years, there were hidden rooms found sealed up, one just contained a rusting bed with just a doll on it. This room was discovered when the number of windows on the outside were more than the inside, my wife had a homework assignment to count them. One night after hours it was past 12 at night in the bar area, her, her mother and other customers who stayed after lock-in witnessed a lightbulb unscrew itself, descend a few feet before travelling across the room, back again and land in an ash tray without breaking. She swears this happens and it’s unexplained but she does not believe it was a ghost, she is firmly of the belief science will explain it one day.
4 – My sister’s ghost: My older sister was staying in an old farmhouse of a friends around 15 years ago, she was alone and was waving them off outside the front door. As they left she noticed out of the corner of her eye when she turned around she saw the bottom half of someone’s legs disappearing up the stairs behind her. She raced up to see who had snuck in but the house was deserted. She has seen quite a few things over the years in different places.
5 – A colleague’s story from work: A lady who I work with in Liverpool says her sister’s husband used to work on the docks in Liverpool. She used to drive down to pick him up after his shift at night down a long lane. It was in an old part of the city. One night she was driving down when she saw directly in front of the car the upper torso of a Victorian styled little girl in clear detail, it came towards her in the car with it’s arms outstretched, passed through the front of the car into it and turned into fog or haze. She was terrified, when her husband met her she swore she would never drive that far down to get him again. Interestingly he said other co-workers had mentioned seeing things there but always dismissed it as rubbish.
6 – An army ghost: My sister I already mentioned in 4 works with the police, one of her male colleagues used to be in the army. He was stationed in a training camp outside Duxford near Cambridge many years ago. He told her about this camp and something crazy that went on there. He said the barracks were divided into two by a narrow passage which had toilets and guard area. He would often wake in the night with huge fire-doors swinging open and slamming shut under their own force, it frightened the troops stationed there. The frightening thing was the doors were extremely heavy and stiff and couldn’t be swung like that by the soldiers. One night it got so bad the guard just ran off, they found him crying. The CO had it investigated and apparently one of the senior officers determined to put an end to it went in one night and all the taps and toilets flushed at the same time. He came out and said they needed to move, the camp was shut down soon afterwards. Apparently there was a plane that crashed into it during the war and later a young soldier had hung himself there.
7 – Ghost at my father’s seminary in Ireland: My father was training to become a priest before he met my mother, he stayed in a very old monastery in Ireland. He was boarded in a disused wing of the monastery and would often hear footsteps at night. One night he was awoken in the pitch black of the early hours by insistent knocking on his door. He went to investigate only no one was there. He said he went back to his room and prayed in earnest for the Holy Souls. My dad was not afraid of things like that he said one night he snuck out and went across the fields to the church crypt, went down in a thunderstorm into it to pray amongst the dead. I don’t think I could have matched him for bravery!
8 – Exorcist ghost: My father told me about a priest him and my mum knew when they were younger, he was knocked about the room by an entity during an exorcism, physically thrown about.
9 – Corner house ghost: My sister had a friend who lived down a long road, on the way to school her mum used to drive her in and they would pass a house at the end, there was always an old lady waving at her as she drove past. She asked her mum about her one day and she explained there was no one in the house it had been abandoned for years.
10 – The whisperer: My dad used to tell me about how one of his female relatives would often be woken in the night by the whisperer, something would creep up to her and whisper loudly in her ear a kind of nonsense, used to really creep her out. This is unsubstantiated and I never did get the details from dad before he died.
If any of you have any similar stories I would love to hear them, God be with you all.
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2020.10.23 05:45 StevenStevens43 Cerdic the Merovingian

Cerdic the Merovingian
In this article, i am going to be investigating more british legends, criticisms of modern day historians and scholars, and studying just how the legends and criticisms hold up to actualy contemporary history.
I am going to begin with a later king named Keredic, that will eventually bring us round to an earlier king, who will become the main focus of this article.
So i will begin with one of Geoffrey of Monmouth's kings, Keredic.
Of course, modern day historians and scholars always appear to feel the need to attempt to know better than Geoffrey.
