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Daily Skins Review - S5 E2 “Rich”

2020.07.29 00:41 Ezza16 Daily Skins Review - S5 E2 “Rich”

We’re back with more of season five as we make our way to the second episode. This one’s titled “Rich”, that metalhead bloke from the last episode who hangs around with the ginger guy, both of whom have some spontaneous relationship with Frankie that has absolutely no build up at all. Nevertheless, he’s a new character who we get to learn about as we progress through this season and generation as a whole. Let’s begin.
We open with some psychedelic shit going on as we see glimpses of a leather jacket. Rock music plays as we see someone down a bottle of vodka. We eventually see that this is Rich (who’s like the UK’s answer to Roderick) as he appears to be enjoying a rock concert. He’s completely in a world of his own as his mate (the other van bro) tries to get his attention. Rich snaps out of his world and it’s revealed that he’s actually at some sort of party and not a Jimi Hendrix gig. His mate (why won’t they say his fucking name?) introduces him to two blonde girls who Rich doesn’t seem all too interested in. They ask him what he was listening to so Rich, being the difficult person that he seems to be, takes off the MP3 player that’s on and puts on some heavy rock music. All party goers are seemingly unhappy with this and everyone tells him to turn it off. Rich ignores there protests and screams along with the song (you know, I was with Rich on the whole rock music thing but the jacket should’ve told me that he was less Oasis and more Slipknot. That screaming bollocks isn’t doing it for me). Rich and his mate are promptly thrown out so Rich’s mate calls him a “dick” (he ain’t wrong). We then see him sit up in a sleeping bag beside Rich’s bed and complain that he’s “never gonna get laid if Rich is going to be such a douche to all the dames they meet”. Rich says it’s because all the girls they meet are always arseholes. His mate goes on to say that he doesn’t care if they’re “one-legged, dead hermaphrodites” (I think that’s probably more of a problem than Rich to be honest). Rich says that he’s not going to waste his time on “peroxide-sodden Miley Cyrus Cowellistas” (these are some of the most random adjectives I’ve ever heard). His mate says that he’s full of shit and asks if some metalhead girl wandered into his life if he’d ask her out. Rich says he would and that she’d say yes. His mate says he’s going to find him one then, stating that he’ll be like “Cilla Black with a dick” (what an awful attempt at a joke. I’m gonna have an issue with this generation if it does this often. Even the delivery was awful). His mate says it’ll be easy. However, Rich says she “can’t be fat though”, as his mate just says “Bollocks” (from one awful joke to quite a funny one actually. That actually made me laugh and was delivered well). We then get an awful bit where Rich wakes up to his alarm that blast “Let the bodies hit the floor”, which he gets up and screams along to (okay, seriously what the fuck? First of all, that’s the kind of song I’d pick if I was making a parody of a metalhead character. That was far too stereotypical. Speaking of which, Rich’s character is just far too over the top. He’s been nothing short of a walking stereotype so far and all this screaming shit is just awful). Rich picks up a roll of toilet roll where his mate slept that has has that he’s gone fishing written on it. Rich goes to take a shower and gets a call from his mate telling him to come to college. Rich goes outside and his dad asks him if he’s off to college. Rich says “Yes, Kevin” and sarcastically tells him he goes their everyday (what a twat). His dad tells him he wishes Rich wouldn’t call him Kevin but Rich just dismisses it. Rich meets his mate in the library who takes his hand and smiles. He takes Rich down an aisle and shows him the “Angel of Death”. Rich looks at a metalhead girl as heavy metal music plays in his head. His mate tells him to go and talk to her but Rich doesn’t seem keen. He reminds Rich of what he said so he agrees. He awkwardly approaches her and tries to talk. However, he minces his words, heavy metal music blares whenever he looks at her (for some reason) and she looks at him like he’s a fucking idiot. He then awkwardly says he’s been looking for a book for ages and picks out “Incest; A Frank Discussion”. He eventually aborts mission and is heard telling his mate Alo (yes, they’ve finally said his name) to shut the fuck up.
Alo tells Rich that he needs help on the whole chatting up girls thing. Rich gives the pretty weak excuse that he didn’t have breakfast that morning. Rich doesn’t take kindly to Alo slagging him off and points out that Alo “masturbates so much that his hand is now a shrivelled wank claw”. Alo suggests that they get a girl to help him. But he then says that someone who isn’t “like a girl” (I think I see where this is going). Low and behold I was correct as Franky has to explain to them that they’ve come to the wrong place. Franky says she knows someone who can help them and leads them to Grace, who is practicing ballet. Franky hits Alo when he mentions he can see Grace’s “vag through her leotard”. They tell Grace their problem but things come to an awkward halt when Mini and Liv come in looking for Grace. Some back and forth between Mini and Franky occurs and Mini asks Grace if she’s “still coming for that mocha” as Liv sort of sneers in the background for some reason. They encourage Grace to join them and Mini says she’s no problem if Grace wants to hang out with “inbreds, lesbos and nerds”. Rich takes issue with this so Mini tells him to “Fuck off back to Valhalla”. Mini and Liv then snigger like a pair of dickheads and Grace agrees to join them. Rich listens to more of his metal music, has a smoke and goes to lie down next to a tree. Someone sits near him and Rich asks them what they want. Eventually, this person reveals themselves to be Grace in a disguise as “Mini will be happier if she doesn’t know about it”. She offers to help him but Rich doesn’t think it’s a good idea because she kind of represents “everything he despises in the world” (ooh, how edgy). Grace says that her mother always says opposites attract. Rich says that’s magnets and they’re people (holy shit, Rich is the most miserable person I’ve ever seen). Grace tells him to take her to the girl he likes so they head to the library. Grace says she’s pretty and asks why she’s “wearing a dog collar”. Rich says it’s because she’s a metalhead and Grace asks what a metalhead is. Rich seems quite offended by this and tells Grace that a metalhead is someone like him who likes metal music. He says that’s why he dresses like he does. Grace says she thought he dressed like that for a joke so Rich angrily tells her he’s “not a fucking clown dressing up silly to make you laugh”. Grace tells her that she’ll use her acting skills to role play Rich asking the girl out. Rich remarks that “That’s the worst idea since genocide” (or since killing off Freddie). Grace says it will be fun and they have no other choice. Rich angrily tells her “Fine” and they go to a record shop. Rich picks up some tickets off the owner for a band named “Napalm Death” (they used to tour all over Vietnam). Grace says they should go together, but Rich tells her if he went with her he “wouldn’t want to go” (what a horrible little bastard). The owner asks Grace who she is and she introduces herself. She asks about the record behind him and he tells her it’s “Misplaced Abortion’s” (these names are hilarious. Are these real bands?) third record. He says that it’s the heaviest record of all time and there is only three in the world. He says you can’t even listen to it because it’s “way too heavy”. Rich plays her some metal music so she passes out. The owner then plays her something a bit lighter and tells her she can have it for free. Rich isn’t too happy about this and says he “never gives out free metal”. Rich then says it’s only because she’s got “those and that”, pointing at her breasts and vagina. This gets a rise out of Grace who storms off. The owner tells him he has advice for him, which turns out to be “Don’t be an ass hat and people will like you more”. Rich just grunts like a knobhead and walks out. He finds Grace sitting outside and sits with her. Grace tells him he “needs to be nicer to her” so Rich says she’s “never gonna like this CD” (what the fuck does that have to do with you being a prick?). Grace says she reckons that he couldn’t answer one question about ballet. Rich says it’s because “ballet is lame” and he “really couldn’t give a fuck”. Grace tells him that “Ballet is everything” to her just like metal is to him. She says she’s “trying to understand his way but he won’t let her”. Grace says she liked the melody and stuff in the music but the stuff Rich played her was just evil. Rich responds by saying ballet is just for gays and grannies. Grace gets frustrated with Rich and walks off. Rich and Alo drive around in the van and Alo asks if he’s going to ask out the girl. Rich doesn’t want to but eventually agrees because Alo keeps calling him gay. Rich goes into a pub and looks at a poster for Napalm Death. Someone approaches his table who turns out to be Grace in Metal gear. She plays a character called “Sub”. Sub asks about his friends and the girl who’s helping him. Rich says she’s alright but “let’s people walk all over her” and her “friend treat her like shit”. Sub says that maybe she knows her friends love her and Rich says maybe she “has no self respect”. Sub gets angry and says “No-one fucking knows her”, not even Mini and Liv. She breaks character and becomes Grace again and rips into Rich. Rich says this is how she should be and shouldn’t let him or anyone else put her down. Rich tells her to be angry and never compromise, her agreeing with his words. Grace goes full blown a metalhead and shouts along to the song, all the others rallying behind her. Rich and Grace stand in the middle of the road and she asks him what he’s going to do. Rich says he’s going to ask the girl out but seems somewhat unsure as Grace seems disappointed that he’s leaving.
Rich looks at his concert poster again and ponders asking the girl out as his dad cuts the grass. His dad reminds him that it’s his mother’s birthday the next day and gives him money to buy her a gift. Rich, being a pessimistic knob, says it’s pointless using money his dad has given him. His dad says he knows how he feels and that he just wanted to get away from his family when he was young too. Rich asks him “What went wrong?” as he makes his way towards Alo, who’s just pulled up outside. As his dad goes to tell him he loves him, Rich cuts across him and tells him “Don’t fucking say it”. Rich approaches the girl at the library, full of confidence, but she doesn’t even speak to him. That is until he asks her if she’d like to go for a drink with him and she tells him “No”. Rich starts to walk on but eventually turns around and asks her “Why not?”