In the case of Geoffrey's Keredic, there simply is no proof of the existence of a Keredic, and modern historians and scholars suspect that Geoffrey may have gotten confused with the actual historically factual kings Cerdic, that preceded, and succeeded Geoffrey's Keredic, respectively.
Keredic (Welsh: Ceredig) was a legendary king of the Britons, as recounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. The origin of Geoffrey's character is unknown, but he is not depicted as a Saxon. According to Geoffrey, Keredic's rule was so unpopular that the Saxons enlisted the aid of an army of Vandals from Ireland to drive him from his kingdom.
Geoffrey's legendary Keredic may have been a conflation of Cerdic, the traditional founder of Wessex, who, despite his political affiliation with the Saxons, was likely to be half-British himself, and another Cerdic, who reigned over the Celtic kingdom of Elmet around present-day Leeds until his defeat at the hands of Edwin of Northumbria
Geoffrey of Monmouth's British king list:
So, what i will do, in order to establish whether it is likely Geoffrey got himself confused with the two Cedric's, i will find out from his king list exactly when Keredic was said to have reigned.
And as we can see below, he reigned between the 6th Century Malgo Maelgwn and the official Saxon occupation of Southern portions of Britain, in 597 AD.
Geoffrey of Monmouth's British king list
Malgo Maelgwn Gwynedd, 6th-century king of Gwynedd.
Interregnum; Saxons occupy England Augustine of Canterbury (arrived in Britain in 597)
Maelgwn Gwynedd:
So, in order to establish exactly when approximately Keredic began his reign, let us look at the date of death given for Maelgwn Gwynedd.
And as we can see, it is 547 AD.
Therefore, Geoffrey's Keredic reigned between 547 AD and 597 AD, approximately.
Maelgwn Gwynedd
Maelgwn Gwynedd (Latin: Maglocunus; died c. 547[1]) was king of Gwynedd during the early 6th century. Surviving records suggest he held a pre-eminent position among the Brythonic kings in Wales and their allies in the "Old North" along the Scottish coast.
Link for photo
Britain 540 AD
Man of the North:
So let us look at the historically contemporary Ceretic of Leeds whom is described by historians and scholars as being identical to a historical figure known as "the man of the north", and let us find out when historians and scholars attribute Ceretic (man of the north) to having been born.
According to English historian Bede, it was 614 AD.
Ceretic of Elmet
Ceretic of Elmet (or Ceredig ap Gwallog) was the last king of Elmet, a Britonnic kingdom that existed in the West Yorkshire area of Northern England in sub-Roman Britain.
Bede records that Hilda of Whitby (born 614)
Cerdic of Wessex:
Now, i will look at Cerdic of Wessex, and find out what contemporary historians and scholars give for his reign.
As we can see, his reign was from between 519 and 534 AD.
Cerdic of Wessex
Cerdic (/ˈtʃɜːrdɪtʃ/; Latin: Cerdicus) is cited in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as a leader of the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain, being the founder and first king of Saxon Wessex, reigning from 519 to 534 AD.
Link for photo
Britain, late 400's, early 500's
Sex education:
Now, whilst modern day historians and scholars likely fail to see any familial connection between Cerdic of Wessex, and Cerdic of Elmet, Scientists and biologists would be more inclined to agree that Geoffrey of Monmouth's historical understanding is more consistant with the actual reality of descendency and ancestry.
As the world was not full of kings named Cedric, there is in fact an extremely high probability that Cedric of Elmet was in fact a descendant of Cedric of Wessex.
However, in order for Cedric of Elmet to be born in the early 600's in to a family of kings, it would be from a Scientific perspective, far more likely that there was in fact an actual factual real person of high nobility that lived between Cerdic of Wessex and Cerdic of Elmet.
Therefore the politics of who is real, and who is fantasy, is not shared by chemistry and biology, were human lineages cannot be decided by discrimination, and do in fact require the involvement of actual real humans, whether those humans suit ones agenda, or not.
Link for photo
Sex awareness symbol (Buenos Aires)
Now, i find it interesting that Geoffrey's Kederic is depicted as a king of the Saxons, whilst Kederic is actually not himself a Saxon.