. She explains in a lot of words that I can’t be bothered to type but she basically says he’s unattractive. As a rather dejected Rich leaves the library, Grace joins him and says she’d fun the night before. She asks if he’d like to come to her ballet recital but he says he’s got his gig that night. She goes to ask if he’d like to some other time but he lashes out at her and she runs off. Alo, who watched all this from afar, takes Rich to the van for a talk. Alo asks him why he rejected a date with “one of the hottest girls in college”. Rich says she’s not hot and Alo says “Every other man would be balls deep”. Rich says he’s “not every other man”, Alo asking him what’s so special about him. Rich says it’s because he doesn’t compromise because he’s metal. He says if he went out with her he’d end up “body-popping to Lil Wayne” (that’s a pretty funny image). Rich takes out his poster and says that they don’t compromise and make beautiful music. Alo asks what he’d know and says he probably spent his life “masturbating on a bus or playing unlistenable music in Swansea”. Rich leaves, Alo shouting that he’s “Full of shit” (he ain’t wrong) and to “man the fuck up”. Rich makes his way to the record shop and hands over £500 for the record that is apparently too heavy to listen to. He then tells the owner he saw his copy of Heat and calls him a “fucking sellout”. Rich goes home and puts on his record. It’s so loud that Rich seems to be in some discomfort as he listens. He then turns it up like a fucking idiot and starts screaming. He takes off his headphones and his ears begin to ring. Rich starts clapping and snapping his fingers, but his hearing is damaged and the sounds are all muffled. He goes to a doctor, who checks him out and writes the words “You’ve gone deaf” on a sheet of paper. Rich asks what he should do now, the doctor telling him he must wait to see if it comes back. Rich takes his concert ticket and poster and rips them up. He then goes to Grace’s ballet recital and watches. Grace comes out and does her bit. He gets emotional as he watches her (you two spent like a day together...). Grace comes up to him after the show and he tells her he’s gone deaf. He tells her that her dancing was really beautiful. She types out asking about the gig but he tells her he tore up the tickets. She takes out two tickets and they go together. Rich tells her to be careful as they approach the crowd but Grace gets up on stage and hypes up the crowd. She then crowd surfs as Rich watches on.
Rich wakes up the following morning to his alarm and is delighted to find that his hearing is back. He gets a text from Grace saying that she had the best night ever and thanking him. He starts typing something to her but decides against it. After his shower, he looks for moisturiser but has run out. He goes out to his dad who gives him some. He then asks if he can ask him something and asks him how he asked his mother out. He tells him that if there’s a girl he likes that all he has to do is ask. He says that the worst that can happen is that she says no. He asks “What then?”, his dad telling him he either tries again or moves on. Rich walks off, calling his dad “Dad” as opposed to Kevin. As Rich walks into school, he runs into Alo, who asks if the Gay Convention has been in town and asks where he’s been. Rich goes to apologise but Alo stops him and says it’s cool. Franky approaches and slags then off and says that was like a conversation from Rain Man. Rich, who’s holding some flowers, asks if either of them have seen Grace and goes to her. He approaches Grace at the park and asks if he can talk to her. She asks about his hearing coming back and says that she’s meeting Mini in a minute so he’ll need to be quick. He tells her he had a good time the night before, Grace mentioning that things got “pretty close”. Rich goes to talk but the words won’t come out. Grace eventually says that it’s probably good that nothing happened between them and he unconvincingly agrees. She asks who the flowers are for, Rich saying they’re for his mother. Mini calls her and she tells Rich she has to go. She throws up a metal hand gesture as she walks away.
Again, that was actually an alright episode. I really like the dynamic between Rich and Alo but was kind of disappointed in the whole Rich and Grace romance angle. They are properly in each other’s company for like one day, Rich is nothing short of a complete dick to her and then he sees her dance once and he’s in love with her. It just feels too forced. I also don’t get why she’s interested in Rich or what she sees in him. Sure, he’s probably a decent guy on the inside, but he definitely doesn’t give a good account of himself throughout the episode. I thought Rich could be too much of a cliche at points, but maybe that was intentional. Nevertheless, he’s just too edgy to the point where it’s not natural like Effy and just feels forced. Some of the dialogue in this episode was pretty bad at times and some of the “comedic” moments were lacking know...comedy, but it was a decent enough episode anyway. Important points include: - Continued animosity between Franky and Mini - Grace torn between Mini and Liv and Rich and Franky - Rich realising that he likes Grace and their relationship
So that was Rich’s episode. He definitely wasn’t the most likeable character I’ve seen, but his episode was decent enough apart from some rough patches.
Overall Rating: 7/10
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2020.04.13 04:43 90skid91 Let's Talk: Cilla Black