The origin of Geoffrey's character is unknown, but he is not depicted as a Saxon. According to Geoffrey, Keredic's rule was so unpopular that the Saxons enlisted the aid of an army of Vandals from Ireland to drive him from his kingdom.
This is also true with Cerdic of Wessex.
Cerdic was actually not considered a Saxon, and is in fact believed to have been a native Briton, by contemporary historians and scholars.
The name Cerdic is thought by most scholars to be Brittonic – a form of the name Ceretic) – rather than Germanic in origin.[5] According to the Brittonic origin hypothesis, Cerdic is derived from the British name \Caratīcos* or \Corotīcos*.[6][7][8][9] This may indicate that Cerdic was a native Briton, and that his dynasty became Anglicised over time.[10]
Link for photo
Cerdic of Wessex
House of Woden:
Now, a good clue as to the origins of Cerdic comes from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles that claim to trace his ancestry back to the house of Woden, and the antediluvian patriarch's.
And of course Woden is the god Odin
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle provides a pedigree tracing Cerdic's ancestry back to Wōden and the antediluvian patriarchs).
Link for photo.jpg)
In an ideal world it would be easier to write articles if Odin, being the same entity as Woden, was a self explanatory fact that went without saying.
However after many debates with self confessed historians and scholars, i have found that in actual fact, it is not something they are usually aware of.
Therefore i will take a little time to provide a little proof, below.
In wider Germanic mythology and paganism, the god was known in Old English and Old Saxon as Wōden,
Now, it is probably a bit unfair on modern day historians and scholars, that are still attempting to find the connection between Odin and Woden, to suggest how Egyptian pharoah Dens tomb, could actually be the house of Woden.
Den, also known as Hor-Den, Dewen and Udimu, is the Horus name of a pharaoh of the Early Dynastic Period) who ruled during the First Dynasty of Egypt.
Link for photo#/media/File:Tomb_of_Den_1.jpg)
Tomb of Den
Though there are clues as to where this king with a typical Brythonic name, with ancestral line-age to a legendary Scandinavian royal house, most immediately came from.
King of Wessex
According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Cerdic landed in what is today Hampshire in 495 with his son Cynric in five ships.
Link for photo
In order to land in Hampshire, instead of Dover, or elsehwere on East coast, it would be more likely Cerdic came in from Brittany.
Also known as Armorica.
The word Brittany, along with its French, Breton and Gallo equivalents Bretagne, Breizh and Bertaèyn, derive from the Latin Britannia, which means "Britons)' land".
Now, Cerdic is only his name in the dialect spoken on the Southern shores of Britain.
Elsewhere his name is recognised as Cherdik.
So in order to find out who exactly Ceredic most likely was, i am going to go through a list of Merovingian kings, with names similar to him.
Beginning with Chlodio, a Frankish king, believed to be one of the earliest most immediate ancestors of the Merovingian dynasty.
Chlodio (d. approx. 450) also Clodio, Clodius, Clodion, Cloio or Chlogio, was a Frankish king who attacked, and apparently then held, Roman-inhabited lands and cities in the Silva Carbonaria forest, now in central Belgium, then Cambrai and Tournai, and reached as far south as the River Somme.
Modern historians believe he was a descendant of the earlier Salian Franks, reported by Roman sources in the 4th century.
He is known from very few records, but Gregory of Tours reported that in his time people believed he was also an ancestor of the Merovingian dynasty.
Link for photo
Merovingian symbol
Chilperic I of Burgandy
Chilperic I (died c. 480) was the King of Burgundy from 473 until his death. He succeeded his brother Gundioch and co-ruled with his nephews Godomar, Gundobad, Chilperic II, and Godegisel.
Childeric I:
Childeric I
Childeric I (/ˈkɪldərɪk/; French: Childéric; Latin: Childericus; reconstructed Frankish: \Hildirīk;[4] c. 437 – 481 AD) was a Frankish leader in the northern part of imperial Roman Gaul and a member of the Merovingian dynasty, described as a king (Latin *rex), both on his Roman-style seal ring, which was buried with him, and in fragmentary later records of his life. He was father of Clovis I, who acquired effective control over all or most Frankish kingdoms, and a significant part of Roman Gaul.