Cilla Black passed away a few years back. For those unfamiliar with her, she was famous in the UK for decades starting in the 1960s achieving successful careers in music and television. She came up with The Beatles in Liverpool (same manager) and were very close friends, with Lennon & McCartney writing a few hit songs for her. Ringo even appeared on her TV show in 1968. (Ringo on Cilla; Audio only since BBC used to wipe tapes of shows in the 60s & 70s)
At one point, she was on her way to joining her colleagues in America and becoming a part of the British Invasion & achieiving success there, but she was too lonely & homesick and that was it.
She had success in the 1960s and early 1970s with hit songs like Step Inside Love (a great song; written by Lennon–McCartney), Anyone Who Had a Heart, You're My World, It's for You (another Lennon–McCartney contribution), Love's Just a Broken Heart, just to name a few. (You're My World) (Step Inside Love) (Alfie)
In the late 60s, she moved to TV hosting a successful variety show for a few years and when her recording career died down in the 1970s, she moved to TV hosting with huge success in the 80s and 90s with Blind Date & Surprise Surprise.
Cilla's singing voice has always been a source of contention. You either love it or hate it. I like her voice, but in limited doses. I haven't managed to listen to an entire album of hers (believe me, I've tried) as it does become a bit too shrill/irritating but I do enjoy all of her singles from the 1960s and early 1970s. It's a shame she didn't stick with pursuing the US career as she could have had some success alongside Dusty Springfield, Lulu and Petula Clark.
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2019.10.24 23:38 lukario RPDR UK episode 4 - cultural references for international viewers