Link for photo
Childeric I's golden bees
Childebert I:
Then there was one of Childeric I's four sons, "Childebert I" that had a kingdom which stretched from Brittany to the English channel.
In the partition of the realm, Childebert received as his share the town of Paris, the country to the north as far as the river Somme), to the west as far as the English Channel, and the Armorican peninsula (modern Brittany). His brothers ruled in different lands: Theuderic I in Metz, Chlodomer in Orléans, and Clothar I in Soissons.
Link for photo
Childebert I coin
In fact, the vast majority of Merovingian kings had names that would appear closely related to Cerdic.
Family tree
Battle of Badon:
Now Cerdic is thought by historians and scholars to have been the British king that fought against the Britons at battle of Badon.
Though something about that statement does not make 100% sense.
It is unlikely that Cerdic was in fact a Briton, from Great Britain.
But more likely a Briton, from Armorica, given that in Great Britain, he is fighting "Britons".
Cerdic of Wessex
Some scholars suggest that Cerdic was the Saxon leader defeated by the Britons at the Battle of Mount Badon
Battle of Cambrai:
Now, if Cerdic fought in the battle of Badon, then there is an extremely good chance he was also involved in the battle of Cambrai, were the legendary king Arthur likely lost his life, and the historical Ragnachar, definitely lost his life.
As is revealed in this thread here.
Art Oenfer VII - Thee king Arthur
King Arthur
Merovingian rule:
So, before i can present my case that the most likely explanation for Cerdic, is that he is a Merovingian related to the Childeric's and is attempting to add Britain to the Merovingian empire, i first need to find out if the Saxons during this period were under Merovingian rulership.
If they were not, then my case collapses.
If they were, then Cerdic was almost definitely a Merovingian.
And guess what, the Saxons were indeed under Merovingian rulership during this period.
Merovingian dynasty
The Merovingian dynasty was the ruling family of the Franks from the middle of the 5th century until 751.[1] They first appear as "Kings of the Franks" in the Roman army of northern Gaul. By 509 they had united all the Franks and northern Gaulish Romans under their rule. They conquered most of Gaul, defeating the Visigoths (507) and the Burgundians (534), and also extended their rule into Raetia (537). In Germania, the Alemanni, Bavarii and Saxons accepted their lordship. The Merovingian realm was the largest and most powerful of the states of western Europe following the breaking up of the empire of Theoderic the Great.
Link for photo
Merovingian empire
Saint Radegund:
Farther, a Thrungian princess named Saint Radegund, and married to a Merovingian king, did a Christian mission around the Southern shores of Britain, during the reign of Cerdic, and at least five religious institutions in Britain today, are named after her.
So there was definitely a Merovingian presence in Southern Britain during this period.
Radegund (Latin: Radegunda; also spelled Rhadegund, Radegonde, or Radigund; c. 520 – 13 August 587) was a Thuringian princess and Frankish queen, who founded the Abbey of the Holy Cross) at Poitiers. She is the patron saint of several churches in France and England and of Jesus College, Cambridge (whose full name is "The College of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint John the Evangelist and the glorious Virgin Saint Radegund, near Cambridge").
Link for photo
Church of Saint Radegund (Lincolnshire)
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2020.10.22 00:59 praestan $900-1000 gaming pc to run COD warzone best possible

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
What type of network connectivity do you need? (Wired and/or WiFi) If WiFi is needed and you would like to find the fastest match for your wireless router, please list any specifics.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
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2020.10.21 22:10 Anonymous-Green CRISPR Therapeutics Reports Positive Top-Line Results from Its Phase 1 CARBON Trial of CTX110™ in Relapsed or Refractory CD19+ B-cell Malignancies

CRISPR Therapeutics Reports Positive Top-Line Results from Its Phase 1 CARBON Trial of CTX110™ in Relapsed or Refractory CD19+ B-cell Malignancies
-50% (2/4) complete response (CR) rate at three months in the Dose Level 3 (DL3) cohort; both responders remain in CR-
-Early evidence of dose-dependent responses with CTX110-
-Acceptable safety profile at DL3 or below-
-Management to host webcast and conference call today at 8:30 a.m. ET-
ZUG, Switzerland and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., October 21, 2020 -- CRISPR Therapeutics (Nasdaq: CRSP), a biopharmaceutical company focused on creating transformative gene-based medicines for serious diseases, today announced positive top-line results from the Company’s ongoing Phase 1 CARBON trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of CTX110, its wholly-owned allogeneic CAR-T cell therapy targeting CD19+ B-cell malignancies.