Wow. What a great episode and more importantly, stacked with a lot of who the fuck is this person for international viewers.
Pre snatch game shenanigans
  • Blu says to Alan "what's the craic" (pronounced crack) which is an Irish phrase for how are ya, whats going on etc. Wheras someone have good craic is similar to meaning some has good banter.
  • One of Viviennes characters is the legendary Kim Woodburn, who has been mentioned every week by me. Slightly gutted we didn't get a Kim snatch game but her Donald was just as amazing. Secondly, we have Cilla Black. Liverpudlian legend, singer, actress and most notably television presenter in the 80s and 90s for shows like Blind Date, where people choose a potential partner based on bad puns and don't see each other. The voice, teeth and hair looked spot on so we would have been spoilt once again by viv.
  • Sum's other choice in Nigella Lawson, named after her narcissistic father Nigel Lawson. Nigella is a TV chef known for her big sexual energy when presenting and is always a dads favourite. Saucy, busty and gorgeous sums up Nigella. She would have been a better character than David Attenborough. Blu's Mary Berry jokes were more fitting for Nigella. ___________________________________________________________________________
Snatch Game
Guests are Stacey Dooley and Lorraine Kelly. Stacey does a lot of BBC investigative reporting shows and recently came under criticism by a Labour member of parliament for her shows exhibiting 'white saviour' characteristics. Lorraine has been presenting breakast morning shows on ITV (one of the main tv channels) since the 90s and has her own show which is primarily about showbiz gossip and fashion.
  • Julia Childs - not British and I'm not really sure on her. Hopefully someone else can answer any questions on her if they're unsure.
  • Gemma Collins - has been mentioned nearly every week as she is just as iconic as Kim Woodburn. Gemma, also known as the GC, is from Essex like Cheryl and came to fame on the reality show the only way is Essex (TOWIE). She has also appeared on reality shows like big brother and was i-fucking-conic for being a diva. Please watch the video in full when you get the chance. Her and Tiffany Pollard made that season. She has also fallen over a few times on TV. Cheryl played it safe I think and just sort of played herself. I didn't get much Gemma from her.
  • D* nald Tr* mp - less said the better but fun fact, trump also means fart in British English. Makes sense with the amount of hot air that comes out his gob
  • Margaret Thatcher - first woman prime minister and she still remains one of the most polarised politicians in the country long after she left power. Like marmite, she is either loved or hated. Few people have no opinion on her. Known as the Iron Lady, Thatcher's time in power lead to mass unemployment, a recession and many riots - most notably the miners strike in the mid 80s over the closure of British mines which were a traditonal form of employment for a lot of working class people. Thatcher fans like Baga like her tough, no shit taken attitude and is assocated with winning the Falklands War (more on that later). When she died, the song ding dong the witch is dead from the Wizard of Oz went to number one on the music charts. Baga's Thatcher says "bring on brexit" but Thatcher was actually supportive of the EU and oversaw a lot of what makes the EU today, especially the single market. Very ironic that her own party is fucking all that up though but the less about Tories the better. Baga also put red contact lenses in referencing how a lot of people viewed Thatcher as evil
  • Golden Girls/Rue not British so I've also skipped this
  • Mary Berry - former judge on the great british bake off, a show about baking which has it's own drama for a chilled show. She's a fairly reserved character and not as vulgar as Blu presented her. She's also a chef/baker and has written a lot of books about the subject. And the absolute disgrace that there was not ONE soggy bottom reference either.
  • David Attenborough - well known nature documentary legend.
Michelle Visage as hair spice question
Graham not gram norton question about wine
  • Baga says redundancy for her answer - referencing the extremely high levels of unemployment under Thatcher's premiership. Bugger the miners, referencing the miners strike from above and more money for the rich, less for the poor aka the conservative party.
  • Blu's "mary" says her poonany tastes like a fondant fancy. Poonany is vagina, fondant fancy is a cake.
Alan Carr question about wigs
  • Baga says Lorraine has marvelous puppies, slang for boobs
  • Cheryl's Gemma references her designer vagina where she spent £2000 on cosmetic surgery downstairs
  • Baga mentions one of Thatcher's more famous phrases, "the ladys not for turning" in response to criticisms of her political u-turns. I'm surprised there was no, no-no-no bit by Baga. Probably got cut in true Tory fashion
Meghan Markle question
  • Question mentions Kensington Palace where Prince William, Harry and their families live
Werk Room
Blu mentions same-sex marriage is not legal in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland, along with Scotland and Wales have devolved Parliaments where they can implement some of their own laws. The DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) in Northern Ireland have always blocked same-sex marriage and abortion in Northern Ireland. The DUP and Sinn Fein, the two largest parties in the devolved Northern Irish government have not been able to agree on certain legislation so the devolved parliament in Northern Ireland has not been open in more than 1000 days . Because of this, the British Parliament in Westminster have taken over doing something called direct rule where they now oversee everything related to NI. As recently as this week, British MPs voted to legalise same-sex marriage and abortion in Northern Ireland from effect in January next year . Some political analysts have viewed it as a giant fuck you to the DUP from the ruling Tory party for messing with their brexit plans by not voting with them. The DUP have always said they want to be treated like the rest of the UK, well here you are you dinosaurs. Hopefully that's explained well, but if not the fish from Northern Ireland will educate you all better. Hopefully Blue can get married now!
  • On the main stage, Ru calls Alan chatty spice. Alan hosted a TV show called chatty man where he would interview celebs. Ru was a guest previously.
  • Ru says we have a hung parliament for both Baga and Viviennes winning. A hung parliament is not a giant dick in Parliament (of which the current PM is) but its when no party holds a majority and can lead to a minority government, of which the current one is, or a coalition.
That seems to have covered most of it. Hopefully this was helpful again and as always, if I missed something or got it wrong let me know!
Thanks 😘
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2019.05.16 13:46 matthewp02 THE DAY I BECAME SUPERGEEK

Formatting got messed up sorry if it is
DEXTER PHILIPS, early teen’s, slim, handsome face behind the large framed bifocals he wears, strolls up the sidewalk. He’s oblivious to any activity around him as all of his attention is focused on the comic book he’s reading until...
DEXTER (V.O.) I guess the day started off normal. Whatever that means.
...a milk carton is tossed from the school lawn. It makes contact, leaving the sleeve of his bleached white button down covered in chocolate milk. The guilty party CHEERS, from the sideline, rebelling in his good victory.
DEXTER Not chocolate milk... (sniffing) Spoiled chocolate milk.
As he wipes the milk from his arm, MILLS DAVIDSON, out of breath, catches up to him. Mills, early teens, still carrying a lot of his baby fat, is anxious to reach Dexter.
MILLS Dude, did you get my illustrations? Awesome, huh?
DEXTER (V.O.) This is Mills, my best friend.
MILLS Dex, your dialogue was spot on, man! This is gonna be awesome!
INT. LINCOLN MOORE HIGH - CONTINUOUS Dexter and Mills head down the crowded hallway.
DEXTER Yeah, this is going to be the best graphic novel ever written. I love that he’s not too muscular and -- Dexter is momentarily distracted.
DEXTER (V.O.) (CONT’D) This is Hannah. My queen.
HANNAH SNOW, early teens, very pretty, is talking to her friend when a football being tossed by a bunch of jocks flies through her hands and knocking her books to the floor. She glares at the jocks expectantly. They grab their ball and take off.
HANNAH The gentlemanly thing to do would be to apology... (to her friend)
Guys are so clueless. Dexter stares her way, longingly.
MILLS Hey, girls like Hannah will be begging for our attention after we become famous... like Jay-Z said, ain’t no such thing as an ugly billionaire. They do their happy dance which consist of a hand slap in the air, a fist bump times two and a little elbow rubbing.
DEXTER\MILLS Super Geek to the rescue!
DEXTER (V.O.) It was starting off to be a great day until...
Dexter and Mills gleefully headed to their lockers but was blocked by a wall, a tall, unusually muscular one. PRISCILLA WYNTERS, early teens, was looking for trouble.
DEXTER (V.O.) Beast-cilla reared her ugly head.
PRISCILLA Where’s the fire, geeks? Slow down, low down...
Her side kicks, LAURA and FRED, laughs as she correlates the phrase “low down” to Dexter’s height by tapping him on the head.
MILLS (whispering to Dex) Let’s just ignore her...
DEXTER (whispering to Mills) Like trying to ignore Big Foot... not gonna happen.
PRISCILLA Hey, guess what time it is? Time for your morning up... (lifting Dex off his feet)!
MILLS Put him down!
PRISCILLA Okay. I’ll put him down.
She drops him and he falls hard.
DEXTER Why don’t you pick on someone your own size... oh, wait, no one’s your size you big beast-cilla!
A few student chuckle causing Priscilla to turn red from embarrassment, or was it anger?
PRISCILLA You foul mouth, midget! I’m going to make you regret the day your Momma spit you out of her Va-j-j...
Priscilla balls up her fist, reaches back forcefully...
DEXTER (V.O.) I saw it coming, I just didn’t know what to do about it.
She hits him so hard, it sends him flying into a locker. The momentum of the slam causes the locker door to swing shut with Dex inside.
Most of the kids began to scattered like rats but Priscilla and her crew are halted in their tracks as, the vice principal, MR. WILLIAM, late fifties, very militant, approaches.
MR. WILLIAMS What’s going on out here? PRISCILLA/LAURA/FRED Nothing, sir.
He peers over at locker. Mills!
Mills, who’s gaze is transfixed on the
MR. WILLIAMS Is there a problem?
Suddenly BANGING lock. Then more sounds are heard from the inside of the BANGING.
MILLS Uhh... MR. WILLIAMS What the --
The BANGING persist. MR. Williams opens the locker.
MR. WILLIAMS (CONT’D) It’s empty.
Priscilla, Laura, Fred and Mills are all amazed.
PRISCILLA What happened to him?
MR. WILLIAMS To who? What’s going on here?
MILLS He’s gone!
MR. WILLIAMS Enough of this, you mini morons, get to class. Now!
Mr. Williams heads off to his office.
Priscilla immediately grabs Mills by the collar.
PRISCILLA Where is he? Tell me, before I --
SUPER GEEK (O.C.) Hey, if it isn’t my favorite bully.
SUPER GEEK, Dexter inside out, minus the bifocals, plus a lot of confidence, swaggers down the hall. One of the students tosses a milk carton his way. He quickly catches it, sipping the milk from a straw.
PRISCILLA (dumbfounded) Who are you?
SUPER GEEK Let my friend go and I’ll show you.
PRISCILLA Okay. I’ll put him down.
She drops him and he falls hard. SUPER GEEK That wasn’t very nice.
PRISCILLA Nice for what!
Priscilla goes after Super Geek, quickly dodges out of her way by legs.
Meanwhile, those pesky jocks are football down the hall.
Priscilla is focused on catching directly into a flying football.
The small group of students that applaud, including Hannah.
but he’s too fast. He zip sliding between her at it again, tossing the
Super Geek when she runs It knocks her out cold. have assembled around them
SUPER GEEK Now, now, ladies and gents, when a lady is in distress the gentlemanly thing to do is to help her.
Priscilla begins to come around. Super Geek helps her up.
MILLS She’s no lady...
A light headed Priscilla stumbles away. HANNAH Wow, that was cool.
She leans over and gives Super Geek a kiss. He begins to sway, as if he’s going to faint.
Mills is leaning over Dexter, shaking and pleading for him to wake up. 5.
MILLS Dex, Dex, you alright, man?
Dexter slowly gains consciousness.
DEXTER Yeah, I’m, I’m okay.
MILLS Dude, she knocked you out...
DEXTER That’s okay. It as totally worth it.
Dexter glances over at Hannah and gives her a smile.
She smiles back.
DEXTER (V.O.) It’s like I realized for the first time, I didn’t need to hide who I was. I just needed to be brave enough to be me.
INT. LINCOLN MOORE HIGH/HALLWAY CUT TO: A new, more confident Dexter swaggers down the hallway, making eye contact and smiling at the other students. He walks up to Hannah and hands her a long stem rose.
Speechless, she accepts it. Dexter turns and heads to class without looking back. He’s confident enough to know... he’ll get the girl. FADE OUT. 6.
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2019.05.09 18:41 lindymad Trying to locate a specific episode of Blind Date(!)