“We are highly encouraged by today’s data, which demonstrate the promise of allogeneic therapies in treating hematological malignancies,” said Samarth Kulkarni, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of CRISPR Therapeutics. “Over time, we believe CRISPR-edited allogeneic CAR-T has the potential to leapfrog autologous CAR-T and benefit much broader patient populations. We continue to enroll patients and look forward to additional data read-outs for this program as well as our other allogeneic CAR-T programs, CTX120™ and CTX130™, next year. We are grateful to the patients and investigators who have made this important research possible.”
"From this early data read-out, CTX110 has shown dose-dependent efficacy and response rates that are comparable to the early autologous CAR-T trials. Furthermore, CTX110 had an acceptable safety profile, which could make CAR-Ts more widely accessible,” said Joseph McGuirk, D.O., Professor of Medicine and Division Director of Hematologic Malignancies and Cellular Therapeutics at the University of Kansas Medical Center and investigator in the Phase 1 CARBON trial of CTX110. “While longer follow-up is required, these early data support the potential for CTX110 to become an effective off-the-shelf CAR-T therapy for patients with relapsed or refractory B-cell malignancies.”
CARBON Trial Overview
The Phase 1 CARBON trial is an open-label, multicenter study evaluating the safety and efficacy of CTX110 in adult patients with relapsed or refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma, who have received at least two prior lines of therapy. As of the September 28, 2020, data cutoff, 12 patients were enrolled and infused with CTX110. Data are reported for the 11 patients who had at least completed their one-month assessment as of the data cutoff date.
Patients were infused with CTX110 following three days of lymphodepletion using fludarabine (30mg/m2/day) and cyclophosphamide (500mg/m2/day). The primary endpoints include safety as measured by the incidence of dose limiting toxicities (DLTs) and overall response rate. Key secondary endpoints include duration of response, progression-free survival and overall survival.
Additional details may be found at, using identifier: NCT04035434.
Safety Data Overview
Dose Levels 1 – 3 (n=10)
No DLTs were observed. There were no cases of Graft-vs-Host Disease (GvHD) despite high HLA-mismatch between allogeneic CAR-T donors and patients. No infusion reactions to either lymphodepleting chemotherapy or CTX110 were observed. Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) occurred in three patients (30%) and in each case was Grade 2 or below and resolved with tocilizumab administration. One patient (10%) had Grade 2 Immune Effector Cell-Associated Neurotoxicity Syndrome (ICANS) that improved within 24 hours with standard interventions. Two additional serious adverse events (periorbital cellulitis and febrile neutropenia) occurred after CTX110 infusion, both of which resolved and were determined to be unrelated to disease progression or CTX110.
Dose Level 4 (n=1)
One patient received Dose Level 4 of CTX110. On Day 5, the patient experienced Grade 2 CRS which resolved in 5 days. The PET/CT assessment at Day 25 showed the patient had achieved a complete response. The following day, the patient was hospitalized with febrile neutropenia and developed symptoms of short-term memory loss and confusion. The symptoms eventually progressed to significant obtundation that required intubation. He was initially treated for ICANS with steroids, anakinra and intrathecal chemotherapy without improvement. The patient was later found to have reactivation of HHV-6 and HHV-6 encephalitis and treated with antiviral therapy. The decision was made to withdraw supportive care and the patient died 52 days after CTX110 infusion.
Clinical Activity (n=11)
Early evidence of dose-dependent anti-tumor activity was seen with CTX110. Disease assessment was performed by centralized independent radiological review according to the 2014 Lugano response criteria.
Complete response (CR) was achieved at Dose Levels 2, 3, and 4. At DL3, two out of four patients had a complete response. These two patients remain in CR.

The four patients with CR had deep responses including the complete resolution of extranodal disease, normalization of all nodal disease to 1.5 cm or smaller, and a Deauville score of 2 or lower. Additionally, one of these patients who had 30% lymphoblasts in the bone marrow achieved complete clearance after CTX110 infusion.
CR was achieved both in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and with transformed follicular lymphoma, as well as in patients who were primary refractory and who had relapsed after autologous stem cell transplant.
At DL2 and above, CTX110 was detected at multiple time points in all patients, with peak expansion occurring at 1-2 weeks and cells detected as late as 180 days post-infusion​.
Conference Call and WebcastCRISPR Therapeutics will host a conference call and webcast today at 8:30 a.m. ET. The webcast will be made available on the CRISPR Therapeutics website at in the Investors section under Events and Presentations. Following the live audio webcast, the presentation and replay will be available on the Company's website for approximately 30 days.
Dial-In InformationLive (U.S. / Canada): +1 (866) 342‑8588
Live (International): +1 (203) 518‑9865Conference ID: 80521
About CTX110™
CTX110, a wholly owned program of CRISPR Therapeutics, is a healthy donor-derived gene-edited allogeneic CAR-T investigative therapy targeting cluster of differentiation 19, or CD19. CTX110 is being investigated in the CARBON trial.
The ongoing Phase 1 single-arm, multi-center, open label clinical trial, CARBON, is designed to assess the safety and efficacy of several dose levels of CTX110 for the treatment of relapsed or refractory B-cell malignancies. CRISPR Therapeutics is the sponsor of the CARBON trial.
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2020.10.21 15:26 legercheap HALLOWEEN COMING

Today's Halloween Customs Are Thought To Have Been Influenced By Christian Dogma And Practices Derived From It. Halloween Is The Evening Before The Christian Holy Days Of All Hallows' Day (Also Known As All Saints' Or Hallowmas) On 1 November And All Souls' Day On 2 November, Thus Giving The Holiday On 31 October The Full Name Of All Hallows' Eve (Meaning The Evening Before All Hallows' Day)Witch Costumes.Since The Time Of The Early Church,Major Feasts In Christianity (Such As Christmas, Easter And Pentecost) Had Vigils That Began The Night Before, As Did The Feast Of All Hallows'. These Three Days Are Collectively Called Allhallowtide And Are a Time For Honoring The Saints And Praying For The Recently Departed Souls Who Have Yet To Reach Heaven. Commemorations Of All Saints And Martyrs Were Held By Several Churches On Various Dates, Mostly In Springtime.In 609, Pope Boniface Iv Re-Dedicated The Pantheon In Rome To "St Mary And All Martyrs" On 13 May. This Was The Same Date As Lemuria, An Ancient Roman Festival Of The Dead, And The Same Date As The Commemoration Of All Saints In Edessa In The Time Of Ephrem.
The Feast Of All Hallows', On Its Current Date In The Western Church, May Be Traced To Pope Gregory Iii's (731–741) Founding Of An Oratory In St Peter's For The Relics "Of The Holy Apostles And Of All Saints, Martyrs And Confessors". In 835, All Hallows' Day Was Officially Switched To 1 November, The Same Date As Samhain, At The Behest Of Pope Gregory Iv. Some Suggest This Was Due To Celtic Influence, While Others Suggest It Was a Germanic Idea, Although It Is Claimed That Both Germanic And Celtic-Speaking Peoples Commemorated The Dead At The Beginning Of Winter. They May Have Seen It As The Most Fitting Time To Do So, As It Is a Time Of 'Dying' In Nature.It Is Also Suggested That The Change Was Made On The "Practical Grounds That Rome In Summer Could Not Accommodate The Great Number Of Pilgrims Who Flocked To It", And Perhaps Because Of Public Health Considerations Regarding Roman Fever – a Disease That Claimed a Number Of Lives During The Sultry Summers Of The Region.