I remember watching an episode of Blind Date (with Cilla Black) where one of the female contestants appeared to be very very high on either mushrooms or LSD. Does this ring any bells for anyone? I would love to be able to watch it again, but have no memory of the air date, how to identify it, or whether it would even be possible to find it again!
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2018.11.12 18:32 daveslater Fantasy Poll: Who would you choose and why?

The real answer would be complicated and involve many, but:
(cue Cilla Black, Blind Date style)
If only one Destiny character was to read aloud all the lore to you, who would it be and why?
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2018.01.16 02:32 FashGoHome My Regrettable Appearance On Blind Date 1994 - Cilla Black

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2017.11.30 12:47 eamezey When Cilla Black rumbled an undercover reporter live on Blind Date

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2017.03.13 19:44 JBRADLEEEEY Blind date , Cilla black Jamie Hayden , kicked off, Chingford boy , e4 ,...

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2015.12.08 17:31 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Iam Nigel Lythgoe! Ask Me Anything!

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Date: 2015-12-07
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Questions Answers
What is the main difference between shows that are exclusively online and shows that air on TV? Is there any difference in filming? Is there any less pressure when it comes to ratings or competitiveness with other shows? And how different is the marketing? Broadcast Television is meant to appeal to a bread section of the audience. Consequently, you live and die by your ratings. With working in the digital area, you have a much more focused audience for the subject. Without doubt, it would be difficult to do a chorography show on broadcast television. Dance itself frightens many television executives. Choreography is even more focused and many television executives cannot even pronounce the word, therefore it was extremely important to do Every Single Step on a digital channel where people who are interested in the subject can make a point of watching it. The video world is a little bit like a library where you can go and find the reference books you need and that is certainly what is happening with video content at this time. We will always be judged on how many people watch the programs, so make sure you tune in at go90 on the DanceOn Network’s go90.
Where do you see the future of dance going? in your perfect world what would happen? In my perfect world, every elementary school in the country would have dance classes. Dance for me is such an important part of human life. We danced and moved physically our body long before we managed to talk, it expresses our feelings and ignites our creativity. It builds bridges, it communicates far better on occasions than words.
Neuroscientists are finding that kids learn better, math, english, geography and history when they are doing something artistic like dancing. Dancing brings communities together, gives kids confidence. Its team building, it makes better human beings of us all.
So, I'm not interested if we become professional dancers I'm only interested in the fact that dancing helps up both physically and mentally.
What are hoping for the final season of American idol ? We are hoping to remember the impact, both in entertainment terms and socially, that American Idol had on the country for over a decade when families and neighbors would come together to watch the program. With over 143M votes some weeks, the entire county was engrossed to find the next singing superstar. I hope that we will remember Simon Cowell’s honesty, Paula’s heart, and Randy’s energy. It was an incredible television program that we will never see the light of again and I hope that we can capture some of those memories in this year’s finale; along with crowing the 2016 American Idol! There are a lot of good ideas going into this production and I hope you will enjoy it next year.
How did you live the huge exit from American Idol? I guess it was the first time I'd been fired in my life.
I've made a point to never look back, I'm not going in that direction. You have to move on and pick yourself up and get on with life.
There's no question it was tough, I always felt that AI was my baby. I don't feel that I failed with AI, I'm very proud of what we achieved. Anyway failure is not final, only if you give up and I'm not the type of person to give up.
Which is why I've probably been asked back to produce the final ever Idol show. I guess they needed someone to turn the lights out.
What are your favorite SYTYCD routines ever? To be honest I can't really give you my favorite routines but there are certainly some tentpole routines that stand out and you will probably remember. The bench routine from Mia Michaels. Rama-Lama from Wade Robson, along with his hummingbird and flower routine (which earned him an Emmy). Tyce DiOrio's breast cancer routine, the addiction routine and Travis Wall's routine about his brother.
All exceptionally memorable and all great choreography. So it is totally impossible for me to choose anyone as a favorite.
Which do you like more, American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance and why? Naturally as a dancer, I prefer SYTYCD. The hours of work that a dancer has to put in, I can only sit back and be proud of them. Dancing isn't always a god given talent. There's a lot of sweat hours that must go into the training. Singing on the other hand, although good training helps. I believe is god given. You need a good ear, a good voice and a great performance.
However, both of these programs give a wonderful platform to extraordinary talent.
Nigel did you think you would ever come this far by being a dancer and a producer? Also is tap the best type of dances or what is you all time favourite of dance I always had dreams to become more than just a background dancer. Did I think I would become a major Hollywood television producer? No. However I did think I would become a West End star. I don't believe you should ever rest on your laurels, whatever door opens for you, its work to go through it but I don't think you should be frightened to transition throughout your life. Its very important to keep growing, learning and remembering that you don't know everything and you never will.
What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you on set? (Super excited for your new show!!) It turned out to be funny but wasn't funny at the time. I was performing in front of her Her Majesty the Queen of England. I had to lift 2 people at the same time.
Eartha Kitt was in front, Ken Warwick was behind her lifting her. I had to lift them both in the air and I expelled every bit of air that was in my body in a rude manner. Although embarrassing at the time, I've laughed about it for year. I'm not sure her majesty was amused.
Do you think every dancer can be a choreographer? OR, does a good choreographer necessarily need to be an amazing dancer? Umm, I certainly believe that not every dancer can become a good choreographer, but I also believe that not every choreographer has to even be a dancer. I don’t believe that there is a hard and steed fast rule to being a creative artist. I am still in shock knowing that Sonya Tayeh learned to dance by reading books. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and have the passion to follow your dream.
How did you go from being a Choreographer to a producer? Good question... I was much more of a cerebral choreographer, one that thought more about ideas than dance steps. That led me to work with a great deal of British comedians – Morecambe and Wise, The Two Ronnies, Bobbie Davro, and Brian Conley. I was then asked to produce and direct Bobbie Davro’s series, which led me into production and direction and I was happy to hand my dancing shoes up.
Do you think dancers are better trained today then they were 30 years ago? There's no question today. Not just in technique but in diet, and understanding their bodies. We've learned so much about physiology even in the past 10 years that we are now putting into practice, or is kinesiology- physiology for sure. We're being helped by physical therapists for any slight injuries that may occur. There's even a dance medicine in our local hospital here in Los Angeles.
How was the casting process for ESS? What were you looking for? We were looking for young choreographers, who were both bold and creative; and had a vision that they could inspire their dancers with. We were insistent that these choreographers would not be held back by their fears but led forward by their dreams. Fear stifles creativity. Consequently we needed them to be bold, brave, loud and proud.
What is your favorite plant/flowetree? I think the oak is one of my favorite trees because it is so strong and steadfast. Bullrushers are among my favorite plants because they've learned to bend and give into to strong winds but remain there.
And cacti, because they remain and grow in the most difficult of places and it's always been my belief to bloom wherever you're planted.
Do you truly, honestly think Cilla Black would have wanted to be buried in Liverpool? I absolutely do believe Cilla wanted to be buried in Liverpool. She was a great scouser and although she didn't live in Liverpool, that was always her home. I was at her funeral and thrilled to see how the city turned out on the streets for her. Unfortunately she couldn't be buried by her husband as they were of different religions.
Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, or Magic Mike? (laughs) Ooohh. Dirty Dancing.
I love the story, I thought to be able to take a wallflower and turn her into a princess was just heartwarming. To see a dancer like Patrick Swayze become a movie star was inspirational for so many young dancers. Plus one of my favorite songs is "I Had The Time Of My Life".
Who do you root for on Every Single Step? The fan favorite or the underdog? I root for the creators, the people who are putting their work on the line and being judged. It isn’t easy to layout your work and have it judged. You have to be exceptionally brave and be able to take whatever comments, both good and bad. Anyone that brave deserves support.
Howdy! I'm a long time fan of SYTYCD and would like to ask, will Mary Murphy ever return? I am very close to Mary Murphy and would love to see her return at some point.
Also, do you have any advice for a fellow who would like to embarrass himself less when dancing? I'm going to a party in a couple weeks and would like to look less like a comedy act when I get down. The very fact that you get up and dance is important. You wont find too many people laughing at you; they will be the ones that don’t have the guts to get up themselves. Keep up your dancing without question, you will improve as time goes by, and besides that, you will meet all the best girls.
Do you ever foresee tap making a big comeback? I feel like it sadly it a style from another time...(even with people like Savion Glover) Tap is slowly coming back. Certainly in a number of Broadway shows I've seen in the past year. They've had tap routines in them. People are talking about tap more and more and that's always a good sign and don't forget the last winner Gaby, was a tap dancer!
What's the best dance performance you've ever seen? I was a dancer at the London Palladium and Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev performed. It was an incredible performance that left me dewy eyed. At the same time I have seen some amazing performances on SYTYCD.
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2015.08.03 13:42 newsbeard [Tech] 'Cilla Black introduced me to my wife on Blind Date': Channel man's heartwarming story

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2013.04.21 17:27 lobsters_upon_you AotW #4: Unpatterns - Simian Mobile Disco


nominated by nicolauz
Quick Info
Artist Simian Mobile Disco
Release Date 14 May 2012
Label Wichita
Style Techno, House
1 I Waited for You
2 Cerulean
3 Seraphim
4 A Species Out of Control
5 Interference
6 Put Your Hands Together (Ford, Shaw, Jamie Lidell)
7 The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife
8 Your Love Ain't Fair
9 Pareidolia

Album Review via ResidentAdvisor

It's been three years since the release of Simian Mobile Disco's much-derided second album, Temporary Pleasures. James Ford and Jas Shaw were upbraided for an over-reliance on star names and spreading them over an unholy mish-mash of styles. Frankly, everyone involved sounded bored and uninspired. The irony was that Ford was making a great success of producing albums for indie heroes like Arctic Monkeys. And, as former members of Simian, Ford and Shaw had been riding the crest of a wave propelled by Justice's genre-fusing remix of "We Are Your Friends"—the finest indie/dance crossover record since the heyday of Primal Scream and Happy Mondays.
The fight back began with 2010's Delicacies. A round-up of the dark, twisted techno EPs put out on SMD's Delicatessen label, it went above and beyond in addressing critics. Part two of that fight back—Unpatterns—sounds like redemption attained. There's some cannily-woven sorcery at work here. Unpatterns is very now, yet by employing key electronic music touchstones it sounds classic as well. Just take "Your Love Ain't Fair." Opening up with a cut-up, discofied vocal, SMD introduce blasts of huge, trad Chicago house synths and underpin it with a thumping bassline attack that's very Bashmore. "Put Your Hands Together" borrows from the looping, peak-time style of French house masters while "Seraphim" is four minutes of handsome techno soul with more than a hint of Photek's "Mine to Give." It features a slo-mo acid breakdown of magisterial beauty and an emotionally wrought vocal sample of Beatles muse-turned-cheesy-Brit-TV-host Cilla Black. Not only is it evidence of expert crate-digging but an ability to wring soul from the unlikeliest of sources.
It's not just laser-guided club bombs, though. Subliminally or not, "Cerulean" mimics Orbital's bleepy, robotic techno style; "The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife" is a fizzing 8-bit exercise with off-kilter rhythms leaving decaying trails of electronic debris behind it like meteor showers. In contrast, "Interference"—Unpatterns' most willfully contemporary-sounding track—is aimed directly at 2 AM Berghain crowds, fusing echo-laden, Scuba-like bass thuds with spattering Detroit techno drum patterns. Unpatterns feels like Simian Mobile Disco's watershed moment. They may have cool alt-pop friends, but they've gone with their heart by beating a path to the dance floor. This is compelling proof they've made the right choice.
Artist Official Site
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Buy the Album:
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2012.10.03 19:13 lindymad [TOMT][TV - UK] Blind date episode where contestant was clearly on mushrooms or LSD

I remember watching an episode of blind date where the answers that one of the contestants gave were so off the wall that she must have been on drugs and I would guess mushrooms or LSD. I think she might have been wearing a cow costume, or clothes that made her look like a farm animal. I would guess this was in the 80s sometime, Cilla Black was the host.
Also if anyone knows of a way to find a video of this, I would love to see it again.
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