By The End Of The 12th Century They Had Become Holy Days Of Obligation Across Europe And Involved Such Traditions As Ringing Church Bells For The Souls In Purgatory. In Addition, "It Was Customary For Criers Dressed In Black To Parade The Streets, Ringing a Bell Of Mournful Sound And Calling On All Good Christians To Remember The Poor Souls." "Souling", The Custom Of Baking And Sharing Soul Cakes For All Christened Souls, Has Been Suggested As The Origin Of Trick-Or-Treating. The Custom Dates Back At Least As Far As The 15th Century And Was Found In Parts Of England, Flanders, Germany And Austria. Groups Of Poor People, Often Children, Would Go Door-To-Door During Allhallowtide, Collecting Soul Cakes, In Exchange For Praying For The Dead, Especially The Souls Of The Givers' Friends And Relatives. Soul Cakes Would Also Be Offered For The Souls Themselves To Eat, Or The 'Soulers' Would Act As Their Representatives. As With The Lenten Tradition Of Hot Cross Buns, Allhallowtide Soul Cakes Were Often Marked With a Cross, Indicating That They Were Baked As Alms. Shakespeare Mentions Souling In His Comedy The Two Gentlemen Of Verona (1593). On The Custom Of Wearing Costumes, Christian Minister Prince Sorie Conteh Wrote: "It Was Traditionally Believed That The Souls Of The Departed Wandered The Earth Until All Saints' Day, And All Hallows' Eve Provided One Last Chance For The Dead To Gain Vengeance On Their Enemies Before Moving To The Next World. In Order To Avoid Being Recognized By Any Soul That Might Be Seeking Such Vengeance, People Would Don Masks Or Costumes Red Riding Hood Cosplay To Disguise Their Identities".
It Is Claimed That In The Middle Ages, Churches That Were Too Poor To Display The Relics Of Martyred Saints At Allhallowtide Let Parishioners Dress Up As Saints Instead. Some Christians Continue To Observe This Custom At Halloween Today. Lesley Bannatyne Believes This Could Have Been a Christianization Of An Earlier Pagan Custom. While Souling, Christians Would Carry With Them "Lanterns Made Of Hollowed-Out Turnips". It Has Been Suggested That The Carved Jack-o'-Lantern, a Popular Symbol Of Halloween, Originally Represented The Souls Of The Dead. On Halloween, In Medieval Europe, Fires Served a Dual Purpose, Being Lit To Guide Returning Souls To The Homes Of Their Families, As Well As To Deflect Demons From Haunting Sincere Christian Folk.Households In Austria, England And Ireland Often Had "Candles Burning In Every Room To Guide The Souls Back To Visit Their Earthly Homes". These Were Known As "Soul Lights".Many Christians In Mainland Europe, Especially In France, Believed "That Once a Year, On Hallowe'En, The Dead Of The Churchyards Rose For One Wild, Hideous Carnival" Known As The Danse Macabre, Which Has Often Been Depicted In Church Decoration. Christopher Allmand And Rosamond Mckitterick Write In The New Cambridge Medieval History That "Christians Were Moved By The Sight Of The Infant Jesus Playing On His Mother's Knee; Their Hearts Were Touched By The Pietà; And Patron Saints Reassured Them By Their Presence. But, All The While, The Danse Macabre Urged Them Not To Forget The End Of All Earthly Things." This Danse Macabre Was Enacted At Village Pageants And At Court Masques, With People "Dressing Up As Corpses From Various Strata Of Society", And May Have Been The Origin Of Modern-Day Halloween Costume Parties.
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2020.10.20 22:55 vertical006 Release: CK2 Wizarding World v0.2.1 BETA

Sorry I'm late on this update! Here's the info below!
"Evening all! The update to the release in September is out. Please enjoy!
It's not everything that we wanted to add for this update, as there are still a couple things missing that were intended for the initial release, but we'll try and get these fixed for the next update. This update was more about strengthening what we already have, and removing bugs, though yes there are still some we've not quite got to. One bug being some vanilla rulers losing titles due to this being a new Bookmark.
Change Log ############## ### v0.2.1 ### ##############
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